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That they found in the basement...

Party time...

Xena's POV
As all of the guys poured in, each one of then took alcohol and began talking and theres music playing in the background. Tony is dragging me around to meet people and talk to them. I feel pretty excited, I'm a fan of all of the bands here. Its awkward for me, meeting all of these people wham i haven't talked to many people in a really long time. Their all nice though. Eventually Tony and i walk up to Josh Balz from Motionless in White and he dives right into conversation, "So your the new merch girl. Anything interesting about you?"
"Ummmm i used to play the keyboard and synthesizer. I sucked at it though."
"Finally someone else who plays it!"
"I probably don't even remember how honestly. Its been five years."
"Why'd you stop?"
"I don't really know." I way with a sad smile. I can see Tony tense up beside me.
As we continue talking a very drunk Ronnie Radke wanders up to me, "Hey, your really pretty, do you wanna go somewhere private?"
I almost laugh at how drunk he is, "Im alright but i do have a friend who really wants to bang you," I point to Vic, who is standing in the corner with his back to us, "She's really into you. The petite girl in the corner with the hair down to her shoulders." And just like that Ronnie is off in hot pursuit of Vic.
"You know thats Vic right?" Tony asks between laughing fits.
"Yeah." Josh seemed to have disappeared onto the crowd of partygoers.
"Hey do you wanna go upstairs? Ive noticed you seem kinda uncomfortable with all of the people."
"Yeah okay." I give Tony a small smile and follow him up the stairs. He leads me to a bedroom that seems to be his.
"I want to know more about you. Your interests, hobbies. Who are you?"
"Umm, I used to be a tattoo artist and i'd play the keyboard and dance in my bedroom while listening to band i loved. I used to be able to do a lot of cool stuff but i just don't know if i can remember it." Then i remember my brother, " Hey can i borrow your phone?"
"Yeah why?" He asks, handing my what appears to be a new kind of iPhone.
"I have a brother. I want to call him.
I start dialing his old number. Even after five years i remember.
Beep Beep
Beep Beep
"Yes, who is this?"
"Its Xena." I say timidly.
"Im sorry." I whisper. My family had always hated me.
"And why didn't you will your money to me? Why would you leave it to some Suicide prevention hotline?! Your such a bitch!"
"Im sorry, i swear i'll leave you alone, can you just answer two things?"
"What?" His voice was cold.
"How are mom and dad?"
"Oh. Did you ever marry Tyler?"
"Yes. And we adopted a daughter. But he insisted we name her after you so she's called Onyx."
"Thank you." And hangs up. I somehow find myself smiling. I hand Tony his phone and he gives me a questioning look.
"Who's Tyler?"
"My high school sweetheart. Though after about a year he broke up with me, then he came out of the closet and dated my brother. They're married and have a daughter now. She's names after me. My brother was really mad though."
"Why? He should be happy that your alive." Tony looks upset.
"Thats why he's mad. Apparently while i was missing my parents died so he had to pay for my funeral once i was announced dead."
Now Tony just looks mad, "What the fuck?!" I see him going through his phone for something.
"Tony what are you doing?"
"Searching my call history. Your brother is going to get a nice chat from me."
"Tony please don't." He stops in his tracks and turns around.
"But he hurt you."
"No he didn't. I already knew he would be mad. I just wanted to know if him and Tyler got married. Can i have your phone again? I want to call the police. You know, for everything."
"Oh yeah. Umm yeah. Okay." Tony hands me his phone again before leaving the room.
After i called the police and told them everything they explained to me that the man known as my captor had been found dead three weeks ago with a note confessing to his crimes instating that i was in fact dead.
Now I'm just sitting with my back against Tonys bed, crying. After a short time i felt my eyelids grow heavy and i let myself drift into peaceful sleep.

One week later...
"Hey. Xena its time to wake up, its already noon. I have something to ask you." I open my eyes to see Tony looking at me.
"What do you need?"
"I need someone to take to the Grammys."
I feel my eyes widening, "The whats?!"
"Grammys. We're nominated for a couple things. I don't have anyone to go with and your pretty and i want you to make your debut to the world."
"But I don't have anything to wear and i-"
"Please? Vic already has a hair stylist, makeup artist, nail technician, and clothing personnel downstairs awaiting your arrival." Me eyes widen as he drags me downstairs. "I'll see you in four hours?"
"Yeah, okay." He smiles a small shy smile. And then he goes back up the stairs. I turn to see four girls looking at me.
"Hi i'm Kyle, I do nails."
"Im Phoebe. I do clothes."
"Karenina, Im with makeup."
"Im Christen, i do hair. I get to start with you first!" And just like that, Im dragged away. She begins with the extensions to even my hair and then theres some cutting, dying, highlighting, fabulizing and styling. While she messes with my hair, Phoebe is off finding an outfit and Kyle is doing my nails. They won't let me see anything though. Finally Christen blow-dries my hair and finishes with the styling process. My nails have dried and Kyle has forced me into and outfit. Now Karenina takes over with the makeup. She's goes dark and bold. In the end i look like this. The four girls look at me with pride as i stare at myself in the mirror. I feel amazing. I feel pretty.
"Thank you so much!" I turn to then and they all just smile and walk out the front door. The boys are nowhere to be found so i wander around their house. I find a grand piano in the living room. I wonder if i still remember how to play. I sit at the stool and stare at the keys before placing my fingers into the proper position. I begin letting my memory take over.
When the song concludes i am no longer alone, the whole band is standing there.
"You all look on point." I say in the hopes that they won't bring up my singing.
"Your really good at that." Vic said, pointing to the piano.
"Thanks." I say shyly.
"Well, we need to leave for the show." Mike urges. Tony takes my hand and leads me to the door.
"You look really beautiful." He said. I looked up at him and the light in his eyes made him look even more perfect.

And three months later i learn that there has never been a bigger lie. Tony Perry is anything but perfect. He is a lying, worthless, heartbreaker. Allow me to explain...

Me and Vic and Jaime decide to go out for drinks while Mikey and Tony stay back.
"Okay Tony i'll see you later." I say as we head out the door.
"Bye babe. I'll see you in bed tonight." Yeah me and Tony are sleeping together now.
"Bye." And then its out the door and to the bar.
Once Vic and Jaime are waisted beyond recognition i take them home. I don't really drink much so I'm always the designated driver. Once we get back i assume that Mikey had a girl over because someone sounded like they were in labor. Literally noisiest bitch ever. I make a mental note to tell Mikey that who ever it was is not a keeper. After making sure that Vic and Jaime don't impale themselves on the way to bed, i head to Tonys room. I notice that as i walk to his room, the banshee noises get louder until i slowly open the door and see a girl riding him. And she's wearing a ring. Like an engagement ring. I quietly close the door and know they didn't hear me because that bitch was still moaning like crazy. I feel tears stream down my face. I silently slip into Mikes room and shake his shoulder to wake him up.
"What do you want?"
"Is Tony engaged to anyone?" I ask quickly.
"Oh yeah. He popped the question yesterday. Why do you ask?"
I know Mike is still half asleep or he wouldn't have told me that. Im guessing that only Mike knows and Tony was trying to get me, Vic and Jaime out of the house tonight so he could see his fiancé. I guess i was just a side bitch. Well i always was a whore.
"Go back to sleep Mikey." I say, slipping out of his room and back to mine. I grab a duffle bag and pack all of my clothes and possessions which are relatively limited. Once everything is done, i strip the bed of my sheets and put them in the laundry. I looks like i was never here. Perfect.
I don't bother with a note, I just walk out the door and call a cab. I know my destination. LA, specifically the Black Veil Brides mansion.

Knocking... Waiting... Door opening...
"Xena? What are you doing here?" Andy asks.
"Im here to see Ashley and beg him for money which i will pay him back for including a 20% per week interest because my asshole boyfriend is engaged to a bitch that sounds like a mythical creature when she has sex."
"Umm hes in the living room." And says opening the door a bit more. I run straight to the living room
"Xena?" I hear Ashley's voice.
"Ashley i need money."
"Umm why?"
"Because i need to move to New York and work as the sex writer for Cosmopolitan."
"Once again why?"
"Because I need to become different person. Someone who will never have any reason to hear about or interact with Tony Perry ever again."
"Because that asshole was dating another girl and got engaged to her while he was leading me on like some fucking side bitch."
"Oh honey." He says and comes over to hug me, "I'll give you money but how do you know you'll get a job as a writer? You've never been a writer."
"Ashley please, Im a certified surgeon, physician, radiologist, biologist, and i have every fashion, music and stock market trend memorized in my head. I think i can write an article once a month about one of my favorite pastimes."
"How are you certified in-?"
"Because i graduated college when i was six. I comes with having an IQ of 310."
"Whats the average?"
"About 110-120 depending on which scale you use. My IQ is higher than Einstein's. Anyways I already called Cosmo on the ride here and got the job because their main editor owes me for something and i purchased an apartment. I will pay you back by the end of the month. I just need enough money for a plane ticket and the first months rent."
"Well I-I- Sure. Yeah i can give you money."
"Thank you Ashley! Thank you so much!" And i throw my arms around his neck and i really don't want to let go.


Yay for shitty literature... I hope you enjoyed? -Brooke


This is so good!!! Update as soon as you can please :D

wasteland19 wasteland19

Oh my lawd

BeccaBoo BeccaBoo

Woah...well...fuck... I still don't dislike it I mean it felt slightly rushed but not in a bad sense...but that's what happens with time jumps oh well

Woahh tony wtf

BeccaBoo BeccaBoo

I do want ot update more often, i was busy looking at schools because I'm switching in the fall so i didn't have much time but now i am free mdi will probably have another chapter up tomorrow.