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Senior Year, Biscuits & The Fuentes Family As Told By Nelissa Brown

Spiders, Cupboards, Pudding and Fuentes

At least everyone's stopped talking about me at school now. It was Nel killed Mike that and she murdered him this. Now he's awake and walking - granted not like he used to with his arm around me - everyone's shut up. I'm no longer a killer. B is having less fun though, she liked that everyone was suddenly scared of me instead of her.
"You know I think this might be a good thing." Cassie said and both B and I looked at her like she was insane. But let's face it, we're right.
"How could it ever be a good thing?" B asked.
"Well, Nel used to have this whole weird we love each other but can't be together thing going on. But now that Mike's forgotten he doesn't know that they can't be together."
"Good point." B nodded.
"Don't I have a say?" I asked.
"Sure, but what you say doesn't make any sense until eleven."
"Thanks." I pouted at her.
"Okay, what do you say?" Cassie urged.
"I don't know." I frowned.
"Nel," B whispered. "Maybe you should turn around." she smirked.
"I don't want to." I said awkwardly.
"What's behind me? Is it a spider?" I rushed.
"Yes, it's a spider." she said dryly.
"Really?!" I gasped.
"Nel?" someone said from behind me and I screamed.
That's it. I'm going to die. I'll die rich too. I've just discovered a talking spider. How does the spider know my name? What's the spiders name? Maybe it'll be named after me because I was the one that discovered it. Nelissa the spider. Has a ring to it, don't you think?
Then I turned around. Oh, it's just Mike. Shame. "Hi." I smiled.
"Can I have a word?" he asked.
"Sure." I nodded.
Then as I walked away B started to make a lot of hand gestures. She's either telling me to give Mike a hand job or she's trying to land a plane. Neither is desirable if I'm honest. I followed Mike over to the opposite side of the corridor and he stopped. He scratched the back of his neck and smiled down at me.
"It's about when we played spin the bottle..."
"Oh, B and Jaime really got it on!" I laughed manically. He's looking at me like I've gone insane. The difference is before he'd join me in the laughing.
"I mean you and me, us kissing." Mike said.
"Oh, that."
"Yeah, look I've been thinking a lot since then."
"You have?" I asked.
"I have," he confirmed. "I really don't went to mess things up."
"It's okay if you do. There must be a mop and bucket around here somewhere." I giggled.
"Okay," he sighed. "Do you want to go on a date with me?"
"A what?" I gasped.
"A date."
"With who?" I rushed.
"Why?" I asked, open mouthed.
"You don't have to." he said quickly.
"I guess so . . ." I trailed away. "I mean the new season of Friends doesn't air until next month." I reasoned.
"Great!" Mike grinned. "I'll talk to you later about when and where and stuff."
"Sounds like a plan." I muttered.
"I'll catch you later." Mike told me and nudged my shoulder before he turned and ran off. I'm not sure where to.
Mike and I are going out on a date. Me and Mike. Mike and Nelissa. Nelissa and Mike. Nelissa Fuentes. Mike Brown. Wait, that's not how it works. Maybe I won't be the crazy aunt after all.
"Nelissa, you slut!" Here we go again. Dom was marching towards me looking like she was returning an iron back to Sears. She looks mad. No, she looks furious. It's been almost two weeks since she was labelled a stalker, I thought I was okay. But apparently not. "You think I didn't see that?"
"See what?" I asked.
"Mike asking you out!"
"Well, I don't know. Did you see it?"
"Of course I did." she snarled.
"Mike can ask out whoever he wants," I said carefully. "You're not actually his girlfriend anymore."
"I wish people would quit saying that." Dom sighed.
"It's true." I reasoned.
"Shut up," she snapped. "You need to watch yourself. Mike still won't want you." Dom added.
Then she pushed me along the corridor and opened a door. She pushed me inside and slammed the door. I went to open it but I couldn't. Dom had locked me in! I turned around. Whether Mike wants me or not he has me.
Mike was standing with me in a tiny little storage cupboard. I looked around, there were tins and paper towels everywhere "What are you doing in here?" I asked him.
"Oh you know..." Mike frowned. "Just hanging out." I raised my eyebrows at him and he sighed. "I saw that girl, what's her name?"
"Dom?" I offered.
"Right, I saw her. I didn't want to deal with her on my own so I came to hide in here."
"Mike Fuentes. The guy who's had more fights than hot dinners ran away and hid from a girl?"
"Don't say it like that." he groaned. "So, we're locked in?"
"We are," I agreed. "Could he worse?"
"How?" he widened his eyes.
"Jaime, Cassie, B, Tony and Vic could be in here too."
"Your imagination gives me hope." Mike smiled. What imagination?
"What's in the tins?" I asked, sitting down onto a box of paper towels.
"Chocolate pudding." Mike said and opened one up.
"If only we had a spoon." I sighed.
"I do!" Mike exclaimed and got one out of his bag.
"Jaime makes me carry one for emergencies." he explained.
We took turns eating the pudding. When it was Mike's I looked for my phone. "No signal." I moaned.
"I have signal."
"Really?" I asked excitedly.
"No." Mike stuck his tongue out at me.
"Is your mom okay?" I asked casually.
"Yeah, she's always making chilli."
"Why?" I frowned.
"Vic and his friends eat it." Again with the chilli.
"Do you like them?" I asked curiously.
"No. Hate them all. One says he knows you though."
"Who's that?" I asked.
"Oli Sykes." Dammit. I forgot all about Oli! "I hate Oli. Have done for ages."
"Oh yeah." I nodded.
"You know Vic dropped out of college."
"Really?" I muttered. I need to improve on my acting skills.
"Yeah, he's a douche. I swear." Can we not go through all this again?
That's it! Everything Mike found out about Vic he'll have to go through again. Dom threatening them about Vic's self harm. Vic and Daisy. And . . . Me. Vic and I. I can't let it happen the way he did. I can't have a cheeky kiss with Vic and let Mike catch us.
"Mike," I suddenly said. "If we're going to go on a date there's something I need to tell you."
"Shoot." Mike urged.
Maybe if I'm lucky Jaime and Tony will have already filled him in. "I had a thing with Vic." I said.
"What?" Mike asked weakly. Guess not.
"For about a year." I added.
"What?!" Mike yelled before he put his head in his hands. Well, at least it's better than last time.


Hey! What did you think? Was it funny? What will happen? Will they get out? Will Mike react well or badly? Favourite line? It's your last chance to get your entires in to my Eye Opener Challenge. If you haven't had time to write I'll be doing another one in November probably. How is everyone today? Come send me love. I'm all tired from starting my course and all ouchy from changing the ring in my cartilage. And I'm just super sad because of other stuff so ew xo


Aweee thank you babe iove you! Your so accomadating :)

Divinebitches Divinebitches

I've actually posted the first chapter of the story you wanted to see. Go on my page and you'll find it. And thank you, once I'm not so busy you'll probably see more of me.

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

Okay thank you for that! I just needed that to calm down :) and i hope to see more storie sor continuations

Divinebitches Divinebitches

I might just add a chapter here and there to it. I have loads pre written I just definitely don't have time to write. With working in retail over Christmas, working on the KKP and going to college too I have no time. But thank you lovely! You're so sweet! With Break The Barricade I'm not saying it's impossible, but so unlikely it'll be finished. Like I said I'm so busy and Simone is at university doing a psychology degree. I actually only get to speak to her properly around once a week because she's so packed! And ahh I see xoxo

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

And i meant for the other series i just commented on this :) since im lazy

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