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Kiss Me Through The Window

Keeps Talking Back To Her

~Tony's POV~

I climbed out of bed and meandered down the hall after Jaime. As I did, we passed a mirror. I took a quick check and saw it had gone all haywire. I jammed a cap on my head and walked out to where everyone was. All the chairs where taken, except for the one next to Emily. I sat down tentatively.

'Hey Tony! Finally joining us, I see.' Emily smiled at me, trying to be nice. I twitched my lips at her. It wasn't really a smile, more like a facial spasm, but she accepted it. I turned back to the conversation, trying to keep up. The guys were talking about stuff they'd like to do while on tour.

'Hey, Tone. What would you like to do?' Vic asked, giving me a chance to jump into their discussion. I shrugged.

'I don't know. Something I haven't done before.' My eyes flick involuntarily to Mike.

'Like what?' Vic insisted. I shrugged again. He gave up and returned to the conversation.

After a while of listening to the guys talk about random topics, I began to bore of them. They had also seemed to run out of things to chat about. Looking at the beat-up clock on the wall, I saw that it was seven at night.

'So, who's up for food?' I asked, standing up and stretching, revealing some of my tattooed lower abdomen.

All eyes turned to me, and I walked off, mumbling, 'Ask a stupid question...'

~Mike's POV~

We munched on a nice dinner that Tony and I cooked. Burritos. Nearly everyone complained but we just shrugged. It was pretty much the only dinner we knew how to make. Jaime had put on Toy Story for us to watch. As we watched Buzz Lightyear approach Woody and threaten him with a laser beam, Emily stood up and walked off with Tony. I watched their departure with some interest.

Maybe he's going to find out the truth behind her. I thought. The movie continued and I stayed. I updated my Twitter and got a lot of fan replies. I smiled as I read through each one. As the movie ended and Tony and Emily still hadn't returned, I ambled towards the kitchen. There was a sheet hanging over the archway and muffled shouts could be heard coming from behind.

'Yeah, and I may not be who I say I am, but it's none of their business!' Emily's voice wafted through the curtain.

'I knew it!' I shouted, bursting into the kitchen.


Title cred: I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous - Pierce the Veil


Thanks :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
I love this! Lol I'm gonna check out the sequel.
Honesty's_Lies_ Honesty's_Lies_
Good job(:
xMareBear14x xMareBear14x