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High For This

Second Chance?

I woke up and found myself with my head on Tony's chest so I laid there listening to his heartbeat and counting the seconds between each breath he took, I couldn't keep the smile off of my face even after last night's happening's with Vic. Breathing the same air as Tony and being so close to him made me happy. I felt a slight movement underneath me and looked up to see Tony had woken up, my first instant was to smile at him and lean my head in closer to his because that was what I'd usually do with Victor but when I realized what I was doing, instead of kissing his lips I kissed his cheek, "Thanks for everything, Tony," I said with an even bigger smile which he returned. "Anytime," He replied as he wrapped his arms around me and pressed me closer to him. We soon fell asleep again and the next time I woke up it was because Tony was murmuring along to a tune and running his hand up and down my arm which sent chills all over my body.

"Wanna go somewhere to eat?" Tony asked. I nodded slowly against his warm chest but instead of moving I snuggled in closer, the butterflies getting bigger making me giggle and Tony question what I was giggling about. I poked his chest and looked up into his big brown eyes, "I'm not sure," I lied as I finally moved away from him and sat up Indian style, looking down at him. "Oh...Kay...? Let's go," Tony laughed, "I gotta get ready," I told him, "Yeah, I'll wait for you downstairs," He smiled and was quickly out of the door. I smiled and jumped out of the bed, got dressed quickly and walked downstairs where I found that Tony was already standing by the front door and we left to get breakfast.

Tony and I walked into Starbucks and he made me tell him what I wanted and to go get us a table, so I did and I sat at a table that was right next to the floor to ceiling windows that looked out at the street bustling with people of all shapes and sizes. I put my elbows on the table and rested my chin on top of my hands as I waited for Tony while I looked out at all the strangers passing by and wondered where they were going, or thinking, or anything of that sort.

"Here ya go," I heard from over my head and came down from my thoughts as I turned to look up at Tony who handed me my white chocolate mocha and croissant then sat down in front of me.

"What were you looking at?"
"Just at the people," I shrugged.
"Why?" He chuckled.
"They're quite fascinating, I mean, what I can't see about them,"
"What do you mean?"
"Like, their thoughts and their story, you know?"
"Oh, yeah," Tony nodded.
"Anyway, what did you get?" I asked him.
"Tazo chai frappuccino, and these babies," He smiled showing me two slices of chocolate cinnamon bread.
"Yummy!" I exclaimed above a whisper.
"You should really try this frappuccino,"
"Can I?" I laughed.
"Sure," Tony handed me the glass and I took a sip out of the straw then passed it back to him.
"It's good," I grinned, "Have you tried this?" I hinted at my drink.
"Yeah, it's not too tasty," He chuckled.
"Yeah, it is a little bland but it's still good," I smiled up at him.

We went quiet and ate our breakfast when out of the corner of my eye I saw the front doors to the shop open and through them walked Mike and Vic. I was in the middle of swallowing a piece of my croissant and suddenly felt like I was choking which made me cough and Tony immediately asked if I was okay, I nodded and took quick sips of my mocha to try to get it down but with all the chaos that I had made I had gotten mostly everyone's attention in the coffee shop, even Mike and Vic's who were walking towards Tony and I than.

"Hey guys," Mike smiled down at us.
"Hi," Tony and I said in unison.
"Are you okay?" Mike asked me.
"Yeah, just- I don't know what happened," I laughed nervously.
"Oh, okay," Mike laughed along with me and leaned down to give me a hug which I returned gladly.
"Mike, we should get going," Vic nudged Mike.

I looked up at him but it was a bad idea because our eyes locked and that was when I noticed a bruise on his jaw and my eyes widened, I suddenly took a deep breath and asked Vic what had happened. Both him and Tony stiffened up and I realized without a word from either of them that Tony had done that to him, I turned to him and shook my head.

"I gotta go," I said and stood to my feet, Tony started to as well but I shook my head at him again, "Alone." I sighed. I excused myself and walked out of Starbucks with my head down. I wasn't angry at Tony, I was just disappointed that he went to that extent. It did show that Tony really cared about me and was angry at Vic for hurting me but I wished he hadn't hurt Vic like that. I couldn't image what other things had taken place when Tony had 'gone-out-to-do-something.'

My feet scurried over the many sidewalks all the way up to my house which took me about twenty minutes to get to. When I got there I opened the door and walked in, then turned around and locked it. I was tired and not feeling well because Vic was physically hurt and Tony had gone and done something that he shouldn't have. I sighed and scratched the top of my head as I groaned angrily and dropped my house keys in the bowl that was on a stool next to the door before walking to the kitchen and grabbing a pack of sweet chili chips and taking them to the lounge where I fell on my couch and turned on the TV to distract myself. In the middle of watching the TV there was knocking at my door and I sighed as I got up and went to answer it.

"Hey," He said shyly.
"What are you doing here?"
"I love you, Marina, I'm so-"
"No, just listen to me, okay?" Vic demanded.
"Okay. I'm sorry for what I did, it was out of line and completely stupid. I should of called you back, I should of been with you but I was out getting wasted to try and ease the pain of dad passing away and in some of those days, I ended up being unfaithful but you know that if I was sober I'd never even think of any other girl apart from you, you're my second strongest love, Marina. Give us another chance, please, I don't want to be apart from you, I need you and I love you so much-"
"Vic, I-"

Before I could finish my sentence and tell him that I wasn't even sure about how I still felt for him, he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me long and hard. I melted into the kiss and before I knew it we were up in my room making love for what seemed like the billionth time. His soft hands ran up and down my body and his lips explored every familiar part of me as they could. When we were both finished, we laid on my bed in each other's arms and he sang me to sleep.

When I woke up I found myself alone on my bed and quickly got up to get changed into something because I felt weird being naked like that and then I ran down the stairs to look for Vic but I couldn't find him and I began to panic and regret what I had let us do in my bedroom but out of nowhere I heard his voice come from the stairs and I turned around to see him walking down with a smile on his face. Vic made his way over to me and hugged me while his lips met mine sweetly.

"I love you,"
"I love you, too," I said but it didn't sound too honest.
"Mind if I make you lunch?"
"Is this your way of repaying me for what you've done?" I laughed coldly.
"I'll do anything to make you forgive me," He replied and with that walked into the kitchen.

I was left in the center of the living room with my eyes wide and my heart beating out of my chest because of what he had said. He really did want to make it up to me and after all that we had been through it would only be fair if we could try to fix what had been broken because at one point in time we were both so happy together and if we could have that back, somehow, everything would be good again but there was just one thing standing in the way of me wanting to actually fix things and that was Tony.

But what Vic and I had was greater than that of what Tony and I did.

My body shivered as I made my way into the kitchen and began to help Vic make us a delicious lunch and as we waited for the pieces of chicken breast to be cooked I sighed and walked up to Vic, backing him up against the fridge and I ran my fingers over the bruise on his jaw just slightly because he flinched away from my touch. I then draped my arms around his neck and pressed him close to my body.

"Let's start over." I said.


I love this story it's seriously the cutest!:D