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Fast Times At Clairemont High

I can't wait to see your brilliant face

I decided to get up from the warm comfort of the bed to go and find Kellin; I hadn't yet had the privilege of the tour of his house yet, seeing as though we'd come straight from the hospital yesterday. Brushing my hair over with my fingertips, I strayed over to the door, turning the handle slowly and peering out down the hallway. It was very bright out here, especially if you compared it to Kellin's dark room, but I guess that was because his curtains were drawn shut. The soft carpet disappeared from under my feet as cold vinyl replaced it making me shiver on the spot, pulling my jacket sleeves down further. I don't know why but for some reason I was tip-toeing. Maybe I was scared that his parents were here. Wait, weren't they at work? I know they came home at six, but what time did they leave?
Pushing the thought to the back of my head I continued forward down the hall, listening intently to any noises that could indicate as to where Kellin could be. From the little I knew about his home life, he didn't have any other siblings, so I knew there wouldn't be any random screaming or crying anywhere in the house. I neared to what could be the bathroom so I pressed my ear to the door. Silence. No sound at all. This only meant he could be downstairs.
I was at the top of the stairs contemplating whether I should go down or not when I heard conversation taking place downstairs.
"He's my boyfriend, mom. What do you want me to do? Throw him away so you can be happy? I don't think so."
"What do you think the neighbors will say, son? Do you think they'll react well with knowing our son is...is.."
"Gay, dad. Just say the word already."
I could tell Kellin's parents weren't going to accept it so kindly, but I'm glad Kellin wasn't going to throw away what we had. So would it be a wise choice to go downstairs? Unwillingly, my feet took a step downwards. Would they burst out in rage if I went down? My feet were nearing the bottom of the staircase. Before I could do much more, my hand was on the door handle. I pushed down hard and took a step in through the door frame which opened me up into the all too familiar lounge area I had briefly seen yesterday. However, it looked somewhat different, maybe cleaner, but I couldn't be too certain. At that instant I felt all eyes on me, and I didn't like it. Kellin walked up to me and took me by the hand with a brief smile on his face before walking me up to his parents.
"Mom, dad. This is Victor Fuentes, or Vic as he likes to be called. He's my boyfriend and he makes me happy, so with or without your consent I will be seeing him and you'll just have to put up with that." Sensing pride in his smile, I locked eye contact with each of his parents. It was a quick moment, but I did it.
His mom hesitated for a moment, unsure of whether she should be happy for her son and his new boyfriend or to be totally disgusted and throw him out. I was caught off guard when she held out her hand in approval.
"I'm Linda, Kellin's mom," placing my hand in hers I shook it gently to which she responded with a nod. Linda's slightly greying hair fell neatly onto her shoulders and her piercing blue eyes reminded me of Kellin's. Her dress sense was quite sophisticated, but I guess that was for work. I watched as she nudged her husband.
"Be nice and welcome the boy," she said in a hushed tone, probably thinking I didn't hear her. He, too, held out his hand insisting I shook it, to which I did. I didn't want to get on the bad side of his parents, after all.
"Mark," he said quickly. "Kellin's father of course."
"It's nice to meet you both," I replied in a hushed tone. It was safe to say I felt nervous. If his parents were homophobic and were only putting up with this for his sake then that was a good thing, but I knew one slip up would cause them to hate me even more than what they did.
Mark was wearing what looked like an officers uniform, suggesting to me that he was on the police force, I'd have to ask Kellin a little later. He also had black hair, which was similar to Kellin's, only much shorter and more to a set style. His eyes were a hazel brown, a similar color to my own.
Silence began to creep into the room, and it wasn't a nice silence like I experienced with Kellin last night. No. It was much more awkward and more tense. To my relief, Kellin's father spoke.
"Well, I must be setting off. Don't want to be late." With that he was out the door. No goodbye kiss to his wife. No fatherly hug with his son. Were they close at all? Or were they a family falling apart? I couldn't be certain.
"I better be going too, sweetie. I'm taking it you'll be having the rest of the week off with, Vic?" Kellin nodded. "That's very nice of you, just don't be doing anything you shouldn't be doing. There's food and drink in the fridge, but you know all that." It was nice to see that his mom, however, was more kinder towards Kellin. She gave him a small peck on the forehead before leaving the house. Nothing was said until we heard the engine roar and set off out the driveway. With that, I threw myself at Kellin to which he embraced me into a hug. It felt nice to be back in his arms again.
"Sorry about that," he said with a smile as he pulled back away from me slightly.
"Don't worry about it, we've still got school to face yet," I replied with a glum look.
School. Ha. My school had to be one of the most homophobic places in the world. No one knew I was gay, but I didn't doubt that people had their suspicions. I've never had a girlfriend, nor have I ever found any of the girls attractive. Sure, some were quite pretty I guess you could say but I've never wanted to date them. Once, I did kiss a girl, but even then I was off my face on alcohol. So yeah, I'm not surprised I get bullied about be a fag. Somehow though, it didn't seem to bother me. I knew it was true, I'd just never admitted it. Not even to Mike.
Mike....What was he going to say? Was he going to now indulge himself in his gangs beating's against me, or would he just continue to watch? Mike had never spoken up about his thoughts on gay relationships or marriages so I didn't know if he was going to be okay with it. I hate to jump to conclusions but he probably wasn't going to like it, but I couldn't give a fuck what he thought. It really wasn't his decision.
My thoughts were interrupted as I felt Kellin's lip's brush against mine, molding themselves perfectly. His hands laced down into my own, pulling me ever more closely against him.
Pulling back once again, he asked, "So, what do you feel like doing today?"
I shrugged, what did I want to do today? Well, I could name one thing, but that wasn't acceptable...Yet.
"I don't know, what do you feel like doing?" I returned his question.
"We could go shopping at the mall or something? I could do with some more band tees. Plus we could catch a movie if you want?" he replied with a grin. The grin I loved and will continue to love. The grin he only gave me. My grin. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
"The mall sounds good and so does a movie with that." In all my time of living around here, I'd never been to the mall before, not even to go to the movies. Mainly because I thought it's where girls went when they got bored, dumped by their boyfriends, or just to go clothes shopping. So I'd decided to stay as far away from there as possible. But now that Kellin wanted to go I felt different about it, purely because I knew I'd be with him, also because I knew there were minimal chances of us seeing anyone we knew because of school hours.
"The first movie starts at 11, and it's 10:14 now," Kellin pointed out. "So if we set off now we'll get good seats and we can go shopping afterwards," he added with a smile.
I nodded. "Sounds good," I replied whilst giving him a small kiss on the end of his nose. A deep scarlet overtook the milky white complexion he has which made him giggle, so I did it again.
"Stop, you're making me blush, Vic." I couldn't help but laugh. His giggle was adorable and so was his blush.
"You look cute though." The effect words have on a human being really showed itself in Kellin. His ears had now shaded red, along with his scarlet face.
He let out a small groan. "Let's go," he said quickly, shooing me out the door as he did so.
We walked out through the front door out into the driveway. Noticing the cars were gone I suspected we would be walking to the mall, which didn't phase me. At least I'd be getting in some exercise after being stuck in the hospital for a week. We started off down the walkway, hand in hand, like a real couple.

Today was going to be good, I could sense it.


OMG I love this story!!!!

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