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A One Night Stand, Lingered To A Fling


Casey Kean is the twin sister of Matt Kean, bassist of Bring Me the Horizon. This is her story of how it was to grow up with the boys who would go on to saving thousands of peoples lives with their music.


Casey Kean

Casey Kean

Casey is sn aspiring photographer and twin sister of Matt Kean. She grew up in Sheffield and falls in love with someone she shouldnt.

Jordan Fish

Jordan Fish

Jordan is the keyboard player in Bring Me the Horizon. He doesn't come into the story until a little later but he gets on really well with Casey.

Lee Malia

Lee Malia

Lee plays guitar in Bring Me the Horizon. Lee is the quiter one of the group who is really close friends with Casey. He always helps her out with tough situations.

Matt Kean

Matt Kean

Matt plays bass in Bring Me the Horizon. He is Caseys twin brother who always looks out for her. He is jokey with her but as soon as anything happens to her he is there to pick up the pieces.

Matt Nicholls

Matt Nicholls

Matt plays drums in Bring Me the Horizon. He is the funny one of the group who is always drunk and trying to have a good time, making people laugh.

Oli Sykes

Oli Sykes

Oli is the vocalist in Bring Me The Horizon. Oli and Casey habe an unusual friendship but where will it lead?




Awh wow, thats a huge compliment thank you :)


This is just how they talk in sheffield.

Sorry I got very emotional at the end, wow this story was amazing, i need to read the sequals, it was like a real book, you should really start writing.

the grammar and word tense is really confusing

fix the grammar! but i love it so far