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Kiss Me Through The Window

All These Memories Of You

~Turtle's POV~

By the time we had finished practice, Mike had broken a few fingers, Jaime and Vic's throats were sore and we all needed a shower - desparately. As I placed my guitar back on the rack, I felt Mike's arms encircle me from behind.

'Gross, dude!' I protested. 'We're all sweaty!'

'So?' Mike asked, giving me a kiss. I wriggled out of his hold.

'Dude, we need showers.'

'We could jump in Jaime's pool.' Mike shrugged, thinking of a better option. Vic and Jaime, who had been discussing different vocals, looked over.

'That, my friend, sounds good.' Jaime said, running upstairs, pulling Vic with him. I waited for Mike to retrieve his shirt, which was discarded on the floor next to his drums, and we walked upstairs together. When we came out of the basement, Jaime and Vic were splashing each other with water. Mike threw his shirt over where the other two had placed theirs, then proceeded to take mine off. I blushed, and shook my hair foward to hide it. Jaime noticed and whistled at us. We were close enough to the edge of the pool, that if I was smart about it, I could pick Mike up and chuck him in.

Mike dumped my shirt with the others and I put my hands either side of his face. I kissed him and ran my hands down to his waist. He had his arms around my neck, his elbows resting lightly on my shoulders. I picked him up, so that my arms were under his knees and upper back, and gave him another kiss, which he responded to eagerly. Vic had been watching my every move and, in anticipation, had moved himself away. Jaime had followed the Fuentes brother, sensing that he knew what was going to happen.

~Mike's POV~

The next thing I knew, I was out of Tony's arms and flying through the air, our kiss broken halfway. I hit the water with a crash, bubbles swirling around my face. I had no idea which direction was up. All I saw was the miniscule bubbles escaping my airways. A few seconds later, more bubbles appeared, this time with a body, similar in size to mine. The force of the person jumping in forced water to push against me, moving me a few metres away. I surfaced, coughing.

'Thanks for the warning, guys!' I complained to Vic and Jaime, who were in fits of laughter. Tony swam over and gave me another kiss. I looked at him warily, unsure if another attack was going to ensue.

'That was cold.' I said after we broke apart. He gave me a cute, half-smile and shrugged.

'You suggested it.'

'That doesn't mean it was a good idea.'

'Well, too bad. We're already in the pool.' Tony poked his tongue out at me.

~ ~ ~

We got out about an hour later, annoyed that it was now cooler outside. As we rushed indoors, Jaime and Vic claimed the first shower, and Tony and I sat down on the couch, drying off and enjoying Harry Potter. After a while, Tony got up and made some popcorn, while I retrieved two beers from the fridge. We settled back down on the couch, his head in my lap, and Vic and Jaime appeared.

'Harry Potter! Again? Really guys?' Jaime complained, listening to the overly-familiar movie.

'You watch your tone!' I said, frowning at him. Tony helped by sticking his tongue out.

'I don't know why I keep the movies here.' He muttered, ambling off to the kitchen.

'Because you like us and value our friendship.' I replied.

Vic came over and picked up Tony's legs, sitting down and placing them on his lap. Jaime came back from the kitchen, holding two cans of beer. He passed one to Vic and then sat at Vic's feet, opening his can. I took a handful of popcorn from the bowl sitting on Tony's stomach and began hand feeding him, one piece at a time.

~Tony's POV~

I pulled my singlet on over my head. Lucky that we kept spare clothes at Jaime's otherwise I would be stuck in my suit. Next to me, Mike was pulling on shorts. We had watched Harry Potter the whole way through, then taken a shower together. We walked out of Jaime's bedroom and smelled cooking. My stomach rumbled. The popcorn I had had about an hour ago was the only thing I had eaten since last night.

'Jaime, what are you cooking?' I whined, my voice going high, nearly as high as Kellin's.

'I'm not cookin', Tone.' Jaime said back to me. 'Vicky is.' I looked over at the kitchen, and saw the shorter Fuentes brother shooting his boyfriend a death stare.

'Please, don't call me "Vicky".' He said, mixing something in a bowl.

'Whatcha cooking, good looking?' I said, sitting down on a stool. Vic laughed.

'Me? Cooking?' He bust into another fit of giggles. 'No. I'm assembling nachos. This is the guacamole.' He showed me the pasty, green glob in the bowl. He slapped some into the four bowls and handed them out.

We started eating, listening to Drake, which the guys had put on when I was showering. I tapped my foot along with the beat, picking at the Dorito's in my bowl. I remembered back to our Australian tour, when we were at a club and requested Drake. The DJ had refused and we had been shut down. I laughed, causing all heads to swivel in my direction. I shook my head, and they continued eating.

~Mikey's POV~

I walked around Jaime's lounge room, collecting empty bowls and cups. In the kitchen, Jaime was preparing the sink for washing. He poured in the detergent, watching the bubbles rise higher and higher.

'Careful, don't want to kill us by bubbles.' Tony commented, still sitting on the stool.

I dumped the dishes in the sink, laughing. Jaime retrieved a tea towel to dry the bowls. Tony wandered around to put them away. I passed Jaime an extra-soapy bowl, and he decided to flick excess bubbles in my direction.

'Are you sure?' I said, gesturing to the bubble-mountain in front of me. Quickly shaking his head "no", he backed away slightly, grabbing the cup I offered him. I made sure there was yet another excess of bubbles on it. Jaime couldn't resist, and blew the tiny, shimmering spheres at Tony. They popped, hitting his tattoed covered flesh. He looked down in surprise.

'Huh?' He said, before realising what they were.

'They're bubbles, Tony.' Jaime said incredulously.

While Jaime was staring in disbelief at Tony, I had taken the chance to gather as many bubbles as I could with my hands. I now put my hands out over Jaime's head and dumped the bubbles. They fluttered down around his head. Vic had been standing there with a camera, and now snapped a few pictures.

'What the?' He said.

'They're bubbles, Jaime.' Tony mimicked. The next thing we knew, a bubble fight had ensued. Bubbles flew around the tiny kitchen, bursting against everyone and leaving a slimy film behind.

In the middle of the fight, a knocking came from the door. Vic excused himself to answer it.

He came back, a young girl following in his wake.

'Uh, guys, this is...' He looked at the young girl.

'Emily.' she said.

'Emily.' He finished.

'Go away!' Tony shouted.

Emily flinched, and Vic stood in front of her protectively.

'What, Tony? She's done nothing wrong. Mike?' Vic looked at me, clearly motioning for me to remove my boyfriend. I walked over to the clearly disgruntled guitarist.

'Come on, buddy.' I took his arm and led him outside.

As soon as the door shut behind us, I rounded on him.

'Dude? Seriously? What's your problem?'

'That's not Emily. That's Erin.'


Title cred: Until Time Is Free - Early Times (Mike and Vic's high school band)


Thanks :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
I love this! Lol I'm gonna check out the sequel.
Honesty's_Lies_ Honesty's_Lies_
Good job(:
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