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You Make Me Feel So Alive


We need to hide, they are coming.” The little girl said as she ran up to me. I nodded and took her little hand in mine as we ran off towards my backyard. I knew what she meant, she had told me stories before about them but I never expected them to really come out here, all I knew was that I had to keep her hidden and safe. I brought her into my house through the back door and ran straight to my room before anyone saw us. I opened the closet and brought her inside with me before closing the door. I scooted to an empty space in the corner of the closet and wrapped my arms around her as she hugged her knees to her chest. I felt her shaking in my arms as we tried to stay as quiet as possible.
“It’s going to be ok Esme.” I told her as I tried to calm her down.
“You can’t hide forever!” I heard a voice boom just outside my room. I turned to look at my best friend as she held a hand over her mouth and saw the tears trickle down her cheeks. I held on to her tightly as we heard the footsteps approaching us. I held my breath as I saw a silhouette through the slats of the closet door and waited for him to leave. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and when I opened them the man was gone…or so I thought.
The closet doors swung open and all I could hear was the loud pitch scream coming from Esme besides me as two big men stood in front of us. They came down to our level and pulled her away from my hold. I quickly get up to try and pull her back but one of the men holds me back while the other leaves with her in his arms as she kicks and screams out my name.
“Beau, Beau!!”

“Beau! Wake up man.” I quickly sat up full of sweat and remembered a little too late that I was in a bunk.
“Ah!” I said as I held my hand up to my forehead and opened up my curtain to find Eric standing there.
“Were you having that bad dream again?” I nodded as I jumped off the top bunk and made my way to the front of the bus. “What is it that you are dreaming of? You were yelling this time.”
“Yelling? Really?”
“Yeah! It freaked me out.”
“Sorry. I don’t even know what it is. I just keep seeing this little girl like maybe two going on three being taken away and it’s like I can sense her fear each time. It’s freaky.”
“Do you know this girl?”
“No, not that I know of but in the dream she’s calling out my name and I’m there with her but its younger me as well.”
“That’s weird.”
“Tell me about it.” I rub my hands across my face and realize that the bus was awfully quite. “Where is everybody?”
“Oh they just left a couple minutes ago to get some Bones. I was waiting to see if you were going to get up before I left.”
“It’s close?”
“Yeah it’s at the next block.”
“Sweet!” I made my way back to my bunk and grabbed my shirt and shoes before heading back to where Eric waited. “Let’s go!”
We both got off the bus and I let Eric lead me in the way he said the coffee shop was located. As soon as we rounded the corner we spotted the Starbucks across the street along with some small shops.
“Do you see the guys?” I asked as soon as we were in front of the store. I heard my phone ring in my pocket and pulled it out just as I was about to step inside.
“Beau over here.” Eric called out as I looked down at my phone. I took a quick glance up and back at the phone as I started to walk in the direction I heard his voice but was stopped as I felt my body collide against another. I heard my phone along with the person’s drink fall to the floor and I quickly grabbed some napkins to clean up the mess.
“I am so sorry.” I said to the girl in front of me as we dabbed the floor with some napkins.
“No it’s ok-“She started to say as she moved her long brown hair out of her face and looked up at me. “-I didn’t see you there.”
“Grey.” I said as I picked up the plastic cup and looked at her. “That’s your name right?” She smiled at me at the mention of her name and extended her hand but I wasn’t paying attention as I felt myself being drawn in to her eyes. They had a dark blue line around the iris and a mixture of a light and dark green swirl surrounding her pupil; they looked so interesting yet so familiar to me for some reason.
“I think this belongs to you.” She said making me break away from the eye contact and finally notice my phone in her hand.
“Oh. Thank you.” I said placing my hand over hers as we both got up from the floor. I smiled at her as I tried to figure out where I had seen those eyes before. She caught me staring and looked down nervously, letting her hair create a veil over the side of her face. I felt her hand give mine a squeeze and that’s when I felt the shock, like a million tiny pins coursing through my arm. I saw her expression fall flat as if she felt it as well and quickly removed her hand from under mine.
“I gotta go.” She said quietly as she walked around me.
“Bye.” I said with the same dumb smile on my face as I watched her hurry out the door.
“Beau are you alright?” I heard Jared’s voice say behind me. I nodded and looked down at my hand as I still felt the pins on my arm. I looked back up to where she once was and just knew that something was going to happen and soon.


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