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Kiss Me Through The Window

You Best Believe Me, It's True, There's No Mistaking

~Tony's POV~

Mike looked confused when I said that the girl currently in our friend's house was Erin. I explained to him about how she found me after seeing him and Taylor kissing and had volunteered to drive me to my cousin's. He shrugged.

'She seems nice enough.'

'No, Mike. She's the one who's always at our shows. She broke into your old house, remember?'

'No, that chick had blonde hair. The gal in there is a ginger.' Mike was adamant that the girl in there wasn't our, not trying to be dramatic of anything, stalker. He gave me a look instead that said, are you high?

'Just chill, dude.' And with that, Mike turned on his heel and walked back inside. I followed him, muttering to myself.

'I know she's Erin! Is her name really Erin, though? It could be something else... Nah. But how did she find out? Did my cousins tell her?'

Mike stopped in front of me and I bumped into him.

'Sorry,' I said. He didn't hear me and was looking at Vic.

'Tony,' Vic started. I looked up at him, waiting for his lecture to start. It was very obvious that I was about to be given a speech. Hime and Tone had settled down onto the couch and "Emily" was inspecting her nails.'this is Emily, Mike and I's aunt's niece's uncle's... She's a family member. And she's here to stay for a while. Please be nice to her.' He looked at me pointedly. I cleared my throat.

'Sorry, Emily.'

She nodded, a hint of a smile playing around her lips.

'I'm a big fan, ever since mum told me that some of my family were rock stars. That's just totally awesome! I love the new single with Kellin too. Jaime, you're an amazing bassist.' Jaime looked very flattered at this, and he ducked his head in acknowledgement. 'And Mike, you've inspired me to learn the drums.' Mike just looked at her. He was trying to figure out if she was really who she said she was. When she said that he had inspired her, he just nodded. This clearly wasn't the reaction she had wanted, so she praised him a bit more, although his expression didn't change once. Emily or Erin babbled on, talking about Vic next. She stopped when she got to me, her eyes narrowing slightly. It was so quick, none of the others noticed. She said a few words about how nice my guitar was, and that was it.

'Are you coming on tour with us?' Jaime asked. I sneaked a look at him. It had been playing around in his mind for a while, because he looked at her expectantly. 'I mean, we have enough room and such, I think, but still. And how old are you?'

'Oh, I'm nineteen.' She flicked her hair over her shoulder. 'Twenty in a few months. If you don't want me to go on tour with you guys it's fine. I mean, I was trying to kick-start my photography career. Mum said you guys were my best bet.' She smiled at us, showing pearly white teeth.

Vic walked over to the rest of us. We had a quick discussion. Vic voted for letting Emily stay with us on tour and Jaime quickly agreed. Mike took a while to think about it. He finally said yes. It was decided. Emily was coming on tour with us. Vic didn't ask for my opinion about it. It was going to be a "no", but he probably knew that already. Emily was told the news. She was very happy about it and we organised to meet her outside the bus tomorrow morning at six-thirty. She left soon after.

~Mikey's POV~

Tony and I left Jaime's house after Emily. Vic was going to stay for a while longer. Since neither of us had a car handy, we waited at the bus stop until the bus to my place rolled in. I knew Tony was a bit miffed that Emily was coming on tour.

'Tone,' I tried to start, but he just hid himself behind his hair. I watched his hand rise to the right side of his head. He was playing with his braid. Why is he nervous?

'Hey, Tony. Turtle.' His eyes flicked in my direction. 'You can't ignore me.' He gave a small, soft laugh. Afterwards he mumbled something under his breath. 'I can't hear you.' I put my ear near him and cupped a hand around it. His head turned in my direction.

'I said, "Yes, I can.".'

'You didn't! You just talked to me!' I crowed, doing a little dance in my seat. A few older people across the road looked at me disgustedly.

'What's wrong, Tony?'

'Erin. I mean, Emily. She isn't who she says she is, Mike.'

'We don't know that.' I took his chin and turned his head up to look at me.

'Yet.' He corrected.

'Don't worry. The only reason I said yes was to find out if she was who she said she was or not. I took a long time because I was weighing the pros - finding out the truth - and the cons - you being mad at me. I don't want you to be mad at me, Tone.'

Tony looked back at me, understanding written over his face. 'I get it.' He leant in and kissed the top of my nose. We heard a screech and the bus stopped in front of us. People got off the bus, looking at us weirdly. One woman had the nerve to talk down about us to a man next to her. I stood up and yelled at her, while Tony started pulling me towards the bus. As he dragged me onboard, the driver looked at me, and I shut up in a hurry.

~ ~ ~

We walked through my front door, and I yelled out,

'Hi Mama! Papa!' Answering shouts came back to me from outside and in the kitchen. My mum walked around the corner and gave me a hug. She then walked over to Tony, giving him a hug too.

'Hi Tony.' she said.

'Hi Mrs Fuentes.'

My mum laughed at him and walked back to the kitchen. We went upstairs to my room. As I started packing, Tony laid down on my bed. After a few trips back and forth from my wardrobe to the suitcase, I said,

'Thanks for the help, Tony.' He gave a laugh, which made the bed shake. He was lying on his back, with his legs in an upside-down "V" shape.

'I know you're capable of packing on your own. Even though last time you did take a fur jacket.' Tony once again has a giggling fit.

'That was a mistake...' I mutter.

'So?' Tony cries, rolling onto his side. 'You still did!'

'We still have your place to get to. Then we'll see how many stupid things you pack.'

~ ~ ~

We're at Tony's place. We've decided that we'll stay here the night because it's closer to Jaime's and more private. Tony's currently trying to decide whether to pack his eskimo jacket or not. I'm saying no, and he's saying yes. He's already dumped in some Star Wars movies. I'm not that surprised, although I had to tear his storm troooper suit away from him. I'm laying on his bed, watching him argue with himself.

'Hey Tony, you won't need it.' I say for the tenth time, gesturing to the fur-covered monstrosity in his hands.

'I guess,' He mutters, flinging it into his closet. He glances at the digital clock on his bedside table. The table itself is very cluttered. It's got CD's piled on it in a stack and he has two coffee mugs sitting on it. Tony has even managed to balance a lamp precariously on the side.

'Shit! It's eleven!' He exclaims. 'We have to get up at some ridiculous hour like five.'

'We can always get some sleep on the bus.' I add. 'We only have to drive seven hours or something absurd like that to get to our first show. And I have a better idea than sleeping.'


Title cred: The Westerner - Fallling In Reverse


Thanks :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
I love this! Lol I'm gonna check out the sequel.
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Good job(:
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