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Kiss Me Through The Window

Finders Keepers, The Whole Thing Is A Lie

~Tony's POV~

I woke up in the morning, with a heavy weight across the front of my body. The alarm was still ringing in my ears.

'Wakey wakey, Mikey.' I grunted, trying to roll out from underneath his arm. He sighed and pulled me closer to his warm body. I realised that we were both only in our boxers. I flushed red, and tried a bit more to get out of Mike's iron grip. I wriggled about, making a mess of the sheets. I finally managed to loosen his grip. My chances weren't any better of getting out of the steel trap. I was fully awake by now, and I made an another attempt of unclasping his arms from around me.

Two minutes later, and I still hadn't achieved maneuvering out of his grasp. I only had one option left now. I squirmed around and one of my arms came free. I bit my lip, already regretting my next action.

~Mike's POV~


Tony's hand came down upon my cheek with a loud noise accompanying it.

'WHAT?!' I yelled, annoyed at the very rude awakening.

'DUDE, LET ME GO!' Tony yelled back at me. 'WE HAVE TO GET READY!'

'OH, SHIT!' I shouted, releasing Tony. We both scrambled out of bed. I tripped over my shoes, and landed face first in a pile of socks.

'Hey, Mike, it's almost 5:45, hurry the fuck up.' Tony said. He was already up and dressed, heading for his kitchen. I started yanking socks onto my feet, and shoving my feet into the shoes I fell over. I rubbed my eyes while heading for my suitcase, pulling out random pieces of clothing. After picking up what I had pulled out, I realised that this was Tony's suitcase. I stuffed everything back in and went over to mine.

I came out to the kitchen a few minutes later, fully dressed with my hair looking semi-decent.

'Hey Turtle. What are we eating?' I asked, leaning against the benchtop.

'Nothing. We can eat on the bus. We've got to be there soon. Coffee's the answer.' He handed me a mug filled with steaming hot coffee.

'Thanks,' I said gulping it down, the heat of it burning my throat.

'No worries,' Tony replied, absentmindedly reaching over and topping it up. He did the same to his.

*Three cups of coffee later*

Tony was practically bouncing off the walls. He glanced at the clock every few seconds and had dragged our suitcases from his bedroom, to the lounge room and into the kitchen in the space of three minutes. He then returned his to his room to retrieve 'some shit I forgot'. He then came back out with nothing changed. I was on my second cup of coffee, sipping it slowly. Tony glanced at the clock yet again, then screeched,

'Time to go!'

He proceeded to pick up his suitcase and shuffle around his house, trying to manuever around the crap cluttered about the place and get to the front door. I picked up my own and forged a path to the door. Tony followed, telling me off when something fell over. I just rolled my eyes and sighed.

We finally got into the car and were on our way to Jaime's. I had insisted on driving in case Tony - in his hyped-up state - got us stuck in a tree. I stopped at a set of lights and tapped my fingers on the wheel, waiting for the lights to become green again. Tony reached over and turned on the radio. "Cookie Jar" by Gym Class Heroes was on. We started rapping to it, and an old lady who was about to cross the road and froze, and was watching us. The light turned green and I slammed my foot on the pedal, possibly leaving black tyre marks on the road. We laughed about the old lady and I nearly slammed into our tour bus, parked outside of Jaime's house. I drove the car up Jaime's driveway, which by itself was a job and a half because Jaime and Vic's junk was scattered around the bus, and the bus was hanging over part of the driveway. As we got out of the car, we dragged our stuff out of the boot and left with the other's stuff. Tony tried looking at the watch on his wrist, but then remembered he didn't have one on. He blushed, embarrassed and I gave him a hug. We started walking towards Jaime's house, when a car pulled up beside us. The tinted window rolled down and a girl was inside. It was Emily.

Her red hair was pulled up on the top of her head in a messy bun, and white-rimmed sunglasses were perched atop her head. She had on a black singlet, with "Keep Calm Until the Breakdown" emblazoned across the front in white. Shorts adorned her lower body.

'So? Where do I park?' She asked, shooting a dazzling smile our way.

'You're way too perky for this time of the morning. Go be happy with Jaime.' I said, in my typical fashion. I then continued on my way to the main house, where I could see my brother struggling with a suitcase. I heard Tony come with me, eager to get away from the girl.

'Yo, Vic! Do you need any help?' he asked when we were within earshot.

'Huh? Oh, nah. I got this.' Vic huffed, picking up the suitcase and waddling ten metres with it before dropping it. It was a big suitcase, almost his height. It was probably filled with Casey's stuff. Or maybe Adam's. As Vic was about to take off again, Tony and I picked up the other end, and we all carried it out to the bus. Meanwhile, Emily had gotten out of her car and was bringing her suitcase over.

'Thanks for nothing, you jerks.' She said, pushing in front of us and piling her stuff on board.

'Oh, hi there, Vic!' She said as she walked past him, giving him a peck on the cheek. Vic froze, causing us to nearly knock him over with the suitcase. He looked at Emily and hurried to put the suitcase in it's rightful place.

'I'll go find Hime.' He said, scurrying off.

'We're coming too!' I said, grabbing Tony's hand.

'But he's right there.' Tony said, pointing at Jaime.

'Oh.' I said, feeling stupid. 'Hey, Jaime!' I called. He waved back at me. He was staring at the tour bus. I guess he had seen Emily kiss Vic. Whoops, bad move Emily.

~Tony's POV~

As we were getting the bus ready, Vic produced a moustache. He waved it around and he set to work attaching it to the front of the bus. I started talking to Jaime. As we chatted we spotted Adam coming over. He had his video camera out with a camera attached to it. He took a few pictures of us both and moved on.

~ ~ ~

After a few hours, we were finally able to board the bus and get ready for the tour. I hadn't seen hide nor hair of Emily, and that suited me just fine. I walked down the bus, inspecting the bunk beds. Casey came up beside me.

'So? Where is who sleeping?' He yelled out to the rest of us.

'Shotgun top bunk!' Jaime yelled. He scampered towards us and jumped up into a bunk. He pointed to the bunk opposite him. 'That's Vic's,' He said.

'No way, Jaime. I'll sleep under you.' Vic crawled into the bunk below Jaime's and sat cross legged.

'That's what he said.' Casey whispered to me, cracking me up. Vic looked at us suspiciously, before shrugging it off. Mike strolled down, Emily on hot on his heels. Mike looked around casually at the bunks left and patted the one opposite Jaime.

'I'll stay here.' He said. 'Anyone want a beer?' He asked, walking away, throwing a look over his shoulder. Casey nodded his head, while the rest of us stared at him.

'Seriously? It's not even ten yet.' I said. Mike just shrugged. I claimed the bunk beneath Mike's and Casey and Adam took the ones beside us. That left Emily with a choice of the ones next to Jaime and Vic. Eventually everyone was sorted and settled in. As our driver started up the bus we began rolling out. We were off to Tulsa.

I caught up on a little shut-eye as we drove the first leg of the journey. If we drove and didn't stop, it would take us around twenty-one hours. That meant just under a day cooped up in a small area with this bunch. I didn't like the prospect of my survival if I got up and faced the guys straight away.

~Jaime's POV~

I was sitting at the front of the back with the guys and Emily. I looked around, laughing. Something was off, and I couldn't put my finger on it. The guys were talking about the up and coming tour and how much fun it was going to be. A loud snore erupted from the sleeping quarters. That's it! Tony isn't here!

I stood up suddenly, drawing everyone's attention.

'Excuse me.' I said, tip-toeing down the hall. I picked up a pillow and saw Tony sleeping. His mouth was open, and another snore was emitting from it. I whacked him over the head with a pillow. He shot up like a rocket.

'Dude!' He protested.

I shrugged. 'Get up. You're being antisocial.'


Title cred: Finders Keepers - You Me At Six


Thanks :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
I love this! Lol I'm gonna check out the sequel.
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Good job(:
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