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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

chapter 19

*Beths pov*

The crying had stopped but the time me and Mike got the the living room, instead stood a quietly sobbing Vic looking into the mirror above the fireplace. The bruising is showing fully now, relieving even more black and blue bruises, leaving his face a swollen mess.

Vic must have seen us in the mirror as he turned to look at us as another tear rolled down his face. His eyes moved from me to Mike, who walked over and lightly wrapped his arms around his big brother. I know when I'm not needed so I went into the kitchen to get Vic some pain relief. I filled a glass with water and popped tow tablets out of the packet. I would have walked out without another thought if a phone on the kitchen table didn't start manically vibrating. I put down what I was holding to get Vic's phone so he can call back whoever was ringing him, it was then I realized that no one was calling him they were all texts. They were titled with the name Him and his phone showed his number too. At first I thought it was a boyfriend however that idea was dismissed when I saw the start of the most recent messages.

Teach you to be a smart ass and run...

No doubt you'll set your pathetic brother on me again just as pathetic as yo...

You can run but you cant hid...

The last one made my blood boil.

You lonely dis-functional fuck die, no one likes you so do us a favor and kill yoursel...

Before I realized what I was doing I had dialed this dicks number and was calling him, I had a bit of a plan but we will see how this goes. It's a good thing he answered after only three rings

"Who's this?" The deep voice came at the end of the line

"It doesn't matter, I want to talk about Vic Fuentes"

"Where did you get this number?"

"It doesn't matter, I want to talk about Vic"

"Whatever the stupid fuck is accusing me of, I didn't do it-" I cut him off.

"I don't care what you did or didn't do, I'm calling you to tell you how shit you are at beating people up"

"And what would a little girl know about this, you should really stay out of this.." I interrupted him for the second time.

"Clearly more than you, I'm the one who cleaned him up and all you could do was break his nose."

"I could do worse sweety" Now hes cocky. Can you punch someone through a phone?

"Whatever, I didn't call to argue"

"Then why did you call?"

"I was going to offer you a hand, you clearly don't like Vic however he would stay away from you at all costs, he trusts me see, I could get him to go anywhere with me. But if all you want to do is break his nose maybe I'm not the right one to help, I was going to suggest something a little more... permanent, but like you said I am just a little girl and-"

It was his turn to interrupt me.

"Meet me at the park on Clarks Street at 6" Was all he said before hanging up.

Phase one complete.

*mikes pov*

After I went to calm my brother down, I looked up to see Beth was gone. She's probably gone to get tea, she's always drinking that stuff. I went to go and find her when Vic's voice stopped me.

"Are you going to find Beth?"

"Yeah, there something you need?"

"Could you ask if there is a top I could borrow? I can't look at myself like this"

"Here, have mine" I told him before taking my top off and giving it to him before going to find Beth.

I was about to walk straight in when I heard Beth on the phone, her voice sounded business like, like she was trying to close a deal. I couldn't hear actual words though.

"Clarks street, where the fuck is that?" I did here her mumble to herself, signalling that she was off the phone and I could go in.

She was sat on her phone at the kitchen table, probably giving me and Vic some time however there were some white pills and a glass of water sat on the table next to Vic's white Iphone. She looked up when she noticed me- with the height advantage she had to look right up, I smirked when her eyes stayed on my bare chest longer and needed, her face forming a friendly smile when she got to my face.

"See something you like?" I asked still smirking as I leaned against the door frame.

"Oh yeah" She said sarcastically grabbing the items off the table to take to Vic, "I find tattoos really hot" Her voice a little lower as she brushed past me, in my turn I had to clear my throat of the lump that had appeared out of nowhere before following her into the living room, where Vic was gulping down water like he hadn't drank in days.

~couple hours later~
*Beths pov*

Me and Mike were in the garden, Vic was asleep on the sofa, Mike was lazily leaning against a tree and I was trying to keep my eyes off his still bare chest. Wait, if Mike's been here longer than me he might know where the park I'm meeting mystery guy at.

"Hey Mike?"

He made more of a 'hmm' noise at the back of his throat.

"Do you know where the park is on Clarks Street is?"

"Yeah, the park connects Clarks Street and Clarks Drive, me and Vic live on Clarks Drive, I practically grew up in that park, why?"

"I said I'd meet someone there, then realized I have no clue where it is" I explained laughing.

"Well I could show you, when you meeting them?"

"About six"

"Well that's when we go home so you can come along and I'll show you, then erm well"

"Yes?" I laughed slightly at his awkwardness

"Well Vic told me your into good music and I was wandering erm.."

"Spit it out Mike"

"Do you want to come to band practice?"

"Will Vic be able to play?"

"Sure, It's only his pinky"

"Well, if your sure I'll meet my friend then some and see you?"

"Sounds like a plan" He smiled and closed his eyes

My eyes fell back on his body, long slightly muscular covered in permanent artwork, god knows how long I was sat there staring at his body.

"Stop staring" Mikes amused voice broke me out of the trance. I looked back up to his face, his eyes are still closed. "Do you really think tattoos are hot?" He asked me opening his eyes.

"Yeah, I don't know why, they just are. Why?"

"My girlfriend hates mine" He laughed


"Yeah! She even made me wear a long sleeved top when I met her parents, and I hate long sleeved things"

"Oh same, I cant imagine it especially in the heat"

"I about died I swear" He laughed

"I guess its lucky you don't have your neck done"

"She stopped me getting my neck done, threatened to dump me"

"Why don't you just dump her"

"She would be the creepy stalker type, and I cant be arsed with that"

"I can imagine" I looked at my phone. It read 4:30, shit, I have an hour to get ready for half five.

"I'm going to go and get ready, you leave about half five don't you?

"Yeah, have fun doing.. whatever your doing" He said closing his eyes again.

*Mikes pov*

About fifty minuets later me and Vic were waiting for Beth to bet her sexy little ass down the stairs. About ten small thuds and a bigger thud later, Beth was sat on the floor at my feet pulling on her black converse, giving me a brilliant view down her top. I raised my eyebrow and smirked at Vic who shook his head at me and laughed, he knows what I'm like.

When she stood I think we both had a moment of silence for how fucking gorgeous she is. She was wearing a grey vest top that was slightly tighter around her breasts however still hugged in all the right places, a pair of black rather tight skinny jeans which, we saw when she picked up a leather jacket up of the stairs had pink skeleton hand prints on the back pockets, making it look like they were touching her ass, damn I wish they were my hands. I was taken from my trance by someone clearing their throat. Beth was now stood at the door waiting for me and Vic to stop looking at there she was last stood, I get the feeling both me and Vic had a small blush on out tanned faces.

"See something you like?" She smirked, mimicking me from earlier.


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I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

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I really like this. I'm like captivated by the story, it's so cool!

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Please update

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