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King For A Day


victor is living the life in Beverly hills California, he has everything he could ever want but he feels like there is something missing

mike lives in a home full of pain and abuse all he ever wants is to escape and find someone who cares about him

kellin Quinn is victor's best friend. he is filthy rich but doesn't care about money. he just wants some meaning out of life

alex gaskarth is mikes best friend and is living in a constant state of fear and pain. he just wants to feel loved


alexander william gaskarth

alexander william gaskarth

Alex is 15 years old and he lives with his abusive parents and wild child sister. alex finds comfort in his best friend mike fuentes. he's shy and quiet. afraid of his own shadow. really smart and gets good grades.

kellin quinn

kellin quinn

kellin quinn is 17 years old and is filthy rich. he is really popluar and can have anything he wants. he's really sweet and kind to everyone despite what his friends say

mike fuentes

mike fuentes

mike fuentes is 15 years old and lives with his father in an abusive home. he spends his days just hoping that there is more to life. he has a big brother he has never met. he's tough and hates everyone but his best friend alex.

vic fuentes

vic fuentes

vic fuentes is 17 years old. he is rich and popular. he has a lot of friends but he he tries to fill the empty void in his life with sex, partying, and alchohol. he doesn't care about school he just wants something to fill the hole in his heart


  1. Chapter 1

    Tears Don't Fall

  2. Chapter 2

    Laugh It Off

  3. Chapter 3


  4. Chapter 4

    The Light Of A Thousand Stars

  5. Chapter 5

    Confessions and Runaways

  6. Chapter 6

    moving on

  7. Chapter 7

    eyes burning holes

  8. Chapter 8

    Maybe We're Just Having Too Much Fun

  9. Chapter 9

    Eyes Wide Shut

  10. Chapter 10


  11. Chapter 11

    Game On

  12. Chapter 12

    New York State Of Mind

  13. Chapter 13

    We Found Love

  14. Chater 14

    Set Me On Fire

  15. Chapter 15

    shake it out

  16. Chapter 16

  17. Chapter 17

    tongue tied

  18. Chapter 18

  19. Chapter 19

    This Surprise is My Demise

  20. Chapter 20

    i wonder


i want to know what happens next please update soon :D

fati_13 fati_13

Gracias Senorita

fati_13 fati_13

Gracias Senorita

fati_13 fati_13

Si chica

AlyxxBarakat AlyxxBarakat

update porfavor :3

fati_13 fati_13