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Kissing in Cars

To the moon and back

I told the guys when we got back to Tony's place that I was going to go get some close and some snacks before we settled down and ordered pizza. Jaime came with me because he needed clothes as well.
"So you and Tony seem to really like each other" Jaime nudged my arm as I drove
"Yeah I don't know why but when I am with him I seem to forget about the past and I am a lot happier" I beamed from ear to ear and I didn't care that I was blushing.
"Yeah I have noticed you being a lot happier" He finally spoke. We pulled into the drive way of our house and I immediatly noticed that there was an unfamiliar car parked in the driveway. I thought it was odd considering that our mother was at work and there was no one else really that could be home.
"Have you ever seen that car before?" I asked and Jaime shook his head.
"Maybe its aunt Jane coming for a visit" I shrugged my shoulders and opened the door to our house. It was dark and way to quiet.
"Ahh your home" I jumped back at the odd voice. I couldn't see who it was due to the darkness and Jaime was still getting stuff from the car.
"Who is here" I yelped
"Awe my baby doesn't even remember her own father now that is just a shame, shall I refresh your memory?" I tried to run I tried to get out but he was too fast he caught me and began ripping the clothes from my body. He was back and so was my fear of men. I was being pinned against the wall and my shorts were being ripped from my body. I was tring to fight back but his grip on me was too strong, I felt sharp pain in my face to reveal that he had punched me.
"Your stronger than i remember" He chuckled and I spat in his face. I wish jaime was here but he had to have his headphones in when I needed him most. He forced himself inside of me and I yelled out in pain.
"HELP SOMEBODY PLEASE!!! JAIME HELP ME P-PLEASE" I yelled at the man I knew as my father forced himself in and out of me.
"No one is going to help you, Your a whore and you deserve to be treated like one. no one loves you, you are a worthless piece of shit." He said breathlessly. he kept hitting me and I gave up I didnt feel like fighting anymore I believed his words. i am worthless and no one loves me. The last thing I remeber is his fist hitting my face and then the blackness overtook me.
I wanted so badly to wake up in heaven and have everything in my life be gone i wanted to be dead. I tried to open my eyes but my lids were so heavy I couldn't manage to get them open. I heard someone talking.
"Elli please wake up, please please, I love you. You mean the world to me I can see myself marrying you and having a child with you please wake up you are my only reason to live with out you I am nothing" It was Tony. Tony said he loved me. Suddenly my eyelids werent heavy any more and they fluttered open.
I saw Tony with his head in his hands sobbing.
"T-Tony" was all I could manage to say. His head shot up and he smiled/
"your awake" He sniffled
"I am awake because I heard what you said" He blushed
"Y-you did?" He asked
"Yes and Tony I love you too" He smiled and leaned in to kiss me but i flinched and retorted my head away
"Whats wrong did i do something wrong?" He asked as fresh tears rolled down his cheek
"n no its just not that I saw him again my fear of men is back and so it the anxiaty" I admitted
"Wait who is he?" Tony asked. I sighed and began to tell him about everything that my father has ever done to me.
"Before Jaime and i moved here we lived in San Francisco with my mom and dad, Every day after I came home from school from the time I was 7 up until I was 12 my dad would alway beat me and sexually abuse me. Multiple times a day he would take me to his bedroom and rape me. my mother couldn't do anything about it because my father had threatened her life and Jaime tried his hardest to get my dad to stop what he was doing to me but all my dad would do was beat him. After my father raped me Jaime would rock me to sleep and tell me that i would wish upon a star someday and everything would be okay. I never believed him until I started dating you. Tony you make me happy the day we started dating was the day that i had stopped cutting." I had tears running down my face.
"Why would someone do that to someone so beautiful" I shook my head not knowing how to answere.
"tony I am far from beautiful I am a broken mess. i am damaged goods no one is ever going to want me knowing that this has happened to me" I confessed
"Hey that is not true I still want you knowing that this has happened to you. Elli I love you and I am not going anywhere for a long time i am in this for the long run" I smiled
"I love you too" I let him kiss me.
"Can you get the rest of the guys and my mom please?" Tony shook his head and went to get them.
My mother came in first followed by the rest of the guys.
"Mom" My voice cracked as she hugged me.
"Baby I am so sorry that this had to happen to you again I am truley sorry" I sobbed into her shoulder.
"Its not your fault mom it really isn't any ones fault no ones fault exept for that poor excuse of a human being" I said this looking at Jaime who was feeling guilty that he didn't go into the house with me.
I motioned for Jaime to come and sit next to me.
"Jaime this is not your fault it is no ones fault but his okay there is nothing that you could have done to help so don't blame yourself okay?" Jaime was crying and this broke my heart. I motioned for people to leave my room so I could talk to Jaime alone.
"I just wished I would have came into the house with you, I could have stopped this from happening" I took his hands away from his face forcing him to look at me.
"no Jaime you couldn't have stopped him I couldn't have stopped him but all that matters is that I am here and I am okay I have only been asleep for a little while" He looked at me in disbeliefe
"No Elli Belly you have been in a coma for almost a week, Tony has never left your side neither have I but the point is that you are okay and that the low life is now in jail" i had been in a coma, for almost a week and Tony stayed with me for the whole time.
"Wha What almost a week what happened to me besides the obvious" I asked
"Your were raped and he hit you so many times he broke your eyesocket and some ribs. the doctor said that your ribs would be healed in about two weeks and its already been one so it wont be long" i didn't know what to say.
"I wanna see mike please go get mike I need to see him" mike was my best friend and I needed him. Jaime nodded and got mike. Within a few minutes mike walked in tear stained face and all.
"Hey how are you feeling?"
"Good but that could be becasue i am high as shit on pain meds" Mike chuckled.
"So the doctor said you can come home tomorrow" I was excited to get out of this shitty place and be home with the ones that I loved.
"hell fucking yes. We need to like hang out because i wanna get high as shit and drunk off my ass" Mike laughed
"There is the Elli that I have always known and yes we can do that when you get out of here" I smiled and Mike and i continued to talk. Tony came in to say that visiting hours were over and that they had to leave. Tony was allowed to stay with me because that is what he has odne for the past week. I love knowing that he cared so much for me and i cared for him the same in return. I loved this boy to the moon and back. I felt my eyelids grown heavy and the last thing I heard was Tony's soothing voice,
"Go to sleep I will be here when you wake up i love you to the moon and back"


Tell me what you think and sorry if there is spelling mistakes I wrote this late last night on google with out spellcheck but yeah comment and tell me what you think:P


I just posted the next chapter hope you like it :P
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