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Kiss Me Through The Window

Sing My Name, Pretend That It's A Song, Because Forever It's Yours

~Mikey's POV~

I woke up on Jaime's couch. He and Vic were in his bedroom, still snoring away. I had a quilt draped over me and a fluffy pillow under my head. Seriously, Jaime? A quilt? I get up and dump the ugly quilt on the couch. Walking to Jaime's kitchen, I see some bacon and eggs in the fridge. A nice, home-style, cooked breakfast. I started with the bacon, and soon enough I was being covered in flaming-hot droplets of liquid as it popped and sizzled away. I moved it to the side of the frying pan and started the eggs. I popped some bread in the toaster and retrieved plates, knives and forks. I dumped them on the table, and ran down the hall to Jaime's room. Banging on the door, I shouted,

'Get up! Food's ready!'

Wandering back to the kitchen, I heard thumping around and finally, the door bashing into the wall. Jaime ran full pelt towards the kitchen, screaming,


Vic's head emerged from the doorway and, soon enough, he too was scurrying down to where the yummy scent of bacon was emanating. The two started jumping around the kitchen, helping me get breakfast ready. Vic started buttering the toast and Jaime began distributing the bacon and eggs onto plates. I grabbed coffee mugs and put the kettle on.

'Coffee?' I asked. Jaime and Vic nodded, and went over to the table to start eating. I finished making their coffees and brought them over. Jaime was half way through his meal when I started mine, and Vic was taking his sweet ol' time. We ate in silence, with Jaime noisily slurping his coffee when he was done. Vic sipped his coffee when he was done and looked at me thoughtfully. I felt his eyes on me and looked up.

'What?' I asked, my mouth half full.

'You never cook. For you, it's a struggle to just prepare cereal or pour out juice.' He replied.

'So? I can't change?' I started shovelling down the rest of my meal, eager to get away from my brother's stare.

He continued looking at me searchingly. 'No. Something's wrong. Jaime, can I have some help? Do you have any ideas?' I shot Jaime a sharp glance. He wouldn't! Jaime looked back at me guiltily, and I read in his eyes, I have to tell him. I gave a slight nod, then announced that I was off to take a shower. I dumped my unfinished coffee down the sink, placing my plate and cutlery on the bench, and ran to the bathroom. I ripped my clothes off and jumped into the shower, cringing as the icy water hit my back.

~Jaime's POV~

I watched the younger Fuentes speed into my bathroom. I shook my head at my boyfriend as he opened his mouth to speak.

'Vic, last night after Tay attacked Mike, Tone, uh, how can I put this? He ran away. He wouldn't pick up his phone. He's been gone all night.' Vic stared at me.

'No. No. NO! TONY!' Vic yelled. He stood up and did a quick lap around the lounge room, yanking his fingers through his hair.

'Shhhh!' I whisper-yell at him. 'Keep it down! Think about Mike!' Vic stops in his tracks and stares at me.

'Be right back.' He comes over to me, gives me a quick peck on the cheek and races out of the door, grabbing car keys on the way. I watch my boyfriend leave, puzzled by his sudden disappearance. I continue to drink my coffee, looking at the pictures of Tony, Mike, Vic and I on my wall. A sudden bang comes from the front of the house, and Vic charges back inside. I look at him, waiting for an answer.

'I forgot my phone.' He mumbles, turning a light shade of pink. I laugh quietly to myself. I hear Vic's car start up again and he drives off. I finish my coffee and start washing the dishes. Mike emerges from the bathroom, all squeaky clean.

'Where's Vic gone?' He asks, looking around for his sibling.

'Out. I don't know where.' I reply. 'Now, start drying and putting away.' I instruct Mike. He picks up a teatowel and gets to work. We finish cleaning up in silence.

'What now?' Mike asks, leaning against the table.

I shrug. 'I was going to practice some songs. We've got the tour coming up, so...' I head downstairs to the basement.

The basement was an extension to the house after I moved in. It's quite a large space, but to access it I have to go outside. I've had it soundproofed after Mike moved a spare set of drums in. We use it for practicing when we get bored of Vic and Mike's house. We also get the chance to escape from their parents, which is nice sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I love their Mama and Papa, but seriously? I can't exactly hug or kiss Vic whenever I feel like it. It makes me feel a tad bit awkward.

Mike follows, albeit a bit reluctantly. He's had plenty of practice from Sleeping with Siren's tour and the room reminds him of Tony. I've put up heaps of pictures of us on the uneven walls, in an attempt to make them seem flatter. I've also - with Mike's help - painted them black.

Mike's sadness is soon replaced by glee and longing when he sees his beloved drums. He grabs a pair of sticks and runs over to them. I pick up my guitar and a pick.

"What song?' He asks.

'Well, we're definitely playing King for a Day and Hell Above on tour, so lets start with them.'

Mike counts us in and we start jamming. It feels good, to just forget what's happening around us and focus on the music. But something's missing. I can feel it, and I know Mike can too. It isn't Vic because we usually jam without him, while he writes lyrics and such. It's Tony. Halfway through King for a Day, Mike stops. He just drops his sticks. He's shaking, but not from exhaustion. The drumsticks clatter onto the floor as he jumps up and runs up the stairs. I watch him, understanding his feelings. What I don't expect though, is to hear him cry, 'Tony!'

~Tony's POV~

I wondered where I should go. Erin knew where I lived now, but luckily it had been my cousin's house. I was staying there while my new apartment was being derived of its current owners. She was going to be mad at me. My cousin's place was out of the question, but I guess I could go to Jaime's. I wasn't stepping a foot near the Fuentes'.

I hopped off the bus at the terminal near Jaime's. It was a short walk and, quite frankly, I could do with the fresh air. As I walked, I mused about what I was going to do about Mike. He cheated on you, Tony! Give him up! He's as much to blame as Momsen. I thought. I began arguing back with myself.

But don't blame Taylor too much. She had no clue you and Mike were dating. She was probably drunk. I nodded at this thought, but then looked around, in case anyone was watching me.

Seriously?? Of course she was to blame! She can't keep a man and just because Mike's been her backup doesn't mean she can do whatever she wants!

At this point in time, I was almost at Jaime's. I looked up and saw two girls wearing "Pierce the Veil" shirts. One was a tall brunette, the other about coming up to her eyes with flaming red hair. They saw me and stared at each other, their jaws dropping. They clutched each other and tried to stay calm as we approached. I could see their knuckles becoming white. I looked at them and pretended to notice them for the first time. I gave a small smile in their direction.

'Nice choice of clothing.' I called.

'Oh my God! Hi! Thank you!' The red head called.

'Hi Tony!' The brunette said.

'Would you like an autograph or something?' I asked. It was clear from their reaction that this is what they had wanted me to ask.

They took turns taking photos with me with the brunette's polaroid camera. The pictures printed out and I signed them.

'Nice meeting you two.' I said, handing them the photos. I had learnt that the brunette's name was Kate and the red head was Ally.

As I walked to Jaime's I heard their excited squeals behind me.

I let myself into the house and looked around for Jaime.

'Jaime!' I called. He didn't answer so I walked out to the basement.

As I walked downstairs, I felt a body collide with mine.

'Tony!' He exclaimed. It was Mike. I felt his arms around me, pulling me closer to him.

'You're ok. You're alive.' He started crying into my shoulder. I put my arms around him, content to be in his embrace.

'Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?'

'You didn't answer your phone. Jaim and I were so worried.'

I led him back downstairs. Jaime was standing there, arms crossed. He grinned at me and I smiled back.

Mike finally let go of me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I reach up and brushed his stray tears away with my thumbs.

'Okay, now, Tony. Please listen right now. Last night, Mike didn't kiss Taylor. She saw him there and, not knowing his relationship status, started kissing him. Mike is at no fault at all. Please don't be mad at him.' Jaime said, explaining what had happened.

'I wouldn't be either way. He was a little bit "happy", if you get my drift, and it could have been a drunken mistake.'

Mike looked down at me, relief in his eyes.

He leant down, slowly, our faces becoming closer and closer.

'VIC!' Jaime exclaimed, making us jump apart. 'I have to tell him you're back. I have a feeling he went to go and get you.' Jaime then proceeded to push past us and go inside his house, to where his phone was.

I turned back to Mike and reached up on tip toes to kiss him lightly. I went back down so that we only touched lips for a millisecond. Mike leant down and kissed me back, but I moved away once again, only letting our lips touch for a millisecond. Mike arranged his arms back around my waist, to stop me from moving away, and leant back down. I stopped him from kissing me and just let our lips be a millimetre apart.

'Stop teasing me.' He murmurs, our lips brushing against each other as he talks.

'What? Is this what you wanted?' I ask, giving him a proper kiss.

His tongue runs along my bottom lip, and we then fight for dominance of my mouth. It feels nice, and I can't believe I was so ready to give him up.

'Get a room!' Vic yells at us as he wanders into the practice area. Mike breaks the kiss and sticks his tongue out at his brother. 'Don't point your tongue at me! I don't know where it might've been!'

I blush and look down at the floor. Mike lifts my chin back up and we kiss again.

~Vic's POV~

I try and not watch as my brother and Tony swap spit and shove each other's tongues down their throats. Luckily, Jaime wanders in and hugs me from behind, resting his chin on my shoulder. I turn my head to the side and give him a small kiss on the cheek.

'Okay, break it up! We have some practicing to do!' Jaime yells. As our bandmates break apart, I walk over and grab a microphone and guitar, while Jaime picks up his, where it lays discarded on the floor. Mike retrieves his sticks from the floor and Tony grabs his guitar. We start going through the album, song by song.


Title cred: Bulletproof Love - Pierce the Veil


Thanks :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
I love this! Lol I'm gonna check out the sequel.
Honesty's_Lies_ Honesty's_Lies_
Good job(:
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