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Don't Let Me Jump, Don't Let Me Fall

Chapter 5

Full siteMy Mibba Navigation + Read Info Comments5 Recommendations5 Authors Homepage › Stories › Don't Let Me Jump, Don't Let Me Fall Recommended Subscribe Report Status: Active;; as long as I get comments Don't Let Me Jump, Don't Let Me Fall Chapter 5 "Derek! Hey man!" The British guy yelled, walking towards him with arms open, going in for a bro hug. "Hey bro!" Derek said to the mystery guy. Derek turns to me and says, "Amery, this is Oli. Oli, this is Amery." I shake Oli's hand and say, "Hello, nice to meet you." He just nods his head and shakes my hand before turning back to Derek. "What can I do for you, bro?" Oli asks. "It's been awhile since you've been down here!" Derek got straight to the point. "Well, Amery and I were both just fired. SO, I came here to see if you needed an artist and someone to help clean up the stations.." Oli kind of just stared at Derek and I for a couple of seconds which, to be honest, scared the shit out of me because I thought he was going to say no. Oh god, I need this job. So badly. "Well, I know you're a good artist so you're hired." He said to Derek and then he turned to me. "How good at cleaning are you?" He questioned me. “I mean, I'm pretty good. Doesn't get better than me." I said with as much confidence as I could muster. He smiled and said, "Then I guess we have 2 new people added to our team. Welcome to Blaze N Ink It Up." My cheeks started to hurt at how big I was smiling. "You have no idea how much this means to me, man. You're a life saver." Derek told Oli and Oli just shrugged. "So, I'll work up a schedule for both of you and then Derek can give you your, Amery." Oli turned to me. "Or, I could give you my number and you can tell me when to come pick it up?" I responded. He, again, just nodded. I have to admit, I was amazed he hired me. Not many tattoo shops need someone to just clean. I was so grateful. He didn't even know me. He didn't even know my last name he just hired me. "AMERY." Chris yelled, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Oh, what?" I looked at him, annoyed. "I asked you if you wanted to go out to eat to celebrate your new job?" He said as he talked to me like a 3 year old. "Oh shut up. Yeah, I'll go." I responded and soon after I got the best idea ever. I jumped onto Chris's back and whispered in his ear, "Can we take Oli to the concert tomorrow? Since he gave me a job and everything?" Chris just nodded and I jumped down with a huge smile on my face. "Hey, Oli, wanna tag along to the MIW concert tomorrow? You know, as a thanks for hiring me and Derek?" He thought for a few minutes before replying. "Yeah, I'll go. Give me your number and we can meet up somewhere?" I just nodded and he handed me his phone so I could add my number. After that, we all said our goodbyes and Derek, Chris, Kuza, and I left the shop, heading to a small diner around the corner. Once we all sat down in a booth at the back of the diner Derek turns to me and basically shouts in my face, "AMERY'S GOT A CRUSH ON HER NEW BOSS!" Everyone laughed but I just turned red. "I do not!" I defended. "I was being nice; he gave me a job with barely any doubt. I have to make a good first impression." None of them looked like they believed me. We all ordered out food and ate in silence because we were all starving. Derek and Chris started arguing over who was going to pay the bill while Kuza and I talked to each other. “Dude, you totally like Oli!” Kuza said to me. “No I don’t! Ohmygod.” I angrily replied and he just laughed in my face. I was getting so tired of hearing Derek and Chris argue and people telling me who I liked that I just yelled, “SHUT UP!” Literally, the entire diner got quiet and stared at me. “I’ll pay the bill.” With that, I threw two $20 on the table and walked out. I was sitting on the curb when I felt someone standing next to me. I lifted my head out of my hands and look up to find Derek staring at me. “You okay, little one?” Derek asked me, using the nickname he only uses when I’m upset. He sat down next to me and waited for me to reply. “I’m frustrated. Vic’s on some weird man period, everyone was arguing back there, and people keep trying to tell me who I like when I’m pretty sure I would know better than anyone else!” I vented, my voice getting progressively louder as I continued to speak. “You need to calm down.” He was rubbing my back as he spoke. “I don’t know what’s wrong with Vic and the fighting was just a joking fight. If it makes you so mad, we’ll stop telling you who you like, I promise.” He smiled reassuringly at me. Chris and Kuza came out the diner, saying they had to go home. “See you tomorrow,” Chris whispered in my ear as we were hugging goodbye. I nodded and they turned and started walking home. “I guess I should be heading back,” I said and Derek offered to walk me home which I politely denied. I didn’t want him seeing where I live. It was disgusting. We parted ways and I walked to my house and he walked to his. I got home and plugged my phone in, which had died while we were out. I only had 1 new text. And it was from a random number. From- 567-987-1694 Hey, It’s Oli. Tell me what time you want to meet up and where. I smiled and replied To- Oli We can meet at Derek’s at like 6? He said he would drive us. A left the room and brushed my teeth and washed my face. As soon as I walked into my room my phone vibrated. From- Oli That sounds perfect. I’m going to head to bed, night. I didn’t even bother responding I just got into bed and fell asleep. I woke up the next day to banging on my door. “Shut up.” I mumbled as I pulled my hair into a bun and opened the door to find Vic standing there. “Vic, why are you here? It’s only 10 am.” “I came to see you, duh.” He walked past me into the kitchen, getting 2 glasses of water. “What are you doing today?” He asked me. “Nothing, going to the MIW concert.” I replied, sipping on my water. “Why?” “I wanted to hang out with you.” He said like I was an idiot. Well, I guess I was. “Can we hang out here until you go?” He asked with a hopeful look in his eyes. “Don’t be stupid, of course we can.” I said. We sat on the couch watching movies until 3:30 and then I got up to take a shower. I showered and walked out of the bathroom to find Vic sleeping on my bed. “Lazyass.” I murmured before going to the closet and picking out a MIW tee and a pair of black skinnies. I slipped my feet into my blue vans and started drying my hair. Which woke up Princess Vic. “Why are you being so loud?” Vic whined groggily, picking his head up and staring at me. I couldn’t help but giggle at his bed head. “This is my house so I can dry my hair where ever I want to.” I stuck my tongue out at him and finished my hair. I checked my phone. It was 5 already. “Shit.” I said and I sat down to do my makeup. “Why are you trying so hard?” Vic questioned. “I’m not; I’m doing what I always do.” I pointed out. “You’re putting on blush and you don’t put on blush unless you’re trying to impress someone.” Vic replied in a Know-It-All tone. “I invited a guy to the concert, okay?” I muttered. Vic looked furious. “Who is it?” Vic prompted. “A guy named Oli.” I said, distracted by trying to get my eyeliner to look the same on both eyes. “Oh.” Was all he said. “Do you have a problem?” I ask him, turning around. “Nope.” He gave me a short answer, again! He turned to leave my room but I grabbed his wrist. “I’m leaving; don’t you have to go see Oli?” Vic yelled. “What the fuck is your problem, Fuentes!?” I shouted in his face and waited for an answer.



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