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Hi. My name's Abby but I don't like my name. Id perfer Alyss or Gil to be honest but yeah.
I'm 14 years of age.
I was born on August 13th, 1999.
I live in upstate Pa.
I'm kinda Gay. Tehe.
There's this girl, Im falling for. She has a beautiful smile and wonderful personality. I really really like her. Her eyes are like the moon, beautiful and mysterious and ahh, -giggles- She's so sweet and she makes my heart beat loud when I think of her. -swoons happily- She's amazing amd awesomer than Prussia, if that's even possible. Tehehe but she is!!! I swear on Holy Roman Empire!

I love music and anime.
Music like: Of Mice & Men, Pierce The Veil (duh), Black Veil Brides, All Time Low, Ghost Town, Green Day, TempoShark. Teheje
Anime like: Hetalia,Black Butler, Naruto, One Piece. Tehehe..

Other Fanfiction Sites:
Fanfiction.net : fanfiction.net/AbyssAlyss
Black Veil Brides Fanfiction : Jinxx's Bitch (http://www.blackveilbridesfanfiction.com/Member/26520/ )
My Chemical Romance Fanfiction: Kobra_Girl_0813 (
http://www.mychemicalromancefanfiction.com/Member/26520/ )
All Time Low Fanfiction: Therapy's_Sin ( http://www.alltimelowfanfiction.com/Member/26520/ )
and there are others but I don't wannt put em. Sorry!


Falling Inside The Black

Falling Inside The Black

R Adventure Horror Thriller

Vic and Mike fall into the world of anime, and fall out of the door into the land of Hetalia where they meet the countrys of Hetalia. They will make new friends and possibly save some from certain death?


- 1 Vote
Why Do You Torture Me So?

Why Do You Torture Me So?

R Drama Tragedy Teen

Meet Alice, she's a 20 year old girl witch a haunting past who has known the guys from Pierce the Veil since they were in highschool. She left it all behind but now what will save her from the ones she left behind.


8.9 11 Votes