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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

Chapter 21

*Mikes pov*

To get to the park you follow through a few ally's, nothing confusing they're just there, always have been. The different ally's bought you out at different Areas of the park, the ally that bought you out closest to the park took you out near a wired game you play with a football, kicking it at different targets or something like that. I like it because it's the best place to get high as everything's really closed in, the target wall then the surrounding metal fencing so stop you loosing your ball if it goes to far.

Being as as the game is really close to the ally, sound travels down the ally. I was only half way down when I heard a couple having a pretty heated argument so decided to slow down. I was still early so I can wait until they are done so I can walk through without disturbing them or wait for one of them to storm off. The closer I got to the end of the ally the more I recognized one of the voices I've grown to know very well. Austin Carlile .

Hes probably got a new bitch already. The girl started talking again, I started to listen carefully, trying to recognize her voice.

"So" she started "You are the most pathetic excuse of a human being I have ever come across" where is that voice familiar from? I know I've heard that accent before I just know it.

There was no reply from Austin, instead she started talking again. "You know, I expected much more of Vic's attacker, ya know, more computer nerd and less six foot god knows what and looks like he would knife you if you looked at him wrong" Her British voice rang through the ally, wait British? I only know one British girl who knows Vic, it can't be her can it?

I've seen the girls Austin has dated, or more I've seen them after he's been drunk and angry. He has such a short temper and will take it out on anyone and everyone, how is she still talking? This is when I needed to see what was happening, and to say I was surprised would be an understatement.

Beth, this seventeen, 5'7 girl had Austin Carlile, the Austin Carlile, known for being a class A druggy, woman beater and douchebag on the Clark's estate pinned up against the hideously green background of the target wall by the neck, his face starting to go a slightly odd color it's not supposed to be. From where I was standing not only could I see the red scrapes on her bare shoulders where he probably knocked her over, but the muscle that was tensed in her arm. Remind me never to get in an arm wrestle with her. I could hear the choked sounds coming from his mouth as he tried to respond, this is why she isn't Beaten to a bloody pulp on the floor- she's been beating him into a bloody pulp. I have to get a photo of this I thought as I slipped my phone out of my jean pocket and snapping a quick picture however failing to get it back into my ridiculously tight pocket, resulting in my iPhone falling on the floor, making a pretty loud noise.

"Shit" I mumbled crouching down to pick it up as she looked over to where the once came from however not seeing me given my squatting on the floor. I did see her however, her face showed how angry she was, fire dancing her normally such calm innocent eyes. Austin had hit her in the face too by the looks of it, a small stream of blood coming from the right side of her bottom lip. Thank god she didn't see me.

However lucky I felt she didn't see me, I felt slightly guilty distracting her. When she turned she wasn't putting her whole attention into keeping sustain restrained, given the chance he tore her way out of her grip and quickly kicked her legs out from underneath her so suddenly she fell right down onto her lower back, she didn't stay there long however, quickly realizing what happened and copied him, Austin falling much heavier on his back leaving him slightly winded. She didn't give him any time either, crawling over to him and straddling him to repeatedly punch him in the face, breaking his nose after about four punches and his lip soon joining the stream of blood running south off his chin. Austin flipped them over before trying to do the same as she did to him, however due to her size, managing to slide out beneath him before he managed to get any punches in. I wanted to move in and help but my feet wouldn't move, I could only stand and watch as the couple fought, each of them bloody and panting. I never realized however they were now back on their feet, Beth ducking and lunging beneath Austen's ridged and inflexible legs, swiftly cutting her own skilled calculated kicks into places that weren't guarded and would cause him the most pain, even delivering him a couple to the face. This glory didn't last long as he took her leg and twisted it, causing he to yell and loose her balance, crashing to the floor. Austin didn't waste any time this time getting on top of her pinning her hands down with one of his hands and sitting on her legs, bringing back his right arm and slamming it right into her jaw. How did that not break?

I felt my phone vibrating against my leg, I pulled it out to see that it was my brother.

Big bro:
practice is in like ten mins, just letting you know before you forgot like last time:/ see you in ten bro:)

I rolled my eyes and looked back up expecting Beth to be in the same position, however she had him against the wall again, somehow managing to get out of his grip, once again she couldn't appreciate what she had done as he kicked her straight in the abdomen, leaving her stuttering back for a second before complete rage flashed through her face before doing something I never expected. She took three steps towards him before sending right foot straight into his face with no effort whatsoever, however her left foot landed in front of her right slightly to the left, then span cascading her right foot with much more force to the exact same spot in his jaw, causing him to fall backwards against the green wall. She walked up to him and grabbed his collar, speaking in a harsh angry whisper.

"If you ever, ever even think about hurting Vic in any way" She pulled his face slightly closer to her do he defiantly wouldn't miss what she had to say " I will, put you in a coma. Understand?" She asked him

"I-I'm not s-scared of you, l-little girl" He stuttered

"Your choice, mention my name to the right people and they will describe in words you would understand, that you don't want me on your back" I shuddered at the scarily confidant way she said that threat, that she might have really done some terrible things to some people I would rather not think about. I might ask Tony later, he's friends with some pretty rough guys I'm pretty sure are probably in gangs.

While I was pondering this Beth had let Austin sink to the floor where he looked like he was sleeping, she walked over to wherever she had taken her leather jacket off, squatting as if not to hurt her back to grab it off. I was so focused on her ass I actually didn't notice Austin get up with something in his hand. I couldn't make out what it was until it was pressed up against her neck, the last rays of sun reflecting off its surface. He whispered something in her ear however I couldn't hear what it was. I desperately wanted to go over there and finish him off like I said I would however my feet wouldn't move an inch anywhere, I could only stand and watch. And I wasn't disappointed. As soon as he had finished whispering, a sly, evil grin formed on Beth's usually friendly plump lips, before slamming her right elbow into his exposed rib-cage, leaving Austin staggering back groaning, she kicked the knife out of his hand before kicking him back into the wall and he effectively knocked himself out, his head snapping back at the sudden movement. She only then noticed that her actions caused a rather small nick just on her collar bone, she winced bringing her hand up to while away the small beads of blood forming there.

She grabbed her jacket and looked at the sleeping man, bleeding from his face and brushing probably forming under his clothes, she just heaved a heavy sigh rotating her shoulder blades, re arranged her hair and hooked her coat over her arm. Before walking straight into me in the mouth of the ally, sending the both of us crashing to the floor.

"M-Mike?" She asked looking up at me in utter shock.

Shit, it, I've got some explaining to do.


So this is finally up! Hope it's as good as you all hoped it would be.

If your reading this as soon as it is posted it is missing loads of capital letters but that is because it is easier to type up on an iPad then I edit it on my laptop so if it is really bad it won't be for too long as I know how frustrating it is to read something un-edited.

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and commented, I was smiling like a goon for about half an hour while writing this so I hope it really is all you hoped and if not tell me why below.

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see y'all Sunday/Monday for a new update. Hope you have had a good week and have a good rest of the week.:)


I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

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I really like this. I'm like captivated by the story, it's so cool!

piercingirisash piercingirisash

please update this!

Please update

that was a very interesting flashback ! i did not see that coming xD wow ... must be awkward for them at times

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