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Stolen Moments


Vic and Jaime struggle to maintain their lives and keep their love life separate from the mix. How do they do it...if they can?



I really like this story. Its made me tear up, its made me smile. Please update soon!

and going along with your other story,its amazing!!! Keep itup
Honesty's_Lies_ Honesty's_Lies_
If you ever need any help or advice let me know sweetie!
hey there :) i'm working on it. i have plans for this fic, but at the moment i just don't know how to get it actually going. i was working on another story on mibba that's halted as well. for both of them, i've been thinking nonstop since the last day i updated on how i could continue. i have some other story ideas bouncing around in my head right now that are distracting me currently, though, so if i end up writing them i'll put them on mibba for all of you to read while you wait for me to not be a terrible author and continue this story.
oh this is amazinggggg <3 please upodate soon?
@clairephernelia Thank you! I've noticed that a lot of shipfics like this end up in nothing but smut, and I want to try and actually keep away from letting it turn into that. A story can be so much more without it, ya know?

@TheDreadfullLullaby thank you so much! I'm working on the next chapter, so hopefully I'll be able to shell it out this week :) And I love your username; SWPB is fantastic :)