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Power of Love

Five Minutes

'I need to see you right now, can you meet me? This can't wait.'

Tony looked stared at Melodee's phone screen in front of him. He read the message again and felt himself fill up with anger as he recognized the number at the top of the screen. He looked over his shoulder to see his sleeping wife before turning back at the phone and responding to the messenger.

He waited a couple of minutes before the phone vibrated in his hands again with the address. He got up from the bed carefully so he wouldn't wake up Mel and went straight into their walk in closet. He slid the phone into the pocket of his basketball shorts and grabbed the first shirt he found and quickly put it on. Tony slipped on his vans and put on his glasses and was about to walk out of the closet when he spotted something by the door. It was his safe box and he knew what laid inside it and as he stared at it he felt it taunting him to open it and take whatever was inside. He rummaged with the box for a few minutes before he finally got out and walked over to his bedside. He stared at his wife and he felt his heartache as he remembered the message from a few moments ago. He shook his head knowing it wasn't true and placed a kiss on Melodee's temple before running out of the house and heading downstairs. Once he reached the living room he spotted Jaime in a deep sleep on his couch and made his way to him. He stepped around the infaltable mattress where Jess and their kids slept and shook Jaime's shoulder to wake him up.
"Jaime wake up, I need your help." Tony whispered and shook his arm again. Within minutes Jaime lifted his head and stared at Tony in confusion.
"What's going on Tone?"
"I need you to come with me."
"Where are you going?"
"I just need you to come. I'll tell you in the car." Tony went to grab his keys and made his way to the garage. Jaime let out a sigh and sat up and grabbed his shoes besides the couch. He quickly slipped them on and made his way to where he saw Tony go. He stepped inside the garage and found Tony already behind the wheel in his car and the garage door open. Once he slid into the passenger seat Tony backed out of the garage and drove away without saying a word.

"So mind telling me what we are doing at two in the morning?" Jaime asked in between a yawn. Tony gripped on the steering wheel not wanting to speak but knew that Jaime would be expecting some explanation and he owed him at least that. He let out a sigh and reached inside his short pockets and took out the phone before handing it over to Jaime.

"Why do you have Mel's phone?" He asked as soon as he recognized the phone case.
"Turn it on." Tony told him, not taking his eyes off the road. Jaime did what he was told and was brought straight to a previously opened message. He scrolled through the messages and read through them before turning to look at Tony.
"What's this?"
"Messages from Stephen."He said in disgust.
"Wait the Stephen?! What does that asshole want?"
"I don't know that's why I'm going to meet him. I need to put an end to this." The two sat in silence as they continued the drive. Jaime couldn't help but wonder what was going through Tony's mind but he knew it was eating him alive just to see that someone was trying to take away the love of his life. He didn't know what he wanted him to do in this but he knew that Tony needed him for support and he would do that and make sure that nothing bad happened between Tony and Mel.

Within minutes Tony brought the car to a stop and turned it off. He retrieved the phone from Jaime and texted Stephen. 'I'm here.' Tony looked out his window and looked around at the empty neighborhood.
Go to the side of the house. I'll be in the back.'

"I'll be back in a little. If I don't come back in five minutes come for me. I have a bad feeling about this..."
"And you want me to stay here?? What if something happens Tony?" Jaime asked as he saw him step out of the car.
"I'll be fine. Five minutes." Jaime nodded at him knowing he didn't have a choice and watched him walk across the street as the street light flickered.

Tony got on the curb and walked besides the car parked on the driveway as he made his way to the side of the house. He rounded the corner and found Stephen standing there with his hands in his pockets as he stared at the floor. Stephen heard footsteps approaching and looked up to see Tony standing in front of him instead of Melodee like he expected.
"Tony..what are you doing here?"
"I came to figure out why you keep on hassling my wife. You need to back off and leave her alone, what you two had was in the past and it has been long gone."
"I understand your concerns but I can't back off. Not just yet-"
Tony felt his furry fill him as he heard Stephen speak and stepped up to him. He wasn't going to leave until he changed his mind and by the look on Stephen's face he knew he wasn't going down without a fight.

Jaime looked around him as he sat impatiently in the car waiting for Tony to show up. He looked down at the time for the fourth time already and noticed that Tony was taking longer then he expected.
"He'll show up right now and we can get out of here." Jaime said out loud but the more he tried to convince himself the more worried he got. He felt the same bad feeling that Tony had mentioned and he felt his mind going crazy as it created various scenarios. He checked the time one more time and this time decided to go and check on Tony. He opened the car door and was half way out when he heard a gunshot close by. Jaime ducked in his seat and covered himself not knowing where it was coming from then pushed himself out as quick as he could.
"TONY!" He yelled out as he ran across the street and towards the side of the house in search for his friend. He was about to yell once more when he saw Tony approaching him in a hurry. Tony grabbed Jaime's arm and pulled him as they both ran out and back to the car. The two made it safely inside the car with their hearts pounding in their chest. Jaime turned to Tony as he fumbled with the keys in the ignition and noticed the red black stains of blood on his shirt.
"Tony what happened?" He asked as he finally put the car in drive and peeled out of the neighborhood. Tony remained quiet as he looked at the road and the rear view mirrors frantically.
"Tony pull over, what happened?" He asked again when he saw his hands were shaking.
"I can't Jaime!" He said as he sped up, feeling like he would be found at any minute.
"You can't be driving like this. Talk to me Tony!" Again he didn't answer as he sped through the dark street. "Why do you have blood on your shirt?" At the mention of his shirt Tony looked down and noticed the stains for the first time.
"Shit!" He said and started to take it off, making no move at slowing down the car as he brought the shirt over his head and threw it behind Jaime's seat. Jaime took a hold of the wheel as it swerved for a quick second. "You can't tell anyone about this. Not Jess, the guys or Mel. Promise me."
"Tone pull over." He said again sternly but was ignored once more.
"Promise me!"Tony pushed Jaime's hands away from the wheel and by doing so jerked the car off to the side.
"Ok,ok! I promise!" Jaime yelled as he feared what would happen next. "Watch out!" Jaime yelled out as they both saw something run across the road. Tony tried to slow down but at the speed he was going in knew he wasn't going to make it and tried to swerve out of the way. Time seemed to slow down as the car lifted off the road and tumbled to the side with the momentum. The guys rocked back and forth in their seats as the car moved and finally made contact with the floor once again.

Tony felt the pain all around him as his eyes slowly opened. He moved his eyes and saw the gravel right besides him as he hung backwards with only his seatbelt holding him. He looked besides him and saw Jaime passed out in his seat. Tony tried to move his hand to shake Jaime to see if he was ok but he didn't have the strength the move towards him, he then tried to call out his name but nothing would come out of his mouth. He noticed the cell phone laying by his face and he used all his strength to turn it on. As soon as the screen lit up he pressed the button that said emergency call and dialed 911.
"911 what's you're emergency?" The phone said but he couldn't speak. He swallowed the little saliva he had in his mouth and parted his lips just before getting close enough to the phone to be heard.


oh my damn this is so intense, please update soon <3
chelsearae113 chelsearae113
Can't wait 'til the next update!! C=