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That they found in the basement...

What do we do now?

Tony's POV
How could someone so beautiful have been through such horrible things? Its horrible. But she seems so trusting of us. I go down to the kitchen where the guys are finishing unpacking the plates and bowls. "Hey guys? What are we going to do?"
Vic is the first to respond. "Well she has nothing. Literally nothing."
"She seems like a decent girl." Say Mike.
"I say we let her stay. We can help her. And we could ask her to be our merch girl for Warped '14." Says Jaime.
"You idiot we already have a merch girl." States Vic. Its true, but nobody likes her, she's only the mercy girl because she claimed that she got Mikes nudes and threatened to spread them around. We found out that it was photoshop. Terrifyingly good photoshop. And we just never got rid of her. But she's annoying as all hell and is always very territorial of us and trying to hit on me. I hate that bitch. I speak up. "Urgh, Vic can we please get rid of her! She's annoying. None of us like her and we found out that the photos were fake."
"Yeah" Agreed Mike.
"Oh my god please yes! She's been trying to lay Tony for like ever! Its nasty!" Preaches Jaime.
Vic considers this, "Fine i'll call Gregg" (A/N In this story the manager will be names Gregg because i don't know their managers actual name.) A few minutes later Vic comes back in. "So he said that she can go because she tried to bang out lighting guy, but we have to do it ourselves."
"Yay!!!" Jaime shouts, "Can i fire her please please please?"
"Whatever." We all say. He scurries off and a minute late we hear 'Bye bitch... Your fired!... Because you tried to bang like everyone... NO... WHAT?... NO WAY! I never banged you... Fuck you cunt!" The he stormed in and said "That bitch tried to tell me that she was pregnant with my child."
"Ewwwww." We all said in unison.
I spoke up again "What times it?"
"Time to invite some other bands over for drinks in our new crib!" Said Vic.
"Did you really just say crib?" Ridiculed. All of a sudden we years a little voice,
"Ummmm. hello. could i find some water?" Its Xena. She sounds so timid. And of course Hime being hyper as hell says "Omigod your so adorable!"
"What the fuck hime?" Mike asks. Xena is poking her head into the kitchen. She's breathtaking. I mean she was pretty earlier but now that she's clean... wow! I must have been staring because Vic snaps his fingers in front of my face and says "go call the other bands." And to Xena he says "Hey is it okay if we have some friends over, bunny?"
"Its your house. Im the intruder here..." She looks so small even though she's probable 5'7". she's completely drowning in Vic's cloths. I quickly whip out my phone and google how mush 5'7'' person should weigh. Okay.
"Hey Xena can you come with me for a minute?" I ask and she nods following me to a bathroom. "I know this is weird but i need to see how much you weigh." She nods and steps on the scale. Oh jesus. Yeah she's really under weight. "You my dear are eating right now."
I drag her to the kitchen. "Hime make her food. And make it big." She giggles a little. She's so cute i just want squeeze her! I see why Vic called her bunny, she wiggles her nose a lot. I ralize that Vic and Mike are gone. "Hey Hime?"
"Yeah?" He's cooking something that i can't identify. Im a little scared.
"Where are Vic and Mike?"
"They went to the mall."
"What why?"
"Because their girls."
"Your an idiot."
"I know. Anyways the food is ready and don't you have some bands to call?"
"Oh yeah. Be right back." I go and grab my phone.
Xena's POV
Jaime comes up to me hiding a plate of... well i don't know what it is.
"Ummm I'm sorry but i don't know what this is?"
"What? You've never had a deep fried Oreo?"
"No i can't say i have." I look at it. Sell it. Nibble it. its good. I continue nibbling the Oreo.
"You eat like a rabbit" Jaime comments.
"Well you eat like 15 year old boy."
"Fair enough"
Tony comes back into the room saying "Okay so, Black Veil Brides, Sleeping with Sirens, Motionless in White, All Time Low and a couple others will be here in an hour. Do you know any of those bands bunny?" I guess bunny's my new nickname.
"Yeah i know all of them but i haven't heard any of their albums since '09."
"Im on it." Jaime pulls out his computer and starts playing all of the new albums. Their playing 'Resurrect the Sun' whern Vic and Mike walk in the front door. Now that think about it i don't know what the outside of the house looks like. Hmmmm i'll have to check that out later.
"WE... ARE... BACK!!!" Vic yells.
"Shut up man your too loud." Says Tony. "And whats with all the bags. And WHY THE ACTUAL FUCK is there a fucking Victorias Secret bag?"
Vic points to me. What did i do? I give confused look.
Vic continues "Well you have no clothes. And if your going to live with us you need clothed."
I basically asphyxiate. Well not quite. "Wait I'm what?"
"Your gonna live with us." Tony says as if thats supposed to be obvious.
"Nonono i can do that. You guys already save my life. Im already indebted to you."
"Nope. We like you, your a bunny. And to repay us you can be our merch girl."
"Are you serious?!"
"Yeah Tony reallylikes you." Jaime smirked and Tony slapped his arm. I can't help but giggle and my face heats up.
"Anyways... Why don't you see if all these close fit. We guesstimated."
"Thank you so much. You are literally my saviors." And with that they all order me up the stairs and i try on everything. These boys have really good taste actually. they got me a lot. I put on this. I go back downstairs. Im actually really impressed that i can still walk in heels and aplly makeup well. i get to the living room where the guys are all getting out vast amounts of liquor.
"Hey. Do you all need help?"
"Nah i think were good. But- Wow you look amazing!" Says Tony.
"Thanks." I say quietly.
The doorbell rings and Vic goes to answer it. And in comes a flood of boys... Tonight will be interesting.


Hope you liked...-Brooke


This is so good!!! Update as soon as you can please :D

wasteland19 wasteland19

Oh my lawd

BeccaBoo BeccaBoo

Woah...well...fuck... I still don't dislike it I mean it felt slightly rushed but not in a bad sense...but that's what happens with time jumps oh well

Woahh tony wtf

BeccaBoo BeccaBoo

I do want ot update more often, i was busy looking at schools because I'm switching in the fall so i didn't have much time but now i am free mdi will probably have another chapter up tomorrow.