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They'll Never Take Us Alive

When I Thought He Was Mine

Sarahs P.O.V

It was my turn to drive, I guess I knew this was coming. I hate driving now that the world is overrun by the dead. Knocking them over always felt a little weird, like what if they smash the window. Everyone keeps telling me it's okay but I'm still uneasy about it.

"Hey, look" Marissa said pointing towards a mall. I slowed down slightly and looked. It was empty. The shutters were down and there wasn't any walkers around.

"There could be supplies in there and gas" Jaime spoke up.

"Yeah, that's a good point" Tony said.

"What if there are walkers inside there?" Marissa said frantically.

I turned to her and smiled. "We'll deal with it". I turned the car and drove down towards the mall. Everyone went silent again. "Let's do this" I whispered.

I parked the car and we all gathered our weapons together. We slowly opened our doors and walked towards the shutters. "There's gotta be a way inside" Vic spoke up. I looked around and seen a door.

"There" I pointed. We walked over to it and Vic prized it open with his crowbar. It opened with ease and we all stepped inside. I turned on my flashlight and went to the front of the group. We passed through the dark corridors. Luckily there were no walkers inside. Once we got to the opening into the mall it was empty. Not a walker in site. The first floor was completely dead, not a single movement in sight.

"Looks like we hit the jackpot" Tony grinned. I looked around and agreed.

"Keep an eye on everything around you. They could be gathered in stores" Vic warned.

I walked off and broke into a hot topic. It was always my favourite store to go to. I looked around and there was no walkers inside so I began to look through the clothes. There were a lot of bandshirts and jeans. I picked up a bag and filled it with some shirts and pants. I stopped when I came across Pierce The Veil shirts. I got an idea and looked for a pair of scissors. I cut the shirt into a tanktop and put it on.

After that I went to another few stores and ended up in a jewellery store. I picked up a diamond ring and sighed. "What are you doing?" I heard from behind me. I spun around holding the ring and came face to face with Vic.

"Um, I was uh" He laughed and looked at the shirt. "Oh yeah, took a trip to hot topic" I laughed.

"That's cute" He laughed. He walked up to me and took the ring out of my hand. "You want to get married?" He questioned.

"Are you asking me?" I laughed. He shook his head laughing.

"No, I mean you're looking at engagement rings" He laughed.

"I'm just curious. I always wondered if I'd ever get married but I guess not now" I laughed.

"Not offically" He suggested.

"True" I nodded.

Everything went silent and we looked at each other. The staring got intense and we began to move closer to each other. What the hell was I doing? Things were beginning to get exciting and I hoped he would kiss me. I don't know why. Our lips were almost touching when suddenly there was a loud crash and glass shattering. We both pulled away and picked up our weapons and ran out of the store. Tony, Mike, Marissa and Jaime all ran with us towards the sound. In the distance there was a girl lying on the ground of the mall, in glass with a walker going towards her.

"Shit" Vic mumbled.

He ran to her and killed the walker. We all ran up to them and he helped her up. She clung onto him for dear life. A part of me didn't like it. She had long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes.

"Thank you" She spoke with a slight southern accent. Oh great, she's from the south. He will instantly fall in love with her now.

"It's okay, are you hurt or biten?" He asked looking her over.

"No, it didn't get me" She said softly. She looked into Vics eyes and he stared into his. It made me want to barf.

"How long have you been here?" Vic asked.

"Since this all broke out" She whispered. "I work here and it was night time when it all happened. I stayed inside over night to fix up a lot of stock and uh yeah. I haven't left since" She explained looking at everyone.

"Oh shit" Tony mumbled.

"You haven't seen what it's like" Vic whispered softly. "Let's grab what we can and then leave. We might need to get another bigger car" He explained.

"There is a big car in the staff parking lot" This girl explained.

"Good, we'll use that" Vic nodded. "I'm Vic by the way. That's Tony, Marissa, Sarah, Jaime and Mike" He said pointing us all out.

"I'm Katy" She said sweetly. He walked her off and we all began to get things together.

"Okay, where is this car?" Vic asked.

"The staff parking lot is around the back. I can show you" Katy told us.

"Sure, okay. Me, Katy and Jaime will go and get the bigger car and the rest go to our car and drive it around to the back of the building okay?" Vic ordered.

"Okay" Mike said and dragged me away. I watched as Vic walked off with Katy and Jaime. Jealousy flowed through me and I shook Mike off me.

"Leave me alone" I mumbled and walked off ahead.

Once we got to the car I got inside and slammed the door shut. Mike got in the drivers seat and Tony and Marissa were in the back. "What's up with you?" Mike asked.

"Nothing" I mumbled.

"Uh clearly there is. Since Katy showed up you've been a little moody. Is someone jealous?" He asked with amusement in his voice.

"Shut up Mike" I moaned. We drove around and found the other car. There were a few zombies in the distance so we had the time to get our stuff from this car. We climbed out and picked up our stuff. Vic was sitting in the front seat with Katy next to him. Jaime was waiting outside the car to help us. I threw my bags into the trunk and climbed into the back of the car. Marissa sat next to me and smiled.

"Don't worry about it okay, she isn't as pretty as you" Marissa whispered. I looked at her and smiled.

"Thanks" I whispered.



Thanks, next update tomorrow :)
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I love this!
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Thank you, its hard to write zombie stuff but im glad you like it :)
Wow it's going great