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Fast Times At Clairemont High

Tonight I'll make you feel beautiful once again

My eyes flickered open once again, but this time revealing the walls scattered with posters; no part of the wall underneath was visible anywhere.
Reaching my arms out besides me for my phone, It was 9:48am, Tuesday.
"Wow, I slept hard last night," I said aloud.
I noticed the bed was empty meaning Kellin must be downstairs or in the bathroom.
Kellin. My love. My baby. My...my boyfriend. It was weird to think that in reality I've only known him for a short period of time yet we were already together. And it felt so right. Him and me. Me and him. Kellin and Vic. Vic and Kellin. Don't you agree?

My mind began racing back to yesterday afternoon.

"You're perfect just the way you are."
I was looking at him through blurred eyes now, it was hard to keep myself under control. I'd been told time and time again that I wasn't worth it with the odd comments like 'kill yourself' or 'go back and cut yourself'. And I'd listened to them each time. So many fail suicide attempts. So many scars on my arms and thighs. It made me sad, no. Sad was an understatement. It made me depressed. The doctors had even diagnosed me with it.
I was brought back out of my thoughts again when I felt Kellin's arms around my waist, his face buried in my neck planting soft kisses there. I found it harder to control my tears now. Kellin had made some of them become happy, knowing he was mine, but the remainder just stayed bad, full of unhappy memories.
I could feel Kellin's bright eyes burn a hole straight through me as he pulled away, his hand slowly placed under my chin as he made me look straight into his eyes.
"Tell me, what's wrong babe?" I felt my heart skip a beat, had he just called me babe? My mouth fell lost for words so I just shook my head into my palms.
"I'm worthless, Kellin. I'm lucky I've even got you and..." I bet I looked like a complete idiot, crying in front of my own boyfriend that is.
The last thought I remember pacing my mind was 'why would he want me', but I was put under a sort of spell as Kellin's lips came crashing in against mine, instantly relieving me of any pain I was feeling. He was like my own personal drug to me, believe it or not. His hand found my cheek which made me blush slightly, only making my hand locate his waist. Now, you're thinking, they've only known each other for a little while, and they've only been going out with each other for less than a few hours, but the truth is, I wanted him. I wanted him so bad and I honestly don't think you understand just how much.
His lips parted with mine by an inch or two and his beautiful eyes stared deeply into mine. For some reason I got a sense of pain, like he understood how I felt but of course he doesn't. This perfect human being can't possibly be feeling the pain I feel. He has two parents who love him, who are there for him. He has no reason to hurt himself, to think the thoughts I do.
"You shouldn't think such things, Vic. You're not worthless, you're priceless. You're not fat, you're sticks and stones, my love. You're not ugly, you're beautiful. No wait, you're perfect."
"You're not just saying it, are you?" I asked as I glanced back into his eyes.
"Of course I'm not, I mean every word I say to you. You deserve all the nice things said to you," He replied back with a smile.
I felt his hand and eyes snake down to my wrist and he simply held it with a frown. Cool air began to seep onto my bare arm as I realised what he was doing. My initial instinct was to pull it back away from him so he didn't have to see the ugly scars that had planted permanent homes but as he planted small kisses over each one individually I let out a small tear.
"Don't ever do this again," Kellin whispered to me.
"How did you..." He shook his head.
"I saw them when you were in the hospital, but that doesn't matter now." He pulled my sleeve back down and looked back into my eyes. "Please promise me you won't ever hurt yourself again."
My mind started soaring. I didn't know if I'd be able to keep his promise. It had been a huge part of my life for so long but something in his eyes made me nod. I kicked myself internally for this. I just hoped I'd be able to stick with it.

After that we just lay on his bed listening to Kellin's album from the car, Homesick by Of Mice And Men. It was quite soothing, just to be able to lay in the arms of the person you have so many feelings for and not say anything. Not the awkward type of silence. The calm type. It was nice.

About an hour had passed and we hadn't spoken still, I'd thought Kellin had fallen asleep so that's when I decided to say this; "Kellin, you're so perfect, and you're so beautiful. I would do anything and give up anything to be with you. I love you."
I'd told him I loved him.
Usually it takes a few months to fall in love.
Oh, Vic. What have you done.
At that moment I decided to close my eyes, hoping tomorrow would be a better day. And also hoping I'd get to do something fun with Kellin.
"I love you too," I heard.
Had Kellin really just said that? The the words that will have completely changed our relationship altogether? It made my head do somersaults. No, it was my heart that did somersaults.

I stayed quiet after that. It was the perfect end to the day, I thought.


OMG I love this story!!!!

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