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Kissing in Cars

Lets get out of here

"Hey Mike what's up?" I asked walking to my next class.
"Nothing, to be honest I am thinking about skipping the rest of the day since we only have one class left you in?" I nodded and bumped into the head cheerleader of the school,
"Watch where you are going punk" I whipped my head around in anger.
"Listen you have no idea who I am, you don't know anything about me or any of my friends." She laughed
"I know that you are a bunch of scummy mexicans" I had, had enough with her shit.
"I am sick and tired of you and all of your bitches" I punched her in the face knocking her out in one punch. I walked away knowing that I would get introuble.
"Nice hit dude" I highfived mike and kept walking, when I head my name over the intercom.
"Fuck my life, I really had a right to hit her" I said walking into the office. I sat down with the principle and went through all of the consiquences just like I did before.
About 15 minutes later I walked out of the office with a smile on my face.
"Aww shit teachers here are so fucking fake" I laughed and met up with mike.
"So did you get into any trouble because you know HI-Me would get pissed that being the fifth time this month" I shook my head
"Nahh payed him 50 bucks and he let me go" Mike and I walked out of the school and got into his car.
"So mom and pop home tonight?"
"Nope they are out of town for a month on some business shit" I nodded and we arrived at his house about 5 minutes later. We walked up to mikes room and I sat on his bed waiting for him to pull out the stash.
"You know Jaime is gunna kill you right?" Mike raised his eyebrow at me and smiled
"Yeah and since when had Jaime stopped me from this ?" mike laughed as he handed me a blunt. I lit it and inhaled the smoke.
I was completely baked about an hour later. shit I thought to myself.Jaime and the guys are meeting me and mike here for a movie night.
"Uh mike?" I bit my lip, Its my nervous tick
"Yeah?" He replied
"The guys will be here soon and they will notice that something is going on due to the smell of pot in here" I laughed even though it wasn't funny.
"Fuck yeah your right but I know how to fix it i just have to spray the room and stuff" I nodded and walked down to the living room to make it more movie comfy and I made some popcorn.
I pulled out my phone and I notice I had 3 text messages
Hey Elli I missed you in last class you should have told me you were ditching I would have come with yew :P

I smiled at the cute text but the smile was replace with worry.
Elli were in hell are you? I was waiting for you in the car what the hell?

I knew I was going to get chewed out with this one so I just texted Jaime back saying that Mike and I ditched and went to get some ice cream. Jaime texted back and he didn't seem to be mad or anything so I shrugged it off.
"Hey Vic just called and said every one will be here in 10" Mike called from the living room.
"Kay" Within minutes rowdy boys ran into the house.
"Hey I missed you last class you should have told me you were ditching we could have done something fun" Tony seemed to be a bit saddened at the fact I wasn't in the last class. I thought it was cute. If you haden't noticed I have a crush on Tony.

"Hey why don't we all play a game?" Vic asked and we all nodded in agreement.
"What game?" Jaime chimed in.
"how about truth or dare with a twist?" Mike spoke up and we all knew what that meant. BEER!
"Hell fucking yeah" We all shouted in unicin


Any suggestions? What do you think so far?


I just posted the next chapter hope you like it :P
Shiiieeeett. Please update!<33 I really like this fic. ^-^
HOLY SHIT OMFG updateeeeee I love this :p