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I Count Your Heartbeats Before You Sleep

Don't You Ever Forget About Me

Tony's POV

I played with my guitar, nervous if Melodee would actually show up with Vic. I told Vic what had happened the day before, I was surprised at his reaction he would normally make me go talk to her but he knew I get nervous around Mel lately. Even if I was half-drunk I remember clearly, Mel and I our words.

"Hey man, relax! She''ll forgive you but you got to pick it's either her or Stephanie." Mike makes his way towards me, as he later pats my back.

"Yeah, I just like Melodee a lot since A long time ago now, but Stephanie is also in my mind she's been with me and cares for me as well for me; I like her too."

"Well I don't know man Stephanie has been here for you but Mel has been there longer; she's your best friend isn't she?"

"Yeah you know what you are right maybe I need more time to think, maybe I'm just rushing things-" I stop as I hear the sound of voices coming from outside. They are here I got to act this out like if nothing had happen. I have to remember I can't hurt either of them Mel or Stephanie..

"Ha ha very funny you guys!" Vic came in the room with Kimberly on his waist, Melodee followed behind. She kept her head down; I could tell she didn't want to be here. A part of
me felt like it was all my fault but maybe something had happen. The normal me would go up to her; ask her what is wrong but the pussy me is scared she might push me away.
Our eyes make contact but I quickly turn away, see what I mean I'm scared to even look at her in the eyes.


We played Yeah Boy and Doll Face now that Vic had finish the lyrics we can play the whole song. We hung out after that, all of us, but I got a headache and decided to head home earlier which made it seem like I was running away as I didn't speak a word to Mel the whole time. Jaime drove me home he stayed for a moment but then headed home himself. He had told me how excited Vic and Mike were into forming a band with us. To be honest I was excited too, I hope we make it big one day, we can travel around the world. Meeting new people on the way sounds really awesome. Bringing my best buddies with me on the road sounds amazing already! I really hope we make it big.

I just hope I make the right decision.

2 weeks later

"If might say you students have been really good this year. I have had no problems only some. To those who won't graduate today I am really sorry, but to these students who are I am proud of each and every one of you. I wish you the guys the best to where ever life takes you. Some might be going to college, others are planning on having a family, having a career where ever your future is I wish you guys the best..." The day is here, the day we graduate from high school. Not only that it is also the day my Melodee leaves. The principal continued her speech as I thought about everything that had happened these past few weeks back.

I made the decision to keep on with Stephanie because Mel faced me one day and told me
"You can do anything with your life Tony, don't you worry about me you move on go on with Stephanie...but don't you ever forget about me "
She made it clear, she had no feeling towards me anymore but I know I still do, deep inside her I know she still has feeling for me...I hope.

"Woo!!" I heard shouts and whistles, I hadn't notice we are now done with the whole thing and we are now no longer students here!
I stood up as well did everyone we all threw our caps in the air as we cheered. Everyone hugged one another, teachers came over and hugged students, I made my way to the guys who were with their parents so I headed back and made my way to back to find my mom. I walked back in a hurry to find my mother before I ran into any one I didn't want to see right now. "Ouch!" A girl with brown hair said not facing me she slowly turns her head. "Oh Mel, I'm sorry."
"It's okay Tony." She said looking down.
"So ermm your mom or brother couldn't make it?" I ask

"Yeah they made it they are in the car waiting but hey Tone I've said good-bye to everyone except
you!" She smiled. I look down at her hazel brown eyes as I stroke my finger against her cheek softly.

"Tony.." She whispers, I wipe the tear from her cheek and bring her into my arms. "I'm going to miss you Mel." I admitted. "Me too but I'll come back and visit or just text me Tone. I'll give you my address and you can come visit." She smiled up at me. "I promise I will!"
"Okay well good-bye Tony wish you the best with Stephanie!" She waved as she ran crying. I felt a tear suddenly come down my cheek but I quickly wipe it away.

The time had arrived, My Melodee left.


I cut the last chapter in two bcs i wanted another chapter hehe


Omg this was so awesome please update soon! This is one of the best stories ever man!
Darling Darling
I would just like to point out that there was a typo that made me laugh my ass off! "...I grabbed his back hair..." OMFG THAT MADE MY DAY. XD
tony's plugs tony's plugs
Of course lol =)
Ashlynn202 Ashlynn202
this is the best story iv'e read so far <3333
Arcelia_Fuentes Arcelia_Fuentes
Aww! You're welcome! :D
tony's plugs tony's plugs