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High For This

And The Snakes Start to Sing

"Marina," Tony's voice woke me from my slumber, I lifted my head and smiled at him, "We have to go," He whispered. I groaned and rolled off of him, my legs dangled off the edge of the bed and I stood to my feet. The reminder of Vic's phone call the night before made me feel dizzy, I really didn't want to talk to him, I was fine where I was... Happy with Tony. I had changed last night into the clothes I had worn previously and given Maddie back the dress so Tony and I were able to leave quickly.

"What's wrong?" Tony asked, noticing my facial expression as we drove off.
"Victor, what else?"
"You're calling him Victor now?" He chuckled.
"'Vic' sounds too kind,"
"Yeah, I guess it kinda does,"

After a while on the highway, we had gotten to my place. Tony came in with me but left quickly after that because he got a call from his friend, Jaxin about his clothing company and he needed to be there. He embraced me in his arms and before he left he told me that if Vic came over to just hear him out and if something went wrong -or right- to call him and tell him all about it, I promised to do so and waved him off then went to my couch where I laid for nearly two hours until there was knocking at the door. When I opened the door a lump in my throat grew. Victor.

"Hey," Vic smiled, he made a move to hug me but I dodged his arms and stood a few steps away from him, "Seriously? You're that angry at me?" I didn't say anything. Just that question made me angrier and I didn't want to say something I'd regret, so I waited until he continued but he didn't and so I choked out, "So, what do we have to talk about?" He stared at me for a second before sighing and walking inside to the living room, but I stopped him from sitting. I enjoyed speaking when I stood, I never understood why though, maybe because I felt more in control of my body when I did? More confident? Or maybe it was because at that very moment, I knew something was going to happen that would end up in me running away and that was easier with my feet on solid ground.

"Mar, I just wanted to apologize,"
"You already did. Last night, remember?"
"Not for that..."
"For what than?" I folded my arms across my chest and cocked my eyebrow at him.
"Ignoring you for over a month,"
"Victor, I don't want an apology for that, I just want to know why you did it?"
"I was-"
"If it was because of your dad, Victor, I could of helped, I would of listened to you cry for hours on end and joined in, you know how much I cared for him, don't you?"
"Yes I do and that wasn't everything..." He sighed.
"What do you mean, it wasn't everything!?" I raised my voice a little.
"When I went out I was-"
"You were what!?"
"Remember that night I came home drunk?"
"How could I forget the last time I spoke to you?" I said sadly.
"Yeah well... That night I fucked up,"

After I heard those words come out of his mouth my heart began racing like crazy. I knew exactly what he meant by that and I somehow also knew that that wasn't the end of it all but instead of asking all I could do was shake my head repeatedly trying to tell myself I wasn't hearing things right but I knew better than that and the thought started to take over my brain like a virus. Vic on top of some blonde... Her screaming his name, he her's. My hands flew up to my head and clutched at my hair angrily and it nearly felt like they were pulling my hair out of my scalp.

"Mar, I'm so-"
"Don't! Victor, don't!" I yelled at him.
"Was it only that one time, Vic?" I looked into his eyes, trying to calm myself down but the way his pupils dilated and how he tensed up answered my question before he could lie about it and tell me:
"Bullshit!" I spat, "I can read you like a book, God Dammit!"
"So you want me to tell you how many times I've cheated on you in the past month!?"
"Yes, I really fucking do!"
"Three times,"
"Cool, now get out of my house,"
"Marina, I'm sorry, I wasn't even thinking! You have no fucking idea how guilty I feel!"
"I do know, Victor but what's done is done now get the fuck out of my house,"
"I love-" He tried once again to hug me. Comfort me. But I pushed him away and yelled in his face.
"Get the fuck out and take your shit feelings with you!"

Vic stood quiet then turned on his heel and started walking to the door but I called out to him and when he turned I said, "I thought you were with your mom. I thought you just needed space from people around you. I didn't know you were off whoring around with sluts behind my back to 'deal' with grief, or whatever the fuck it is you felt when Mr. Fuentes died. I thought I could trust you but while you were off fucking some slag I was sitting at home, crying my eyes out or getting fired from the one job I loved the most so far and thank God that I had Tony by my side or else I don't know what would have happened to me. We're over, Victor. So, over." Vic slammed the door shut and left.

I went back to the couch after that and just sat on it with perfect posture as I stared at the blank TV in front of me. My eyes ached as I forced the tears to stay back because I didn't want to cry over Vic, I never thought he'd do this to me and it was in an even sicker way than I would have even imagined. While I was there, just waiting for him so I could make sure he was okay and protect him from whatever it was, he was out there fucking some girls when I could of also (gladly) have provided him that, maybe even better too. I sighed and looked down at the coffee table in front of me when I saw my phone, I instantly thought of Tony but I didn't want to annoy him with what had happened and I thought he was probably having a good time, he didn't need me dragging my problems onto him so instead I got to my feet and walked up to my bedroom where I blasted some music by General Fiasco that was soothing and angry enough in some cases that it was just perfection. It was followed by Marina and The Diamonds and finally the one that didn't mix with the two, Bring Me The Horizon, Sempiternal.

"I'm scared to get close, and I hate being alone, I long for that feeling to not feel at all, the higher I get the lower I sink, I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim!"

"Can you fix the broken? Can you feel my heart!?"

Then the next song on the album started and I began singing my lungs out as well.

"Death is the only salvation for me!"

"God, I love Oli's voice," I sighed to myself then continued to sing along to the beautiful words of the album. I felt like every single song on the album related to me somehow. Some for Vic, some for my past, some for my life in the now at the time and some for my future. I got so emotional at the end that I ended up cuddled against my bed's headboard with my large velvet blanket and let myself cry because it wasn't only because of Vic. I just needed it. I needed to release all of the pain in me somehow and with the album set on repeat I had no problem.

Nearly an hour later there was a series of knocking at my front door but I didn't feel like moving so just shouted that they could come in and after a couple of seconds there was a tall and dark silhouette at the entrance to my bedroom door. I looked immediately and smiled halfheartedly when I realized it was Tony. He came over to the bed and got under the velvet blanket with me, put his arms around me and held me against his chest tightly. He rubbed circles on my back and then pushed back stray strands of hair that were stuck to my face because of my earlier crying. I snuggled into him, our legs were intertwined under the blanket and his hand lay gently on my upper thigh.

"I'm guessing it didn't go well..." Tony sighed, I looked into his eyes and nodded, "What happened?" I took a deep breath and grabbed a hold of his hand before telling him what Vic had told me and vise versa. "He was cheating on me with two different girls, I broke up with him," I said. Tony smiled halfheartedly at me, "I'm sorry that happened," He said which made me start laughing and he gave me a weird a look. Tony didn't understand why I was laughing and honestly, neither did I... That much at least. I shrugged and Tony joined in my little chuckling session for a little until we went quiet and out of nowhere he began singing.

"Every second's soaked in sadness..."

And after a few seconds he sang along to, "There's no sparkle in those eyes," as he gazed directly into mine and before I knew it his lips were pressed to my forehead, so sweetly. Butterflies erupted in my stomach and the similar feeling of wanting to kiss him... His plump lips, washed over me once again but I pushed that feeling away again and just indulged in the amazing moment that Tony and I were having as friends which I tried convincing myself so hard that it was all I wanted from him and besides I had just broken up with Vic over something serious, it would be bad to do something with Tony so soon and I told myself that if I ever did act on my feelings it would be later on.
Image Tony's POV
I stayed the night at Marina's place and watched her as she slowly fell asleep like the previous night at Junior's house. She always looked so peaceful and beautiful when she slept. I put another album on, something that wasn't so heavy, The Kooks, I knew she loved them and to be honest I didn't mind them at all. It made me fall asleep too and just a little less angrily because of Vic's stupid decision at cheating on Marina. I did do one thing do before I slept and that was that I was going to talk to Vic in the morning.

Marina woke me up in the morning and I took her out to Starbucks to get breakfast, she asked if I could spend the whole day with her and even though I had said I'd talk to Vic I couldn't deny her. Her eyes made me a whole different person and I knew she needed me so I would be there for her until the day she didn't. I would talk to Vic later. We got in my car and I drove to Disney Land where we spent half of the day at, then she wanted to go shopping so I took her and paid for most of her things since she didn't have a job anymore.

"Want to look for a job?" I asked her when she refused several times at my offer.
"I don't feel like i'd be fully there you know?"
"So, you're gonna let me pay?" I winked and she nodded, laughing.

After that I finally took her back home telling her that I had to be somewhere and that I'd be back in the night so she wouldn't have to be alone and then I drove to Vic's place. I got out of my car and stomped to his front door, knocked angrily on it a few times and waited. But nothing. The lights were turned on upstairs and in the living room so I knew he was there, so was his car. I groaned and kicked the door open, when I walked in I saw him on the couch, with a bottle of whiskey in his hands and he immediately said, "Oh hey, Tony!" with a giant grin.

I walked over to him, grabbed the collar of his ugly shirt and pulled him up. He was drunk, but not that drunk. The bottle in his hands dropped and smashed on the floor, the whiskey ran on the carpet and Vic began to protest but I didn't give a damn about that and it just made me grow angrier, I pushed him up against a wall and slammed my fist right next to his face which startled him.

"How the fuck could you!?" I spat at him.
"What did I do!?"
"You cheated on Marina you fucking prick!" I growled, and slammed his back on the wall but I stopped myself from going to hard then regretted it when he pushed me back and towered over me on the floor.
"That's my fucking business!"
"Marina's my friend! It's my business when you hurt her you cunt!"
"Well maybe you should stay away from her!"
"And why the fuck would I do that!?" I got to my feet and pushed on his shoulders making him stumbled a little.
"Don't act as if I don't realize how you feel about her!" He spat.
"Oh, you know now do you?"
"You like her and she's mine!"
"Correction, she isn't yours anymore because you fucked up and no, I don't fucking like her!" I yelled, "Fuck you, Vic, you deserve whatever's coming for you!" I said then landed a swift punch to his jaw. I turned around and walked out to my car then drove to Marina's place again.

My hand hurt from when I punched him and the knuckles were a little red. I parked out on the curb and walked up the short, rock pathway up to Marina's door, before I could knock she was already standing there with open arms and a gigantic smile on her face. Music was playing and the smell of homemade food filled my nostrils.

"It smells so good," I grinned as I walked in, hugged her then broke our embrace and walked into the kitchen. Marina locked the door then met me at the kitchen with a grin as she looked down at two plates on the table with mashed potatoes, some sort of fish and a few vegetables on the side with gravy over them. "I hope you like it..." She told me. I took a seat and Marina followed, we began eating and it was delicious. "I love it," I said, Marina giggled and took a sip from her glass of orange and mango juice.

We finished eating and I helped her wash the dishes then we headed up to her room put on a movie on her laptop and I wrapped my arms around her once again. I liked holding her, and that got me thinking about what Vic had said, about me liking her and he was right, I did like her, I liked her a lot more than I had expected to like her. Marina slowly fell asleep in the middle of the movie so I laid her down on the bed properly, turned of the laptop, put it to the side then shuffled closer to her under the blanket with my hand on her waist, then fell asleep and dreamt about her finding out that I had gone to see Vic and she started hating me. More like nightmare now that I think about it.


I love this story it's seriously the cutest!:D