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You Make Me Feel So Alive


*Beau keeps having these strange dreams he can't seem to get rid of and it's starting to take a toll on his life. When band mates start to get concerned he tries anything to get his mind off of them for their sake but what if they weren't meant to be ignored?

*Tony wants nothing more then to be able to get passed his life with his now ex. He's tired of sulking and hopes that this summer will finally bring something good in his life.

When long time pals in Blessthefall and Pierce the Veil find out they are both playing mainstage at this years warped tour for the first time they plan to make it their best time yet. Playing music and hanging with friends all day then partying all night what more can a band ask for. The guys have nothing to loose that is until a girl is involved..

Note: I do not own any famous names mentioned & this is a fan fiction so details might be changed. Other characters and story line all belong to ME so please don't steal! Enjoy! :)


  1. I

    Beau's POV

  2. II.

    Tony's POV

  3. III.

    Beau's POV


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