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Kissing in Cars

Trust me I am a Jedi

It had been three days since the kiss, three days since Tony confessed his feelings for me, three days since we had become official and most importantly three days since I had last cut. I feel happy when I am with Tony he makes life worth living. The only people who know about Me and Tony are Mike and Vic. Mike said he was happy that i am finally happy with someone who was happy to be with me. the only thing is that i am not ready to tell Jaime because I don't know how he is going to take it. you see Jaime is very protective of me due to how my father used to treat me and i am really not completly comfortable around guys. My dad used to abuse me physically and sexually. When I was 12 My mother had finally had enough and moved us from San Francisco to San Diago and my dad till this day has now idea where we dissapeared to. Jaime is the only reason I am still alive to this day. He has saved me countless times from killing myself. When I was 13 I started cutting and Jaime walked in and I broke down crying and he held me until I stopped and he finally told me that my life is to precious to be cut so short and I stopped for a while but relapsed and went back to cutting when I was 14.
I was tugged out of my day dream when my phone buzzed.
Hey babe you wanna go to the movies later?

I smiled and replied with a yes. I hopped out of bed and got dressed seeing it was a school day and I had to go other wise my mother would kill me if I didn't.
"Hey Jaime its time to get ready for school you need to wake up bud" He smiled and pulled me down.
"Morning Elli Belly" I loved when he called me that it made me feel at ease.
"morning now get up we havve to go get ready for school" Jaime groaned and reluctantly got up.
I went to my room and pulled out something to wear. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=87163343)
I met Tony in the hall on the way to my first class. He look like he was ready to die when he saw me.
"Hey you okay?" I asked
"Yeah its just you look wow" I smiled giving him a small kiss.
"Hey look the metal heads found love at last" We were being mocked again by trish the head cheerleader.
"Just ignore her and she will stop" Tony held me back and we walked to our class. I had just about finished my homework when the class ended.
"Hey I will see you later" I said to Tony before meeting up with Vic for our nect class. I was sitting next to him in math when he brought up Tony and I.
"So what about you and Tony?" I blushed at the thought of him
"Yeah what about him?" I slyly replied
"You guys fucked yet?" I cringed only because I was taken back that he would ask that and the memorie of my dad came back to haunt me.
"For your info no, we have been dating for three days not three months" I chuckled and we went back to focusing on our work.
"hey so have you told Jaime yet?" I shook my head
"I am going to before this gets serious tho I don't want to hurt him by not telling him. Vic nodded and the rest of the day went by pretty fast.
I texted Jaime telling him I was going out and that I wasn't sure what time I would be back. He didn't ask any questions which was odd because he usually liked to know who I was with and where I was going.
"Hey baby what movie do you wanna go see?" Tony asked as I hopped in the passanger seat of his car.
"Umm how about we just go to your house and watch star wars ?" I chuckled because we are both really big star wars nerds.
"Damn you are my kind of girl" He chuckled and started the car
"Tone you know I love star wars we have been friends since we were 12"
"Right I guess its just better when we are together" I raised an eyebrow in a seductive manner
"Oh it does huh?" I laughed and we arrived at his house minutes later.
"Hey I am going to go but something comfortable on I will be right back" Tony nodded and started searching for the movie.
I went into his room to change and put on (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=87165143).
"SHhhhhhh I love this part" I giggled as Tony tickled me.
"But I wanna kiss you" he pouted and I gave in kissing him with passion. I tugged at his braid as I was being pulled onto his lap. The kiss was deppend until the door opened. I quickly hopped off of Tony and back to my spot on the couch.
"Haha I knew you two would be watching star wars seeing as it is the star wars annaversary" It was Jaime. I am so glad he didn't see.
"Yes thats why we are watching star wars and you are interrupting" I laughed awkwardly. Jaime sat down next to me.
"Yeah well I need to talk to you guys so yeah" I looked at Tony and he nodded.
"No Jaime we need to talk to you before you say anything and I dont want you to get mad but-" I was cut off.
"hey I'm not mad I know about you and tony I see the way you guys look at each other I just wanna say though, Tony if youhurt her in anyway your balls will be cut off. " Tony laughed awkawardly and I looked in amazment.
"H-how did you find out?" I shifted in my seat.
"I saw you two holding hands in the hallway at school"
"Oh I was going to tell you I just wanted to wait a bit longer you know?" Jaime nodded
"Does he make you happy?" I nodded and smiled I bent over to whisper in Jaimes ear
"I haven't cut since we started dating" Jaime smiled bigger.
"That is great I just don't want you to ever start again please" I nodded
"Well I think it is time for me to go, Elli don't stay out too later mom thinks you are actually at the movies so yeah" Jaime left and I burst out laughing when I heard the door slam.
"Whats so funny ?" Tony asked while he pulled me back into his lap
"you were so fucking scared" Tony blushed adn then I kissed him.
"I wasn't scared just a bit caught off gaurd" I pushe dhim back onto the couch running my fingers through his hair. I was unnaware that I was grinding my hips on his until he let out a moan.
"Oopsy" I giggled
"What?" I looked down and Tony's eyes followed and he blushed a deep red
"Awe don't be embarrased I think it's hot" Kissing him once more I deepend the kiss teasing him more and more making him moan. i knew he was getting frustrated when he reached to pull my shirt up.
"Uh uh not tonight" He frowned
"Why not" I giggled at him for sounding like a child
"Because you it will happen soon" His face lit up and then he smirked
"yeah and what makes you so sure?" He asked
"Trust me I am a Jedi" I winked kissing him more

"Bye baby I will see you tomorrow since we don't have school we should all come over to my house and chill" Tony said as I kissed him goodbye.
"Sounds like a plane, oh and Tony?"
"Yeah?" he focused in on my words
"You may wanna fix your tent that you go set up" I laughed as he blushed
"Well if your werent suck a fucking tease" He laughed as he left.

I have the most amazing boy in my life and nothing could ruin that. He loves, star wars, cuddling and playing guitar.


This was a bad chapter but i am getting better so stay tuned haha


I just posted the next chapter hope you like it :P
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