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Don't Let Me Jump, Don't Let Me Fall


Amery Dawn Jones lives in sunny San Diego, California. She works two jobs as she tries to keep her small apartment. She suffers from depression and self - harm. She's in love with her best friend and she doesn't even know it until someone mentions it.

Victor Vincent Fuentes lives in sunny San Diego, California. He is singer/song-writer and guitarist for the band Pierce the Veil. He suffers from a broken heart. He's in love with his best friend and he doesn't even know it until someone mentions it.

Amery and Vic are best friends. They've been best friends since senor year of high school. Well, it was Vic's senor year of high school but Amery's junior year. She was in the same year as Vic's brother, Michael Christopher Fuentes. Amery first started getting close to Mike but then she met Vic and they just clicked but that didn't mean that Mike was out of the picture. Mike is still a very close friend to Amery.

Amery has been with the Fuentes brothers through some of their toughest times as they've been with her through her toughest time but the one that was the most fucked up one was when Cara broke Vic's heart. Amery wasn't sure if she was going to be able to get Vic out of the funk he was in for nearly a year.

A few years later, Amery and Mike both right out of high school, Vic and Mike start a band then came along two other members that later on will be one of Amery's closest friends. Jaime and Tony.

Fives years later, Vic, his brother, and the other two friends are now touring world wide while Amery is barely making rent and is suffering from depression. Amery is a stubborn person as is Victor.

Will they admit to each other that they are what each other need in life or will it just slip away?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Vic Fuentes or the other members of Pierce the Veil or any other band/band members that might feature in the story but God damn, if I did then I wouldn't be here writing a love story about a girl named Amery. No sirree bob, I wouldn't. Enjoy though!



Update soon please!! :)
nice!!! i hope you can update it soon!!!
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