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You Make Me Feel So Alive


“Just stop Hannah! I said we are done, I don’t want to deal with this anymore!”
“But Tony, I love you-“
“You should have thought about that before you were screwing that guy!” I hung up my cellphone and threw it in my bunk before storming out to the front of the bus. I swung the bus door open and quickly brought up my hand to shield my eyes from the blinding light as the door closed shut. I heard a groan beside me making me turn around to see a girl lying on the ground. “Oh shit!” I quickly go to help her up but notice that she wasn’t moving anymore. I look around me in search of some help but no one was in sight. “Shit, shit, shit!” I look at her for a second before picking her up in my arms and taking her inside the bus and into my bunk. I slightly tap the side of her cheek with the back of my hand but she won’t wake up. I bring my hand under her nose and feel her breath making me feel a bit at ease.
“Ok, she’s alive.”
“Tony, we need to go to our signing!” I hear Jaime shout from the front of the bus.
“Coming!” I peek around her body and quickly grab my phone as soon as I spot it and close the curtain almost completely before running towards the front door.
“You alright?” Jaime says as soon as I step out of the bus.
“Huh? Yeah, just a little annoyed.”
“Forget about her man, she doesn’t deserve you. There are plenty of better girls out there; who knows maybe you might meet someone on this tour.”
“I doubt that.”
“Hey, you never know.” I thought about Jaime’s words for a moment as we made our way inside the Keep a Breast tent and got situated at our table. The security guards started to manage the fans and one by one they started to come by.
We were about twenty minutes in when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I took the opportunity that the fan was currently at the other end of the table with Vic and took out my phone to realize I had the wrong one. I looked at the screen as my number appeared with the incoming call. I pressed the end button as I noticed the fan making her way down the table and quickly texted my phone.
[i]’Sorry I took your phone by accident. I’m at a signing so wait for me there at the bus so I can return it to you. I’m almost done.’[/i]
Fifteen minutes flew by and we were already at the last person in line. As soon as we finished up we got up and started taking pictures with the few fans that were still around.
“Hey we are headed to catch Letlive’s set, want to come?” Vic said as they started walking in the opposite direction.
“Yeah I’ll catch up with you guys in a bit. I need to stop at the bus real quick.”
“Alright, we’ll be there.” Mike said. As soon as they turned away I ran towards the buses before I was spotted again. I reached the lot and soon enough spotted the blue bus. I unlocked the door and stepped inside the quiet bus and went straight towards the bunks. I opened my curtain and found the bunk to be empty.
“Hello?” I was about to turn back to the front lounge when I felt an arm wrap around my neck in an attempt to choke me.
“Who are you?” She said, holding tighter. I tried to pull on her arm but she made no attempt to let go. I put my hand in my pocket and quickly brought up the cellphone to show her. She grabbed the phone and slowly started to let go. I turned on my heels and held a hand up to my neck as I looked at her.
“What was that?!”
“Why was I in here, what do you want?” The question caught me off guard but then I realized that it must have been confusing for her to wake up in an empty bus.
“Sorry let me explain.” I said holding my hands up in defense as I stepped closer to her. I saw her take a step back but I shook my head to reassure her. “I’m not going to do anything, please don’t attack me again.” I see her tough demeanor start to fade and her shoulders start to relax at my plea. I signaled for her to sit down on the couch to my left and walked around her to the fridge to grab some water bottles for my now dry mouth. I handed one of the bottles to her and sat on the couch opposite of her as I took a drink. “My name is Tony.” I started as soon as I brought the bottle back down. “I didn’t mean to keep you in here, I just panicked.”
“Yeah earlier I was leaving the bus and you just so happened to be standing on the other side of the door when it swung open. It must have hit you because when I saw you, you were laying there on the ground. I brought you inside so I can try to help you out but then I had to go to a signing and that’s when you woke up.” She gave me a questionable look as if she was unsure if I was telling her the truth.
“So you were helping me then you took my phone?”
“The phone was a complete mistake I thought I took mine but yours must have fallen out of your pocket when I put you in my bunk.”
“Your bunk? Do you usually do this to girls Tony?”
“What? No! I swear it was an accident. I didn’t want to just leave you out there, I didn’t know if you were really hurt or not. How are you feeling by the way?”
“I’m feeling a headache coming on.” I got up from my seat and walked towards the cupboards and searched for the aspirin bottle we had. I grabbed two pills and placed the bottle on the counter before heading back to where she sat.
“Here maybe this will help.” She looked down at my hand, spotting the pills for the first time. “They are aspirins, I swear.” She grabbed the pills from my hand and stifled a laugh as she drank them down. “What?”
“Oh nothing, it’s just funny seeing you get all nervous like that.”
“Well what do you expect? We don’t even know each other and I don’t want you to get this bad first impression of me. I was really trying to help you.”
“I know Tony, I believe you. I shouldn’t have been so hard on you.”
“You have a strong hold for someone so small you know.” I said rubbing my neck.
“Sorry about that. It’s a habit I guess.” She said as she tried to hide the embarrassment rising on her cheeks.
“Hate to be the guy to piss you off.” I said with a laugh so she wouldn’t take it the wrong way.
“Hey you gotta do what you gotta do to survive.” She winked at me and I smiled at her in return.
“So what were you doing back here? Shouldn’t you be at the show?”
“You think I’m a fan?”
“I don’t know, you look kinda young.”
“If that was the case I don’t think I would have put you in the choke hold.”
“You have a point. How old are you anyways?”
“Twenty- five and to answer your previous question I work here.” She said as she raised her warped tour badge.
“Ah so I’m going to be running into you again.”
“Hopefully you won’t hit me.”
“I promise not to hit you if you promise not to choke me again.” I extended my hand and she laughed as she shook her head.
“Deal.” She slipped her hand in mine and was about to shake it when I felt a shock pass through my hand. “That was strange.” She whispered but left her hand in mine. She looks up from our hands and looks at me long and hard like she was trying to figure something out. I stare back at her eyes feeling like I was being drawn in for some reason as I stared at the swirl of greens in the middle of a dark blue band surrounding her iris.
“Hey Tony-“ I heard as the bus door swung open. I blinked a couple of times and sat back in my seat. “-oh hey I didn’t know you had company.” Vic said as he looked at the both of us. “Hi there.” He told her then turned to me. “Our set is in a few. Kenny wants us getting ready.”
“Ok I’m coming.” I got up from my seat and turned to look at her. I extended my hand and waited for her to take it so I can help her up. “You want to join us?”
“Sure, sounds like fun.” She smiled at me and I led her out the bus as my hand was still in her hold. “So will you ever tell me your name? I mean I would like to know what to call you.” I heard her let out another chuckle.
“You can call me Grey.”
“Grey, I like that.” I gave her hand a squeeze and continued to smile all the way to the stage. Maybe Jaime wasn’t wrong after all.


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