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Fast Times At Clairemont High

Make me a promise here tonight

Was this happening? Was Kellin really confessing his love to me?
Stop it, Vic. Who would want you?
He clearly said he wanted to be with me. Did you not just hear him?
They're lies, Vic. You're not worth someone as nice as him.

It's horrible having to put up with the voices in my head, they bring me down so often. Make me bring the blade across my-

"Vic!" I was brought out of the argument inside my head as well as my thoughts. I glanced up to see Kellin's beautiful, yet highly infectious, smile.
"So, what do you think?...About you and me?" I could feel awkward tension creeping up into the room. I've never been in a relationship before, believe it or not, so this conversation was new to me.
"Are you being serious? You want m-me and you, to b-be like to-together?" I could hear myself stuttering. Jesus, Fuentes. Man up!
I watched Kellin nod with a smile still upon his face, making his features look ever more beautiful, if that was even possible, than before.
Placing my hand in his, I returned his smile pulling him into another kiss. The sensation that ran through my body was indescribable. It just didn't seem real.
I pulled back a little so my lips were brushing against his as I spoke, "Did that answer your question?" His reply was another kiss, however, this time it felt more affectionate. I pouted as I felt him pull away completely.
"Want to get out of here?" He asked with a grin? I wasn't going to turn this down was I? I was dying to get out of here, yet I didn't want to return home.
Mixed feelings, you'll get used to me having these.

Kellin helped me gather up the few belongings the paramedics had brought with me when they must have whizzed me off in the ambulance to the hospital, and followed him down to his car. It was a sleek looking black Range Rover Sport and if you compared this to my Mercedes, you too would be stood wide eyed in amazement.
"Nice ride, man," I announced as I saw him place my bag into the back of the car.
"Thanks, but it's not mine. It's my dads," he replied with a slight blush across his cheeks.
Right, Kellin had parents, no need for me to bring up my past. I don't feel like being a burden to him so early on in our relationship.
I watched as he made his way over to the passenger side and opened it wide for me.
"Ladies first," he said with a huge grin.
"Thanks," I replied in a laugh and kissed his nose, making his cheeks shade a darker red, whilst ambling into my seat.
As Kellin made his way back round to the drivers seat I took advantage of the short time to look through the small CD selection in the glove box.

Of Mice And Men ~ The Flood
Bring Me The Horizon ~ There Is A Hell Believe Me I've Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let's Keep It A Secret
Parkway Drive ~ Killing With A Smile
A Day To Remember ~ Homesick

There was also a blank CD which I decided to place into the CD player. A soft voice seeped out through the stereo which only forced me to turn the volume up louder. Not before long, I was lost inside my own little world, I hadn't even noticed Kellin get inside the car until he turned the player off.
"Come on, I was listening to that," I said, pulling out my bottom lip. "Who was that anyway?"
Kellin shuffled in his seat and smiled, "Urhm, that was me."
My jaw felt like it had fallen to the floor. I managed to muster a 'wow' but that's all that came out. I was taken aback by how beautiful his voice was.
I reached my arm out to turn the player back on only for my fingers to be laced through Kellin's.
"Why won't you let me listen?" I asked. I wanted to listen to more. No, I needed to listen to more.
"Because it's embarrassing," he replied with a groan.
"Sing to me then," I smiled. If he wouldn't let me listen to the CD then I'd listen to him, his own mouth instead but I frowned as he shook his head.
"Maybe some other time."
"No, now." I sounded like a five year old demanding for an ice cream, knowing that if I acted cute, I might get what I want.
We'd stopped at a red light when I decided to try and turn the player back on, but was stopped again by his hand locking into mine. I looked back out onto the road as he set off again before leaning my head over and nibbling slightly in his ear lobe.
"Please, Kellin," I pleaded lightly. I could feel him trying to hold in a moan so I set my lips on his neck, planting soft kisses, biting down gently at some places. Kellin tried his best not to moan, but let one slip, making me grin against his neck.
"Vic, stop it please...Oh god...Vic, please, I need to concentrate on the...Ah...On the road."
I didn't stop. I could feel him becoming weaker, but to my dismay he'd already pulled into a driveway. I looked up and noticed it wasn't mine, so it must have been his place.
"I'll get you back for this," he said looking down at is trousers. I giggled before stepping out of the car and going to get my bag.

"Are your parents home?" I asked curiously. Was he going to introduce me to his parents so soon if they were, or would I just be some friend from school that would be spending a lot of time at his. I shrugged it off.
"Urhm...No, they shouldn't be back until six pm. It's only two," he pointed out. I pulled out mu phone from my bag to confirm the time. I also noticed it was Monday. Great. That meant I'd be returning back to school tomorrow. I let out a sigh, hoping it wasn't too obvious but Kellin heard it. He made his way over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.
"What's wrong babe?" He asked before planting a kiss on my lips. I smiled as he did so. I'd never get enough of these kisses, I just knew I wouldn't.
"Just thinking about school tomorrow," I said honestly. No point in lying to my boyfriend.
"No need to stress, the Dean said you could have the rest of the week off to recover. Mark and the others have been suspended till next term you'll be glad to know."
At this, my heart lifted slightly. "Will you be spending the week with me?"
"I can try. It shouldn't be too hard seeing as though both parents work all day."
The thought of having the entire week with Kellin my head feel all light, he noticed and gripped his hand slightly more around my waist.
"We best get you inside, Sleeping Beauty."
"I'm not tired, Kell's."
Did that just slip off my tongue? Had I just called him Kell's? I must have blushed deeply because he kissed my cheek mumbling 'Kell's' over and over.
"I like that," he smirked. As he did so, he hoisted me up over his stick-like shoulders, laughing as he did so. I didn't react. It felt nice to be in his arms, even if it was slightly uncomfortable.
He reached for his key from his back pocket, me still on his shoulders and unlocked the door, stepping inside.
"Home-sweet-home," he grinned.
I'd only taken one glance from the view I was at and already I felt as if I belonged here.
Some of the walls were painted deep red, whilst others were painted white. Several records were hung here and there, signed by famous rock groups from the 70's, 80's and 90's. The floors were wooden, and the couch looked huge. The 62" plasma screen TV screamed out 'we have money'.
Before I could see any more of the main room, Kellin was walking up the stairs, me still over his shoulder. Once we reached the top, he took me into a room which I suggested was his. The many posters on the wall of all the same bands I like confirmed my thoughts and finally he put me down.
"Did you not think I was heavy?" I questioned. I'd been called fat, or large, or huge so many times it had stuck in my mind.
To my surprise, Kellin shook his head. "Are you kidding me? Your light as a feather."
"You're lying," I said, feeling my cheeks burn.
"Why would you say that?"
"Because I'm...I'm fat," I replied sheepishly.
"Vic, are you fucking kidding me? Look at you, you're sticks and stones."
And that's when I broke down. I felt like I was being lied to, even though somehow I knew he wouldn't do that. That he wouldn't be so harsh. But after being in high school for so long I'd finally accepted that I was fat, and that I was useless.

Kellin took me into his arms, "You're perfect just the way you are."


OMG I love this story!!!!

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