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Senior Year, Biscuits & The Fuentes Family As Told By Nelissa Brown


Everything was peaches until B threw that pen at Mike Fuentes' head.

A complex, twisting love story as told by the extremely comical and humorous Nelissa Brown.

My latest project. Something that I have wanted to write for a while, it's therapy for me now that 'One Hundred And One Sleepless Nights' is over. Check out my other stories too. Enjoy!

The sequel to this is now up! Go check it out!

Writings of a Failing Journalist .


B Delarux

B Delarux

Cassie Thomas

Cassie Thomas

Jaime Preciado

Jaime Preciado

Mike Fuentes

Mike Fuentes

Nel Brown

Nel Brown

Tony Perry

Tony Perry

Vic Fuentes

Vic Fuentes


  1. Jealousy, Mix Ups, Pens and Fuentes

    "Mike is probably used to more than a plain digestive biscuit. He probably has ones with chocolate on them. Fancy."

  2. Girls, Ice Cream, Boys and Fuentes

    "I thought we could go to a strip club, twerk our asses sore and snort a line of cocaine off of some stripper's breasts."

  3. Detention, Teddy Bears, Notes and Fuentes

    "Food is the ever shining light in a dark gloomy world of teasing and calculus."

  4. Trees, Meet Ups, Flashbacks and Fuentes

    "When I panic I do stupid things. Like hide up trees. That's not weird, right?"

  5. Horror Scenes, Complaining, Singing and Fuentes

    "Becky has been complaining about girls in crop tops, grunge posers and oranges for an hour straight."

  6. Girlfriends, Fights, Pulling and Fuentes

    "We're not knights. Who'd want to be a knight? I'd be a purple dragon with green eyes. Or if I was evil a black dragon with red eyes."

  7. Hospitals, Sorrys, Sickness and Fuentes

    "I wouldn't hook up in this room. Look at the state of it. I might catch something."

  8. Hiking, Music, Hiding and Fuentes

    "I'm going to tell everyone you said that so have fun jerking into your sock for the rest of your life as a sexual stallion!"

  9. Servants, Grumpy Pants, Harsh Words and Fuentes

    "I looked up and saw him standing right in the ladies bathroom. He probably hangs out in the ladies bathroom a lot."

  10. Stories, Underwear Thiefs, Ninjas and Fuentes

    "A man named Kin A Fin McCauley stole my underwear! He's a underwear thief!"

  11. Halloween, Linton, Arguments and Fuentes

    "My knuckles we're red and scratched. I'll probably get all cut and bruised. Then infected. I'll probably get trench foot of the hand and it'll have to be amputated. Then I'll get bullied because I'll be the girl with no hand and kill myself. Well thanks Vic."

  12. Letters, Fueds, Fights and Fuentes

    "They wouldn't do it in a diner, right?"

  13. Bravery, Almost Kisses, Betrayals and Fuentes

    "Did you just call me a pin cushion?"

  14. Drinking, Confessions, Quiet and Fuentes

    "The heels are black with tiny spikes on them. Maybe I'll see Mike, I could do with some stress relief."

  15. Note!

  16. Shouting, Diners, Pancakes and Fuentes

    "You have that I'm going to kill a girl and bury her in my back yard look about you."

  17. Returns, Parties, Jumpy Jumpers and Fuentes

    "She went off to her shrieking friends. The loud, giggling, shrieking ones always travel in packs. Like dogs."

  18. Sleepovers, Sausages, Dates and Fuentes

    "Pigeons freak me out. They're like flying rats. On acid. Pecking away and shitting as they fly. Flying, pecking, shitting rats on a acid trip."

  19. Dresses, Doubts, Phone Calls and Fuentes

    "I love it here. It smells like sewing machines and sparkles."

  20. Transformations, Corn Dogs, Kisses and Fuentes

    "He's really squishy when you hug him. And warm. Like a sea monster."

  21. Oysters, Madonna, Friends and Fuentes

    "Then I put the tape in the player, cranked up the volume and Vogued right out of the situation."

  22. Middle Names, Spies, Glares and Fuentes

    "It's probably some kind of werewolf, moon cycle deal. Tony can probably turn into a moo cow."

  23. Planes, Italy, Night Dresses and Fuentes

    "I wouldn't touch! Only have a little peek when they take their lady holders off."

  24. Dating, Hair, Shouting and Fuentes

    "I don't have an ass. I'm assless. No one wants an assless oyster. "

  25. Pizza, Yelling, Bracelets and Fuentes

    "He's telling me all about who plays what and how he writes songs. I thought Vic was bad, but gosh he's not shutting up. Now he's talking about distortion pedals. Do you think he'd notice if I attempted to drown myself in pizza sauce?"

  26. Threats, Dog Fights, Vampires and Fuentes

    "He's found out! You've caught us. We're vampires. Would you like to join our coven?"

  27. Pranks, Smirfs, Slaps and Fuentes

    "I was trying to take her seriously but it's difficult when someone's teeth, tongue, lips and mouth is all bright blue. She looks like an ill smirf."

  28. Kissing, Detention, Jumping and Fuentes

    "​​​​​It all seemed to be going very well for him until he walked right into a lamppost.​ I laughed, holding my stomach. It all very funny until I walked into the same lamppost."

  29. Backstage, Trapped, Secrets and Fuentes

    "I'm going to die in here and I blame everyone in this room."

  30. Grieving, Honesty, Cows and Fuentes

    "We should probably go home. I need a bath. A lot of guys probably jacked off in this room and I'm probably going to get aids and die."

  31. Rejections, Vampires, Vomit and Fuentes

    "I turned up to Cassie's party dressed as a vampire. I know there isn't a theme, but I want to give Mike his coven."

  32. Aunts, Explaining, Cops and Fuentes

    "I'm covered in my own vomit. Mike is covered in my vomit. It's like a vomit party and no one wants to be invited."

  33. Hangovers, Future, Crashes and Fuentes

    "My head hurts. My body hurts. I am a ball of hurt, with a side of what did I do last night."

  34. Waking Up, Sleeping, Shake Ups and Fuentes

    "I saw Nicky sprawled out on the couch in here with Jaime and Tony sharing the arm chair, Cassie sat on Jaime's lap as she knitted what looked like a bright canary yellow marquee, and B was sat at the end of my bed throwing a ball of rubber bands up in the air and catching it again."

  35. Caring, Grumble, Waking Up and Fuentes

    "I'm blonde - obviously - and I think I'm American, German and Portuguese. That would make me Amermanese. My mom once told me that I'm part African. But I don't think that's true."

  36. Rushing, Forgetting, Letting Go and Fuentes

    "I never understood buying people grapes. Why grapes? Why not oranges? Surely they're better for you, all that vitamin C. Or perhaps bananas. They have potassium."

  37. Note

    Read? Pretty Please.

  38. Care Packages, Bracelets, Stalkers and Fuentes

    "Do you know the enemy? Do you know your enemy? Well, gotta know the enemy - it's crumbs."

  39. Stalkers, Nuns, Cows and Fuentes

    "I'll have a I've-been-in-prison-and-have-knowledge-on-how-to-kill-someone-with-a-wax-strip-and-a-toothbrush Dom on my tail. It'll be like Macgyver but much more brutal. "

  40. Plans, Boners, Spin The Bottle and Fuentes

    "Girls only have to brush up against you and your little guy stands up to attention."

  41. Spiders, Cupboards, Pudding and Fuentes

    "I've just discovered a talking spider. How does the spider know my name? What's the spiders name? Maybe it'll be named after me because I was the one that discovered it. Nelissa the spider. Has a ring to it, don't you think?"

  42. Arguing, Jokes, Janitors and Fuentes

    "Do I look like a joke? Am I a joke on legs? A joke on legs with hair?"

  43. Therapy, Stories, Disney and Fuentes

    "Life is too short to not hug. Unless they're on the register then you definitely shouldn't hug them because you might be sent to therapy for a year or two."

  44. Couples, Fighting, Catastrophes and Fuentes

    "I'm standing next to the same tree while there's an unconscious Dom laid out on the ground, a sore Oli sat next to her, a bleeding Mike not far away, a Jaime lying on the ground, a Cassie trying to help him out, a rather proud Tony with his arm around pissed off B."

  45. Wars, Explaining, Foxes and Fuentes

    "Mike is holding ice to his face. Cassie is picking bits off grass from Jaime's hair. B has ice on her knuckles because she hit Oli as the ambulance pulled up. Tony is gently holding B. Dom is in hospital and Oli still has a bag of ice on his head. I'm fine, not a scratch."

  46. Lesbian-ism, Fun, Wardrobes and Fuentes

    "Sorry, my mom was trying to convert me into lesbian-ism."

  47. Intruders, Cheaters, Narnia and Fuentes

    "You go right through the fur coats, to the lamppost and carry on until you reach the fawns cave."

  48. Detention, Cupboards, Getting Worse and Fuentes

    "How are you all even still breathing? Can you even go a day without getting into some ridiculous, impossible situation?"

  49. Note

    Please read!

  50. Glaring, Running, I'm Pregnant and Fuentes

    "I suspect that Oli is actually dead. Mike has chopped him up into tiny pieces and stuffed him into tubs of bleach."

  51. Jesus, Truth, Letting Go and Fuentes

    "Maybe the almighty has chosen me as his next vessel to carry his unborn son. I have been chosen. Almighty, I will do your bidding."

  52. Graduation, Candy Stores, Endings and Fuentes

    "I knew everything was going to be okay. It could have been just us, or it could be everyone. But I was happy. At last, finally everything was right."

  53. Sequel

  54. One Last Note!

  55. New Story

  56. Note

  57. Very last note - I mean it this time

  58. Note

  59. Note

  60. Sequel!


Aweee thank you babe iove you! Your so accomadating :)

Divinebitches Divinebitches

I've actually posted the first chapter of the story you wanted to see. Go on my page and you'll find it. And thank you, once I'm not so busy you'll probably see more of me.

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

Okay thank you for that! I just needed that to calm down :) and i hope to see more storie sor continuations

Divinebitches Divinebitches

I might just add a chapter here and there to it. I have loads pre written I just definitely don't have time to write. With working in retail over Christmas, working on the KKP and going to college too I have no time. But thank you lovely! You're so sweet! With Break The Barricade I'm not saying it's impossible, but so unlikely it'll be finished. Like I said I'm so busy and Simone is at university doing a psychology degree. I actually only get to speak to her properly around once a week because she's so packed! And ahh I see xoxo

WriteIsLife WriteIsLife

And i meant for the other series i just commented on this :) since im lazy

Divinebitches Divinebitches