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I'm not gonna lie I'm broken right now so I decided to take a break from writing for a bit and for anyone wondering why I haven't been commenting I'm just not okay I can't see through my own eyes I feel as though someone has put a veil over my eyes and it's frustrating and stressful and depressing but that doesn't mean I don't care about all of you dudettes & dudes I promise I do and I always will until the day I die(which shouldn't be for years) I love you my lovely weirdos

I am always here if you need someone for anything I am here from advice on writing & life to dealing with pain I promise to help all those who deserve and need it

Here's my kik for whatever Rukia_Cross If you need me I will be there to the best of my abilities

I love you all my lovely weirdoes


The Great Escape

The Great Escape

R Romance Comedy

"Maybe... Just maybe I'm not a tough strong girl who doesn't feel anything... Maybe I'm just a scared little girl who can't handle it all." I said with my back to him as I continued towards the door.


Who am I

Who am I

NC-17 Romance Fantasy Teen

This is an alternate world where having powers/abilities is perfectly normal but there are a select few who have more strength then the rest these are your social outcasts and this is a story about the 9 strongest "OutKasts" yet


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