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Kissing in Cars

I can see it in her eyes

I woke up wrapped in Tony's arms and I knew I had to wake him up in order for us to go to school on time. I know that Tony and I are going to get shit for having promise rings and being in school. No one knows the real us, they all see us as the 'punks', 'Metal Heads', or the 'stoner' kids. Last year Mike and I went into school and had food thrown at us because we are different than them because we don't wear preppy cloth and we stretch our ears and we don't listen to Justin bieber or rihanna. I proceeded to maybe wake Tony up in a way that every guy may or may not fantasize about. I climbed on top of him kissing his lips. I was hoping he would kiss back but he didn't so I started to grind my hips into his and kissing him. I continued to do this while talking to him trying to get him to wake up.
"Baby you have to get up we have school and if you don't go you mom is going be ape shit" Kissing him more I didn't plan on doing this but I managed to get myself turned on in the process. Finally Tony had begun to wake up.
"Do you wanna try to kill me?" he asked grabbing my hips. I kissed him again but this time more hungrily.
"Can we just-" He cut me off by putting his finger to my lips.
"No we can't we have to get ready but I can almost garuntee at lunch we can go out to eat and then we can in the car. I smiled doing things in the car were so exciting due to the fact that you can get caught at any moment.
"Okay I suppose I can wait until then but there is no promises on me not fantasizing about what I wanna do to that body of yours" Tony laughed as he got up. I went to get dressed for school wich I dreaded oh so much. this is what I wore (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=87976187). I felt confident in this plus I grabbed a shit ton of clothes last night. I walked into Tony's room to find him sitting on his bed.
"Fuck, you come into my room looking like this I don't think I will be able to wait for luch time" I giggled and went to sit on his lap.
"Oh well you have to wait because mike and vic texted and said they need a ride because they car shit the bed" I kissed his nose and walked down the stairs. I found his mother sitting in the kitchen drinking her coffee and looking out the window.
"Hey mum you okay ?" I asked, I always have called Tony's mom mum.
"Oh huh yeah just thinking that my boy finally found himself someone who loves him for who he is and I can see that he loves you more than life and itself" i blushed at her comment.
"Awe mommy I love Tony to the moon and back and I am not going anywhere for a long time" She smiled.
"I know that I just fear that the people at school that you and Tony tell me about all the time are going to be mean to you two" I hugged her real tight.
"Oh mum Tony and I know that they are just bullies who will mean nothing to us after highschool so we just shrug them off because we are happy together and that is all that matters" I hugged her once again and Tony came in.
"You ready babe we have to go get Mike and Vic" i nodded walking towards him to link hands.
We were driving to the Fuentes household when I grabbed his hand to look at his ring. I want nothing more than to be with this boy for the rest of time itself.
"i love you tone I just want high school to be over so I can finally be with you in our own house" He smiled
"That is what I want too but just think only one more month left and then we can get our own place, get married and we can maybe have kids one day" I smiled at the thought. i loved when he talked about our future.
"Tony?" I asked
"Yeah babe whats up?" He looked at me and then back at the road
"What if I don't wanna wait till after graduation to get married ?" He smiled
"It is totally up to you when and where you wanna get married" He was now beaming
"Can we get married next weekend in the back yard of the fuentes's?" I loved Mike and Vics backyard because their backyard was the ocean.
"I would love to when we get out of school today we will go talk to your mom and my mom about it and we can ask Vic when he gets in the car" I looked back out the window thinking about us. We got to Mike and Vics place.
"Hey mike hey Vic" Tony said as they got in causing the whole car to shake.
"Hey whats up you two love birds" Mike said while he was buckling himself in
"Umm We were wondering if we could use your backyard for the wedding ?" I asked knowing that Tony gets nervous asking for things.
"Yeah no problem when are you guys having it?" Vic asked
"Umm next weekend" Tony chimed in
"Fuck yes woot woot" Mike piped. We had it planned out already my mother would be the maid of honor and Jaime would be the best man and Mike and Vic would be the groomsmen.
"Hey what are you guys doing for lunch I thought we all could go out" Mike asked and me and Tony squirmed in our seats.
"Oh umm yeah I guess we could do that" Tony spoke up and i looked at him and gave him the look
"Wow why are you guys acting weird- Wait oh my god vic they were gunna fuck at lunch in this car eww I feel like I am sitting on sex" Mike said making everyone laugh.
"No just my cum" Tony laughed
"Eeew bro thats fucking gross" Vic hit Tony in the arm playfully
"no he is kidding its mine" Tony threw his head back laughing
"Oh cause that makes it so much better" Mike said sarcastically
"We are kidding and yeah maybe we were planning to do that at lunch but we can wait" I fessed up and every one laughed
"Oh look the metal heads have rings on, What did you do Tony knock her up?" ugh Whitney the head cheerleader thinks she is all that.
"No I didn't knock her up its a promise ring" Tony spitfuly said
"I knew it would always be the mexicans to get married in highschool" I had enough of her shit.
"Fuck you, you don't know what we go through everyday. you have no idea of what our homelife is like so why don't you shut the fuck up" I spat
"Awe whats the matter you miss being rapped by your daddy everyday huh?" How did she know that no one knows about that except for the guys and my brother and my mom. Tonys grip on my hand tightened.
"How the fuck do you know that and is that really any of your business?" Tony stepped in.
"Oh I know it because well I was at the hospital when Elli was being treated and I heard the doctor talking and she left her medical record open so I looked" I ripped my hand from Tony's to hit her but someone grabbed me.
"Awe look she does miss being rapped everyday you can see it in her eyes" I was being taunted for something that I had no control over. The person holding me back was mike. I ran into Tony's arms and sobbed violently.
"Tony I just wanna go home please take me home" he tightened the hug and carried me out of the school bridal style.
"What happened to Elli is she okay?" It was Jaime, He called me saying he wouldn't be in school today because he wasn't feeling good.
"No man Whitney found out about what your dad did to her and started making comments and that is when she cracked, so I took her here. she needs you right now" Tony hugged me one last time before leaving.
Jaime Carried me into my room and put me into bed. He was about to leave my room when I stopped him.
"Jaime?" i asked right before he left.
"Cuddle with me i need you"I asked
"Sure no problem" he got in next to me and put his arm around me. I spent the next 4 hours sobbing into his chest.


sorry for the crappy chapter.


I just posted the next chapter hope you like it :P
Shiiieeeett. Please update!<33 I really like this fic. ^-^
HOLY SHIT OMFG updateeeeee I love this :p