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Kissing in Cars

I will get you back

I heard the front door open and close so i figured that this is a good time to talk to Elli.
"Hey Elli Belly can I talk to you for a minute?" She nodded and followed me into my room. I sat next to her and let out a sigh.
"What is Hime?" I looked at her once more before turning away.
"I just want to know tht when and if you decide to tke your relationship to the next level that you are being safe" She was giggling and that caught me off gaurd.
"Jaime yes I will make sure that when the time comes we are being safe and I don't want you to think that Tony is going to replace you because he wont okay your are still the only one who knows everything about my past and you re the only one who can help me feel better about my self I love you and don't forget it" i let a tear shed.
"That is all I wanted to know and now I feel better about this whole situation" She smile and hugged me.
"Hey get soem sleep we are all going to Tonys for a movie/ hangout day tomorrow" she said before leaving.
I woke up feeling refreshed and better about how Jaime felt about me and Tony. I got up and woke Jaime before getting changed. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=87227384).
I grabbed the keys to my car and waited for Jaime.
"Hey you actually wore your glasses for once" I smiled I wore my glasses because for one I am driving and two I can never see when I watch movies.
"Yeah I did haha get in or we will be late" I drove off in hopes to not hit any of the morning traffic.
Tony met us at the door as we drove into the driveway.
"Morning baby" He gave me a kiss before entering the house.
"Dude I may be okay with you dating my sister but that doesn't mean I am used to you eating her face" I hit Jaime on the arm.
"So when will the guys be here?" Jaime asked form the kitchen. I went on my way to the bathroom before any one else got here so I didn't miss the movie. I was fixing my hair when the door flew open, I jumped back and fell into the bathtub.
"oh shit I didn't know you were in here are you okay" It was Tony never knocking on the door.
"Yeah I am fine my head hurts tho" i laughed as he pulled me up into a big bear hug. I pulled him down into a kiss as I pinned him to the wall.
"You know how fucking sexy you are when you do that don't you" Tony smiled into the kiss
"Hmm well I have been known to be sexy but you my friend are a tease" I said as his hand trailed up my leg close to my center. I threw my head back without realizing I let out a moan.
"Shit Tone you can't do that my brother is downstairs I-I" my breath hitched as his fingers unbuttoned my shorts.
"What can't i do ?" He smiled
"Nothing just don't get us caught" I attached my lips to his
"too late now get out of the fucking bathroom I have to piss" Jaime was standing in the door way I jumped back off of Tony. I walked into the living room and sat down.
"Well that was fucking awkward" Tony said as he sat down next to me.
"Your telling me" I blushed
"Hey its okay he knows and he has to be aware that these things are going to be going on" I nodded as I rationalized with myself.
"Yeah your right but just wait I will get you back for this just wait until the movie starts and all the guys are here" I giggled as Tony threw his head back.
I had the best Idea, I was going to get Tony back and I was going to make it fun not only for me but for him as well.


Hey sorry this was a filler I am having a bit of writers block


I just posted the next chapter hope you like it :P
Shiiieeeett. Please update!<33 I really like this fic. ^-^
HOLY SHIT OMFG updateeeeee I love this :p