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Don't Let Me Jump, Don't Let Me Fall

Chapter 4

Vic walked in about ten minutes later after hanging up. I was on Derek's back trying to get my phone back.

"Hello. What's up?" Vic asked. He looked pissed off.

"Vic, Derek took my phone. He's reading all my stuff and looking at my pictures." I whined. Vic shrugged.

"What? You are suppose to be my best friend. I see how you are. Whoever gets my phone is my new best friend." I said. Drake walked in, grabbed my phone out of Derek's hand.

"Give me my phone back." I said.

"Not until we declare being best friends." Drake said.

"How about you go to hell and drop my phone at my feet while you go. Thanks." I said. He shook his head.

"Drake, just give her phone back." Derek said. Drake shook his head.

"No, I want something in return." He said.

"I could just call the fucking cops. You did steal it out of Derek's hands." I said.

"But how did Derek get his hands on your phone?" Drake said.

"Fucking hell, you cock sucker. Just give me my phone back." I said.

Drake smiled, "Funny how you say cock sucker at this moment." I never seen Vic move so fast in my entire time I've met him but he had Drake up against the wall.

"Hey fucker, you better fucking watch what you say to Amery because I will put you in the fucking hospital with so much pain that you would rather be died. Give me her phone." Vic said. Drake lifted his arm and gave Vic my phone. Vic let him go and stepped away. Vic turned around and that's when Drake swung. Vic fell forward. I went to go to Vic but Derek grabbed me. Vic spun around and tackled Drake to the ground. He was throwing punches left and right. Chris pulled Vic off of Drake just as the boss man came in, kicking us out. He tended to Drake.

"Amery and Derek you are both fired." He said.

"Fuck you! This place is a joke. Hey Drake, have fun sucking boss mans tiny dick, you fucking prick." I shouted. Kuza grabbed me, pulling me away, laughing. The others were laughing.

"How do you know that our ex boss had a tiny dick?" Derek asked.

How do you think I got the job?" I said with the straightest face ever. They all quit laughing and just stared at me, shocked.

"Holy shit, I'm fucking kidding." I said laughing. Everybody but Vic started laughing.

"That's not funny, Amery Dawn." Vic said.

"Okay. Whatever you say, Victor Vincent." I said. He sent me a glare.

"So I've got to go talk to Mika down at Blaze N' Ink It Up." Derek said.

"I love that tattoo place." I said.

"Want to see if they'll hire us?" Derek asked. I nodded. I looked back at Vic. He seemed upset.

"Are you coming or you want to meet up later?" I asked.

"I'm busy later so I'll just call you tomorrow." He said then started walking off in a different direction.

"Okay, asshole. Jesus, I can't wait until he gets off his fucking man period or some shit. Fuck." I said. Derek laughed.

"Are you all tagging along?" Derek asked. Chris and Kuza looked at each other and nodded.

"MIW show isn't until tomorrow?" Chris said.

"Is there still tickets left?" I asked.

"I don't think so but I am in the band and I could put you on the guest list if you were to go or we can meet up and you can just tag along with us." Chris said.

"I'm down for either one of those. We can chill and because best of friends unlike Vic and I now." I smiled. Chris nodded.

"You hang out with us all day then." Chris said.

"Sweet. Lets get a going. I need another job." I said. We walked across town close to where I live at.

"So close to where I live at." I said.

"Your place will be the hang out spot then." Derek said. I shook my head.

"My apartment is trashy. I can't afford a better place." I said.

"I look at it this way...does it have electricity? Does it have air and heating? Does it have a mother fucking lock on the door?" Chris asked. I nodded to all those.

"Then it's a fucking place and enjoy it." He said. I laughed.

"You dick." I said.

"Well I do have one and sometime I do use it." He said.

"Quit hitting on Amery. She's in love with Vic." Derek said.

"No, I'm not. Chris just made me fall in love with him. Are you staying a hotel or we can go back to mine?" I said seductively.

"I will come over to your place. “ Chris winked. I laughed just as Derek opened the door to Blaze N Ink It Up.

“What can I do for you bunch today?” A guy asked from behind a small desk in the corner. Derek was just about to speak when someone shouted his name. British We looked over and I saw a guy about 6’0 tall with both arms tattoo. Who was this guy?


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