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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

Chapter 20

*beths pov*

After helping Vic into the truck, we set off down the small empty roads the led to the brothers home. The ride was quiet aside from the old Nivana CD playing quietly in the background, at least until my curiosity got the better of me.

"So Vic, you really are going to do this band thing?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I mean why not, you don't know unless you try right?"

"I don't blame you, and at least you will have something interesting to tell your kids" This earned a small laugh from both the boys.

"So Beth, can you do anything musical?" Vic asked me after a few moments of comfortable silence.

I opened my mouth to answer a simple 'no' but Mike got there first.

"She can sing!" He near enough shouted excitedly at us, making is both laugh.

No I can't Mike, I told him hoping he could catch on and shut up about the whole thing. I was wrong.

"Yes you can, I heard you in the shower." He explained to us.

"That makes you sound like a proper stalker Mike." I laughed at him as he shot me evils.

"Well next time you decide to sing make it quieter" Mike scolded in a fake matter of facty voice.

"Next time don't stick around to listen" I replied.

"I can't help it if you sing loud".

"And I can't help if it's a good song! Forget the facts it's my house and I can sing however loud I wan-" Vic interrupted my whole rant to talk to us like we were little children.

"Children, shut the hell up! I'm sure Beth sings lovely and Mike won't be eavesdropping in any more of your showers. Now, say sorry" He finished his rant sounding like a father would.

"Sorry Mikey" I said in a little girl voice.

"Sorry Beth" Mike said in a slightly higher pitched voice.

Everyone was was quiet for a total of abut four and a half seconds before we all erupted in fits of laughter, hardly being able to contain our selfs.

"But in all seriousness, can you sing Beth?." Vic said after we had calmed down.

This time, Mike let me answer myself. "No, I can't sing or anything do musical. I love music and I respect people who can so I won't offend those who can by trying" I reasoned, shooting Mike a dodgy look which I know he saw because he raised his eyebrow at me shooting a cocky smile at me.

"Apart from when your in the shower." Mike mumbled

" Apart from when when I'm in the shower, is everyone happy now?" I added sarcastically.

Mike just smiled at me once again before we pulled in the driveway.

Mike helped Vic out the truck and inside the house while I stood outside taking in the houses around me, after all I will have got to find my way back here in an hour or so.

No.7 Clark's Drive. I jotted down into my notes on my phone, just in case I forget, after all better to be safe than sorry.

Mike reappeared in the doorway, he had put on a sleeveless jean jacket however to my total delight no top. While he walked over to me he had this ridiculously happy grin on his face it was nice to see him all happy but it was strange at the same time.

"What's got you all happy then?" I asked him.

"I don't know, I did have like an hours nap while you were making yourself all pretty" He nudged me as he walked past me turning right, placing his hands in his back pockets waiting for me to catch up.

"Feeling full of energy and ready to face the day, at 5:40 in the evening?" My voice leaked with sarcasm as I caught up with him.

"Hey!" He started all offended, I just raised my eyebrow at him. "I have to wake up at like half five in the morning to get Vic to your house"

"To then nap through Harry Potter and while I got dressed?" I asked

"Yeah, I get tired okay"


Me and Mike Were walking down the street I noticed the closer to Clark's street we got the more run down the houses looked. Not that I felt uncomfortable around rough places, although I was raised in a nice area in a nice house I spent many of my teenage nights in council estates which were much worse than this, I know so many in my town like the back of my hand, there again I should the things I've done for money.

One particular house that looked like it hadn't been painted in the past fifteen years to say the least. The top coat was a nice normal cream color that I'm sure looked nice when it was all nicely done however it was cracking off to reveal an unholy lime green color it was once. One off the windows was now covered in wood and it looks like someone had tried to kick the door in a couple times.

I looked away to see a girl around my age, walking towards us waving at us. Or more Mike. She had elbow length mousy brown hair which had a natural wave to it and she had a full front fringe cut in. She had a rather casual natural look about her, with a light pink lipstick and a small touch of mascara. She had on a white cropped tee shirt which only showed he belly button and some blue skinny jeans, I wish I looked like her. It didn't look like someone Mike would look interested in actually but whatever.

"Hey Mike?" I asked him. She was making her way over but I don't think he noticed her.


"You know your girlfriend?" I asked "does she, by any chance have long brown hair, front fringe, tits the size of planets."

Mike just looked down at me and laughed but it was true they really did look like planets.

After calming down for a minuet he answered me "Yeah that's her, why you ask?"

I never got got the chance to reply as she came skipping, literally skipping over to us, when she got close enough to us she shouted a nickname she has given Mike.

"MIKEY-POO!" She shouted before jumping into his arms.

I think He replied with something like 'hey baby' but I didn't quite hear as when I heard his nickname I couldn't help the huge 'pfffft' sound that left my mouth followed by tons of laughter. I have the worlds weirdest laugh especially when I really go for it however it was just the funniest thing I've heard all day. I looked back up at the couple who were both just looking at me, his girlfriend shooting daggers with her eyes and Mike sporting a red blush that went right up to his ears and a look like he wanted the ground to swallow him right there.

"And you are?" She asked me, sounding slightly like a stroppy teenager.

"Oh I am sorry about that, I'm Beth" I told her as calmly as I could without cracking up again. "And you are?" I didn't really care but I'm being polite.

"Molly" she replied simply, shaking my hand slightly.

"Well hi Mully, oh my god no! Molly, I mean Molly, I'm so sorry" I corrected myself shielding my face from embarrassment.

That caused Mike to crack up, practically doubling over holding his stomach as he laughed At my mistake, occasionally muttering the word 'mully' or 'I am forever calling you this'. She gave him a fake dirty look before saying sorry and kissing her on the cheek and grinning at her.

On her part she turned fully to kiss him on the lips. I knew this routine from all my years of third wheeling, it's when they have their moment, when just the couple have a few minuets of kissing and cuddling and talking and whispering things to each other, in turn this is when the floor becomes the most Interesting thing in the world or bury my head in my phone until they decide to come sociable and talk again. Mike was the one who broke away first, however holding her from behind with his arms around her waist and his head on her shoulder, Molly just shot me a triumphant look, I just smiled back seeing as I can't backhand her in front of her boyfriend who is also one of my only friends over here.

I looked down at my phone to see the time, even though I has just put it back in my pocket. It read 5:55 shit, I've only got five minuets to get down there, fuck.

I turned to Mike and Mul, Molly who were kissing again. I started to back away slowly when Mike looked up at me, he broke away from Molly so I could explain.

"I've got to see my friend in like five minuets, so I'll leave you to to erm... It was nice meeting you Molly and-" Mike interrupted me.

"You don't know where your going" Mike scolded standing in front of me.

""It's basically just a straight line, there is an ally you go down which will take you to the east edge of the park, you might just have to keep an eye out for you friend"" I quoted Mike from earlier explaining where we were going when I asked him earlier.

He just nodded, before hugging me, and whispering in my ear "Don't mention band practice. The rest of the guys hate her and hate me when she invites herself. She gets all pissy at me if I don't let her go and said if she can't go no one can" I could almost feel him roll his eyes at her stupidity. I nodded and broke away.

"I'll see you at seven to take me home?" I asked him to cover for band practice if she saw me walk back to his later.

He smiled at my cleverness and nodded his head before I literally ran down to see Vic's attacker and teach him how to attack. This will be fun.

*mikes pov*

Although she thought I had slept while she got dressed, I actually didn't -well I did hut it's not all I did; I actually rang up Austin in that time and let's just say some colorful words were exchanged and I'm meeting him in half an hour to finish off what I started over a year ago.

Now I've just got to get rid if Molly, as much as I love being around her and she is an awesome person, she is so clingy and so over the top, I still can't believe she called me Mikey-poo.It doesn't help the rest of the guys hate her but at least they don't make me choose because they know I would pick them and I hate not having a girlfriend strange as it sounds.

She is currently clinging onto me kissing me softly while I am trying to talk to her. "Hey" She kissed me again. "Babe" Another kiss "I've" This time when she went to kiss me I took a step back and literally held her face away from mine as I started again. "babe I've got to go" That's better.

Her face scrunched up into a frown while she was thinking about something. For a moment I actually thought she wasn't going to be a bitch about this. I was wrong.

"Not with that bitch" her voice came out more whiny than I think she wanted it to

"Boo, I'm going down to the park with my friends, it's Friday night I always go and catch up with my friends on a Friday night." I reasoned.

"Your always ditching me for your friends, and don't think I didn't notice you looking at her. I saw you watching her ass as she was walking off, I'm not stupid"

Well she has got a nice ass...

"Babe that's not true and you know it. I spend all the time I can with you without ditching my friends and about Beth, she's new round here if you missed her British accent and I'm about the only friend she's got around here. I don't think she realizes how dangerous it is around here especially at night. You are the only girl in my heart and I love you" I finished my little speech looking into her blue-grey eyes and kissing her nose, she likes it when I do that.

A small smile appeared on her lips and I knew I'd passed the test , I so should be an actor. I didn't lie when I said I love her, I really do she's just a tad overbearing and makes me occasionally throw myself at the closest wall. But that's only sometimes. Why don't you just dump her? Beth's voice rang in my head.

She reached over and kissed me again, but slightly harder with her eyes sparkling, I inwardly rolled my eyes. "I'll see you later?" She asked, her voice thick and suggestive.

"Can't boo, got band practice then I'm taking Beth home"

She scoffed and rolled her eyes, "I'll see you tomorrow then, normal time?" She asked me, voice sulky

"As always" I smiled and kissed her before jogging off to the park.


This is only part one, I might start posting weekly because that's what I do anyway, I feel bad for leaving you all hanging but I didn't have time to type up at least ten pages so you will just have to make sure your subscribed to see what happens;))))))

i will edit the this on my laptop but I wrote this on a iPad and it's hard to edit on these things .

thanks to everyone reading this it means the word to me.

subscribe to motivate me to get this up before next Sunday and to find out what happens next, I told you this would get interesting soon ;)))))

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Have a good week, love you all,<3


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