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Kissing in Cars

Hell for seven hours

Hey Im Elliana but I like to be refered to as Elli. I am 17 and I live with my brother Jaime and my mom. We live in the mexican community of San Diago California. I wouldn't say its boring because Jaime and I as well as our friends know how to throw an amazing party.

"Hey Elli its time to wake up for school we need to pick up Tony on the way." I groaned knowing today was monday and carpool day with Tony meaning I had to wake up and hour earlier. I hopped out of bed after Jaime left my room.
Stumbling over to my mirror something caught my eye, My blade. I hadn't put it away after I finished using it last night and I feared that Jaime might have seen it. I quickly pushed it from my mind and looked in the mirror. I looked like shit.
"Hey ready to go ?" I asked getting in the car next to Jaime.
"Yeah you look nice" I smiled looking down at what I was wearing (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=87137351).
"Thanks now if we don't leave we are going to be late for hell" Hime- Time smiled and off we went.
I smiled looking down at my tattoo that I had gotten for my 16 birthday with Jaime. It had a lot of sentimental value, just looking at the tattoo sometimes makes me feel better about myslef. My mom wasn't overjoyed about her kids and tattooed bodies but she said we could get them if it made us happy. I have four more but those are unnoticed.
"Earth to Elli" Tony was snapping his fingers infront of my face. Oh how this boy made me blush.
"Oh fuck, sorry " I laughed it off.
"Tony and I were talking about a movie night at the fuentes brothers house tonight you in?" I nodded and went back to thinking.

Tony P.O.V

This girl. Damn she was something else. She was beautiful and genuin. She would tell you straight up what was on her mind and she didn't take shit from anyone. i haved liked Elli for a while but haven't told her my feelings for her in fear that Jaime might get mad or something, but maybe I should tell her before its too late.
"We are finally in hell for seven hours" I laughed at Jaime
"Oh relax its our last year and then we can do what ever the fuck we want" Elli Chimed in. I hopped out of the car and went to my first class, I had it with Elli and so we sat with each other due to that fact that we weren't very well liked by people at our school. We were the outcasts, Punks, Metal heads. No one knew the real us.


sorry it was really bad this is my first story so be kind and I am open to suggestions
thank you


I just posted the next chapter hope you like it :P
Shiiieeeett. Please update!<33 I really like this fic. ^-^
HOLY SHIT OMFG updateeeeee I love this :p