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High For This


Vic held me in his arms and before I knew it we were left alone. He pulled away slightly and looked into my eyes, smiling, as if nothing had ever happened. "I've missed you," He smiled. I thought to myself 'Yeah, right,' but I didn't say anything. I just smiled. I didn't want to say something and get him angry or whatever it was that he had against me come back again. "I've missed you more," I sighed.

Vic leaned in and kissed my lips sweetly. I could feel the love still on his lips. "Marina, i'm sorry," Vic said. I smiled tightly and brushed my lips against his again. I didn't want to talk about the past few weeks, I just wanted to start over with him. Vic hugged me tighter, and then we heard a loud bang from the studio, separated quickly and ran to the studio. When we got there we saw Jaime rolling around on the ground, holding his stomach and laughing as Tony and Mike laughed along with him.

"What happened?" Vic chuckled as he put his arm around my shoulders.
"Jaime tripped on the cord," Mike told his brother, pointing to the cord at Jaime's feet which lead to Vic's mic.
"Jaime, watch your step, man," Vic said.
"Y-Yeah," Jaime laughed.

The three of them had a short conversation and I noticed Tony looking at me, I met his gaze and he cocked his eyebrow up at me. I knew he was wondering if I was okay so I nodded subtly and he smiled a little. Vic let me go and went over to help Jaime up so I took the opportunity and went over to Tony. For some reason I felt a little bad about leaving him for Vic and once again, I pushed that thought away as best as I could.

"So?" Tony whispered.
"I think we're good..." I shrugged.
"You don't seem too happy," Tony pointed out. I stared at him knowing he was right and shook my head.
"I just- I don't get it,"
"To be honest with you, I don't either but at least it's something,"
"At least you're still together, that's what you wanted right?"
"Yeah," I said.
"Than be happy," Tony smiled at me.
"Alright," I smiled back.
"Yo Tone, get your butt over here so we can practice!" Vic yelled playfully to Tony.
"Go go go," I smiled up at Tony and pushed him towards his guitar.

Vic turned to me and smiled, giving me the thumbs up sign. I gave it back with a grin and then took a seat on the dark brown leather couch in front of the band. I watched them play for nearly two hours, they did take a few breaks here and there to get water or just relax a little and Vic would sit next to me, with his arm around my shoulders. I was happy, but not as happy as I imagined I'd be.

After a while the five of us headed to the kitchen where Mike and Jaime fixed up some food. French fries and chicken breast cut into small cubes. Simple, yet delicious. We sat in the lounge. My plate was sitting steadily on my lap as Vic shuffled closer to me. I swallowed and looked away, I felt sick and I didn't understand why. My eyes blinked a few times and I met Tony's, he looked worried and it made my heart melt at how much he cared after such short time. I sighed, looked away and finished my food before I stood up and headed to the Kitchen to wash the plate.

I leaned over the sink and suddenly felt two hands on my waist which caused me to turn around and I jumped, startled at Tony who was standing there, so utterly close that it made my heart race. Tony chuckled a little before staring attentively at me and lifting my chin with his index finger. "Marina," He began, making me stiffen, "What's wrong?" Tony asked.

"I don't know... It just doesn't feel right," I said sadly.
"What doesn't feel right?"
"Vic," I sighed.
"I'm sure it's nothing," Tony said.
"But it is, Tony, he's acting like he hasn't done anything wrong and even though I don't want to talk about it, I can't help but feel shit about it,"
"Do you want to go?"
"Anywhere, just away from here,"
"Hey, what are you two talking about?" Vic chimed in and Tony stepped back and we both looked up at Vic.
"Vic, I don't feel too well... I think I'm gonna head home," I told him.
"Oh, I'll take you-"
"No, um, Tony already offered,"
"I haven't seen you for ages, Marina, c'mon let me take you,"

Vic grabbed a hold of my hand and my eyes darted to Tony's. I felt sick, how could he even say that when it was all his fault that he hadn't seen me for nearly a month? I turned to Vic and glared at him. I snatched my hand away from his and groaned angrily, then raised my voice, "And who's fault was that? Oh right, yours!" I started to walk around him but he grabbed a hold of my arm which I pulled away from quickly.

"You didn't even bother to call me!" He stated.
"That's rich, Victor," I said and finally turned on my heel and left.

"Bye!" I called out to Jaime and Mike who were sitting in the lounge a little shocked at the commotion and as I walked out the door I heard footsteps coming towards me, I thought it was Vic so I began to walk faster until I heard Tony's voice saying "Wait up!". I stopped walking and waited for him, he came up beside me and grabbed my hand in his, leading me to his car. We got in and he drove off.

"You know what, if Vic and I are over now, I don't even care," I said as we entered the highway, heading north.
"You don't mean that-"
"I do mean it. How could he have been such asshole? He blamed us not being together for approximately a month because of me!"
"You still love him though..."
"I'm sure I'll get over that soon enough, I haven't loved anyone for most of my life, one year is nothing, it was probably my imagination," I didn't believe what I said, but I wanted too.
"Tony, just keep driving, please," I looked at him with pleading eyes. He nodded and we continued on our way to wherever he had planned.

After a little less than an hour we reached a home and he parked the car outside on the sidewalk. I followed him out of the car and we walked to the door, he knocked several times before the door swung open and a tall, chubby man opened the door. He wore a large, "Sorry, we're dead" shirt and black pants with dark vans and had glasses on. I turned to Tony and he smiled.

"This is my friend, Junior," Tony told me, "This is Marina," He said to Junior.
"Yo!" Junior grinned which caused me too as well, "What brings you here, Turtle?"
"I thought Marina needed some fun," Tony rubbed the back of his neck.
"Oh, I've got plenty of that,"
"Exactly why you were my first choice," Tony told him.
"Well I'll call the goons up and hook your lady with some party clothes-"
"She isn't my-"
"Oh, sorry," Junior apologized looking at me, I smiled at him hinting it was okay.

Tony and I walked into Junior's house after him and sat on the couch as he called up some friends and an hour later, five people walked in through the door, smiling and cheering for the night. "Maddie, did you bring something for Marina?" Junior asked a girl that looked very similar to me in fashion sense and I was glad she did so that I could hopefully get something I'd feel comfortable in. "Yep," She grinned cheerfully and held up a bag then turned to look at me and motioned with her hand for me to follow her, so I did.

"Hi," She smiled.
"Hi," I said as I walked into the room and she closed the door behind her.
"Here, tell me what you think," Maddie said. I took the bag out of her hands and placed it on top of the bed, reached in and pulled out a gorgeous black dress with studs on the front.
"It's so pretty, thank you," I smiled.
"No problem. There's more inside by the way, I didn't bring shoes though,"
"That's okay, I love these creepers," I looked down at my shoes and grinned.

I took the bag and dress into the bathroom and began to get undressed. When I opened the bag a little more I saw there were black tights and a selection of make-up. I smiled and started putting the tights on, then the dress. When I was done I slipped on my creepers again and put on some make-up.

"Are you ready?" Maddie knocked on the door.
"Yeah-" I said as I swung it open and saw that Tony was with her too.
"You look stunning!" Maddie gushed making me blush.
"Let's go than," Tony said as he moved his eyes over my entire body and finally met my eyes, he licked his lips and left out the door.

I walked over to the bed and placed the bag with my clothes inside on top of the duvet. Maddie grabbed my hand and our feet helped us escape the room and house. We met up with everyone else and Junior took that opportunity to introduce me to everyone. After a short while we got inside two cars and drove off, Mikey and Jamie said they'd be our sober drivers.

I shuffled in the backseat as I was sitting in the middle of Maddie and Tony. I leaned my head on his shoulder and looked up at him until he smiled and turned to me. "Thanks... again." I whispered in his ear. "Don't mention it, just try to be happy tonight, okay?" I nodded and relaxed until we got to a huge club in LA. We all got out of the cars and went to the doors, since Junior had 'connections' we cut in line and were able to get in. I stuck by Tony's side, holding his hand to not get lost among the many people the entire time until we got to the bar and started ordering drinks.


Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine.

"You've had so much to drink," Maddie giggled, I nodded, laughing.
"I told someone I'd try to be happy tonight, this is the way," I lifted my shot glass as I met Tony's gaze and smiled, then put it to my mouth and gulped it down. The alcohol stung my throat causing me to force my eyes closed.

'Ten.' I thought.

The drinks kept coming. So did the food. Small, little things though but they helped so that the alcohol wouldn't affect us so badly. Maddie grabbed my hand and dragged me out to the dance floor. Everyone else followed us and we started singing along at the top of our lungs to the song 'Fucking Problems' by ASAP Rocky. We formed a large group in the middle of the dance floor but soon split up. I ended up with Tony, his hands on my waist, sliding up and down, sending shivers down my spine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and just snuggled against him. I felt butterflies for Tony. I felt sad because of what happened with Vic. I did care about what had happened and the alcohol made that be known so much. I also felt so happy, being in Tony's arms. I just didn't know anything at that moment and broke down.

Tony lead me out of the club and we sat outside on the steps up to a restaurant that was a block away from the club and he pressed me tightly to his chest. I clung to his shirt as I sobbed and breathed in the cool air of the night. "Stop crying, shhh," Tony mumbled as he rubbed my back and thigh. I took deep breaths then looked up at him and sighed. "Sorry, I know I said I'd be happy... I am, though, it's just-" "Mar, don't apologize, it's okay and I know..." Tony told me. He grabbed my waist and lifted me up, placed me on his lap, hugging me tight.

I began to feel lightheaded. It felt like there was a mosh-pit in my stomach, I was so close to puking but Tony's phone went off and he pulled it out of his pocket. I got distracted as I watched him and moved my eyes to the phone where I saw. 'One new message: Vic.' Immediately, it felt like I hadn't had any drinks as Tony opened the message and read out what Vic had said to him.

"If you're with Marina tell her to call me, I've been calling her for ages now and she wont pick up," Tony said.
"What a shame," I said. Tony looked at me and sighed.
"Call him,"
"After what he said? Really?" I folded my arms across my chest.
"Yes. You love him, just see what he has to say,"
"I don't want too,"
"Yes you do, Marina. I don't want you two to end because of something like this,"
"Just do it. If he's an asshole again you never have to speak to him again,"
"Fine." I sighed.

Tony handed me his phone and I dialed Vic's number. After five seconds Vic answered and I groaned angrily at his voice.
"Vic, it's Marina, I left my phone at a friends house,"
"You're okay though?"
"I'm drunk enough to be okay, yes,"
"You don't sound drunk..."
"I'm good at not sounding drunk. I've had plenty of practice over the years, Victor,"
"Why'd you call?"
"I wanted to apologize for what I said, it was out of line and not true,"
"You don't say," I said sarcastically.
"We'll talk when you get back home tomorrow,"
"Right, bye."

I hung up and handed Tony back his phone. I started walking off but Tony grabbed my arm and turned me to him. "Where are you going?" He asked, I sighed, "Back to the club," "Stay here," He told me. My shoulders slumped and I went back to sit on the wooden stairs. Tony sat next to me and took off his jacket, then put it around my shoulders and I noticed that I was shivering.

"Thanks," I smiled tightly.
"No problem," He said, "So, what'd he say?"
"Sorry and he wants to talk to me tomorrow," I shrugged.
"That's good,"
"I know you're angry, but be happy that things are going to work out from now on,"
"How do you know that? Everything was going fine then the next thing I knew he was gone, Tony,"
"It wont be like that now,"
"Yeah, well, I don't expect that to happen anymore,"
"The littlest things you don't expect, always happen," I smiled at Tony. He had used the line that I had said to him in Vegas.
"You know exactly how to make me happy," I told him. He smiled shyly and gently ran his fingers over the top of my hand before turning it around and intertwining our fingers together.
"I'm glad," He said, "Everything will be okay, and if not, you can come running to me. I'll be here, with open arms, I swear,"
"Thank you," I squeezed his hand and smiled as I looked out at the cars passing by.

I hoped that Tony was right.


I love this story it's seriously the cutest!:D