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Kellin Quinn is a naïve teen who just wants to be accepted in his new town. Starting your senior year of high school in the middle of the semester isn’t easy for anyone, especially if you’re ostracized by the entire student body. Not to mention the one person you want to accept you is the one inflicting all the pain.

***I'm slow on updating on this site, mostly because the site has problems, but the updated story can be found on my Tumblr page***


Jaime Preciado

Jaime Preciado

Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn

Lynn Gunn

Lynn Gunn

Mike Fuentes

Mike Fuentes

Savannah Boyd

Savannah Boyd

Tony Perry

Tony Perry

Vic Fuentes

Vic Fuentes


  1. Chapter 1

    Fall Out Boy - 20 Dollar Nose Bleed

  2. Chapter 2

    All Time Low - Time-Bomb

  3. Chapter 3

    Paramore - Temporary

  4. Chapter 4

    Waterparks - Christmas

  5. Chapter 5

    Palisades - Dancing With Demons

  6. Chapter 6

    Waterparks - Dizzy

  7. Chapter 7

    Paramore - Caught In The Middle

  8. Chapter 8

    Crown The Empire - Lucky Us

  9. Chapter 9

    PVRIS - Heaven

  10. Chapter 10

    Blackbear - idfc

  11. Chapter 11

    Paramore - Grudges

  12. Chapter 12

    All Time Low - Tidal Waves

  13. Chapter 13

    Too Close To Touch - For Your Sake

  14. Chapter 14

    Pierce The Veil - The New National Anthem

  15. Chapter 15

    Too Close To Touch - The Chase (ft Kellin Quinn)

  16. Chapter 16

    Crown The Empire - Are You Coming With Me?

  17. Chapter 17

    Too Close To Touch - Sympathy

  18. Chapter 18

    Awsten Knight - Worst


I'm working on it. Thanks for your feedback! And sorry I'm just now seeing this

Elise Elise

Ahhh I love this!! Please update soon!!