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I Will Follow You


After finding out that she had been in a coma for 2 years Scarlett adjusts to life in the future. She has to come to terms with the things she lost but there is so much more for her to gain than before.


Alysha Nett

Alysha Nett

Alysha broke up with Mike after his depression due to Scarlett dying. She couldn't handle the pressure and ran away from it all, after she gets the news that Scarlett is actually still alive she runs back to San Diego and possibly Mike's arms?

Jaime Preciado

Jaime Preciado

Jaime covers his heartbreak with humour and quirkiness but it can only last him so long. His friends have been slowly falling apart and he fears his band are going to suffer, he must do all he can to help them all out!

Lynn Gunn

Lynn Gunn

Lynn is a friend of Vic's whom gets introduced to Scarlett, they hit it off well and become very close friends. Lynn has missed the drama in the group but is soon caught up with the antics when a tour they'll never forget begins!

Mike Fuentes

Mike Fuentes

Mike has broken up with Alysha and is heartbroken. When he finds out that Scarlett is still alive he sees it as an opportunity for her to help him get back on track with his life, since he couldn't cope without her he seeks her help to get Alysha back.

Patrick Stump

Patrick Stump

Patrick heard about Scarlett's death and it caused Fall Out Boy to go on hiatus, leaving Pete and Patrick returning to San Diego. Upon hearing that she didn't actually die he decides to take it upon himself to get his best friend back.

Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz

Pete acts like he isn't broken about the death of his high school friend but it's evident in his music that it's tearing him apart, a long with guilt that he left her in the hospital alone when she needed friends. Pete tries to regain the friendship that he lost with Scarlett.

Sarah Lipshaw

Sarah Lipshaw

Sarah is Vic's current girlfriend whom has no idea who Scarlett is. When she finds out that she is moving in the house she thinks it's a new friend for her but when she finds out Scarlett is in fact Vic's ex-girlfriend, shit hits the fan.

Scarlett Jones

Scarlett Jones

Scarlett just crashed back to reality but it's two years later in the future for her. How will she survive knowing her boyfriend moved on and is with someone else and her friends have been falling apart without her? Some things have to change!

Tony Perry

Tony Perry

After Scarlett's death Tony hit a really bad depression which ended his relationship with her younger sister, Kiera. When Scarlett comes back to life he falls even harder into the depression and only Scarlett can help him.

Vic Fuentes

Vic Fuentes

Vic has went through the most difficult thing anyone really can go through, the death of his girlfriend. But when he finds out that she isn't actually dead and is now back on the scene, he has a tough choice to make. His new girlfriend or the love of his life?


  1. You Can Have My Heart

    Scarlett gets told what really happened 2 years ago.

  2. I Like Us Better When We're Wasted

    Vic and scar get very drunk and some regrets are made!

  3. Sweet Dreams

    Scarlett sees Alysha for the first time since she woke up and then finds out some bad news from her dad!

  4. Kissing in Cars

    *smut warning* Vic and Scarlett go to bail her dad out but things get a bit steamy on the way!!!

  5. Put on Your War Paint

    Scarlett bails her dad out of jail

  6. Perfect

    Scarlett finds out a huge secret of Patrick's

  7. Do what You Want

    Scarlett makes her decision...

  8. Nobody can Drag Me Down

    The tour begins now...

  9. Counting the Stars and Scars

    Scarlett has a run in with a fan and it ends horrifically for her.

  10. Kiss and Make Up

    Scarlett finally speaks to Tony.

  11. This Place is Gonna Blow

    Scarlett and the guys go out drinking, shit happens and Scarlett tries something new...

  12. Your Seritonins Gone

    Vic and Lynn have to deal with a very unstable Scarlett.

  13. So Kiss Me


  14. Kiss and Tell

    Scarlett and Vic make up and Mike finds out

  15. I'm Supposed to Love You

    Scarlett has a few thoughts then speaks to Vic about... marriage???

  16. It's Christmas!

    Scarlett gets a weird wake up call...

  17. Christmas Part 2

    Exactly what it says on the tin

  18. Tonight we are Victorious

    What happens in Vegas, well doesn't really stay in Vegas for Scarlett

  19. Baby Please Come Home

    The aftermath...

  20. I Hate the Ending Myself

    Oh fuck this, too much drama.

  21. I've Got More Secrets than You'll Ever Know

    There's so many goddmn secrets in this family!!!

  22. Saving Grace

    Scarlett speaks to Pete and Patrick, then makes a big decision regarding her marriage and baby.

  23. Best Song Ever

    Scarlett and Vic have a cute moment then she tells him about the baby.

  24. Now You Know

    Vic finds out Scarlett's big secret...

  25. I Hope this Comes Back to Haunt You

    The finale is here!!!

  26. The End

    A brief summery.


ffff can you add this trilogy to wattpad ???? frfr this website always crashes on me for a week to a month straight sometimes

sad fuentits sad fuentits

i read all three within two days and im now slowly dying LIKE OMG I WAS SO EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO THESE CHARACTERS IM GONNA GO DIE NOW BYEE!


catsinthe_bronx catsinthe_bronx


vicsarmsaregr8 vicsarmsaregr8

*POOOSH* u saw that. That was my mind being blown away. .-.