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Kissing in Cars


It has been a day since I got out of the hospital and the only thing that I can do is sit in this fucking house in bed all fucking day. Tony is with me everyday to help me with things. My mom lets him sleep over with me because she trusts him. I am starting to really 'frustrated' because he only sleeps in his boxers and he is really friggin sexy.
"Hey baby how are you feeling today?" Tony asked walking in to my room with some breakfast.
"Not to bad but I am starting to get really restless" He giggled and put the tray of food in front of me.
"You will be able to get up and moving around on monday" I frowned knowing that monday is three flipping days away. I finished my food about an hour later and just layed down staring at the ceiling.
"What are you thinking about Elli?" I sighed once again.
"you really wanna know what I am thinking about?" I said truthfully making myself blush in the process.
"Yes I always wanna know what you are thinking about" I giggled to myself thinking about how stupid this would sound coming out of my mouth.
"Well first off you sleep in just your boxers" i say and he just huffs.
"Is that a bad thing?" he asks and I shake my head.
"No its sexy as fuck its just making me really sexually frustrated" He wiggled his eyebrows at me as he sat up.
"Oh I see what your problem is Elli wants to fuck me haha haha haha " He mocked. right about now I am really glad that my family isn't home.
"Yea I do and so I need you to help me" I blushed
"I am not risking hurting you" I sighed
"You wont hurt me if you do all the work" i laughed taking his hand and placing it on my thigh. I think he got the point after a few seconds.
"I see what you want me to do " He kissed me passionatly making his way to the edge of my panties. As he pleasured me my breath grew heavier.
"Oh my god this is amazing don't stop" I threw my head back against the pillow as Tony laughed.
"Hey guys i brought Mike and Vic---- What the fuck" Jaime walked in with Mike and Vic behind him. Tony immediatly pulled his hand away from me.
"Don't you know how to knock?" I asked embarrassed as mike and vic seemed to be amused.
"Umm well your door was cracked and I didn't think that would happen when you were layed up in bed" Jaime laughed. I blushed and we all settled in and watched star wars together.


Sorry about this lame ass chapter this was just a filler. You guys should suggest something that you might want to see happen.


I just posted the next chapter hope you like it :P
Shiiieeeett. Please update!<33 I really like this fic. ^-^
HOLY SHIT OMFG updateeeeee I love this :p