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Give Me Therapy

Chapter 12

I woke up every morning remembering what Tony had said. He wanted me to cheat on the man I'm in love with for him?! No thank you. I rarely spoke all week and Brendon assumed it was the pregnancy. He was a trooper and didn't go to the studio just to tend to me.

It was Thursday morning and honestly I did not want to talk about Kellin today. I was so used to staying home and relaxing with Brendon I almost forgot he promised that our normal schedules would get back on track on Thursday.

Meaning he'd attend the studio while I went to therapy and did my normal day things. We took a cab together, going to my destination first. Brendon's warm hand laid on my inner thigh, his fingers twitching every once in a while.

The cab stopped and I exited with a kiss from Brendon and a twenty dollar bill. Sighing, I walked over to the building only to be pushed against the brick wall. "Have you thought about our little agreement?" Tony questions, his fingers trailing across my skin.

"There is no such thing as us." I state sharply. "Sure babe." He snickers, pushing me away a bit. And to think I had a small crush on him in the beginning.

I entered the building and sat across Agnes. She saw my mood and got straight to the point.


The paramedics forced me to wait in the waiting room while they worked on Kellin. His mother flew out to visit him and as soon as she arrived, his mother slapped me. "What have you done to my Kell Bell?!" She gasps in hysterics.

"Nothing!" I exclaim pushing her away roughly. "Getting him into drugs isn't nothing!" She argues. "You're a disgrace. You've killed my son. I can't believe a lowlife like you would ever get my Kellin." She growls.

"If anything you should be dead. In a ditch with foam running down your mouth." she whispers darkly. Just as she was about to speak more, the doctor came out. "Kellin is stable and asking for Maggie." He informs, smiling slightly.

His mother glared and followed me as I was escorted down the hall. I burst through the room and fell onto Kellin's body in hysterics. His arms immediately wrapped around me and he kissed my forehead. "I'm okay." He whispers. I cried my eyes out into his hair and kissed his bruised lips.

"Stay away from my son!" His mom cried out. "Mom?!" Kellin gasps. "Why would you run away?!" She whispers, hugging his torso tightly. Kellin and her talked until visiting hours were over. Kellin fought for me to stay and I laid in bed with him, my head resting on his head.

I didn't say a word, all I could think of was what his mother had said.

*End Flashback*

As soon as I got home, I crashed onto the couch and fell asleep on my phone. When I woke up again, it was three in the morning and I trudged to bed absolutely miserable. I thought therapy was supposed to help not constantly remind you that you almost killed your boyfriend for your needs and how he gave up on you.

Brendon wasn't home and I really needed him right now. I can't tell if my mood swings had to do with the baby but I hated it. I'm so emotional and I can't help it. Therapy and pregnancy don't mix well. I cried into my pillow and sobbed Brendon's name out.

I had texted Dallon before I fell asleep only to get a text from him just now.

Dallon: He'll be home soon. I just left so he should be leaving soon.

I had asked him when Brendon would come home. Sighing, I stumbled out of bed and sat on the counter, drinking a glass of water. "FUCK!" I screech, throwing the full glass at a cabinet causing it to shatter everywhere. "Make it stop." I whisper, sitting in the messy debris.

I sobbed into my palms and wiped my eyes messily. "Make it all stop. I'm tired." I plead out to no one. "I'M NOTHING!!" I suddenly screech, throwing another glass across the room and rolling around in the mess.

"MAKE IT STOP!!" I scream, throwing the glass everywhere and finally breaking down in sobs and tears. The sound of the front door being opened was heard and Brendon yelled things in worry that I didn't hear. He helped me up and I jumped into his arms in a hug.

"You're okay. It's okay. I'm here and I'm here for you." Brendon informs, plucking the small glass pieces and covering them with bandages. "I don't want to go to therapy anymore. I don't want to talk about Kellin. I want it to stop." I sob uncontrollably into his chest.

"You need this. It's almost over." He informs in a quiet voice and kisses me on the top of my head. He sweeped the debris up and finally helped me to bed. He climbed in with me and I remained sitting up in pure terror. He sat against the headboard and hugged me tightly.

"It's almost over." He whispers.


Very emotional but hope you enjoyed it. thoughts?? xo


I'm really happy Kellin was the surprise. She needed closure and to deal with him properly

Omg I was right!

BandSexual BandSexual

I have a suspicious feeling that the surprise is going to be Kellin

BandSexual BandSexual

I have a suspicious feeling that the surprise is going to be Kellin

BandSexual BandSexual

I'm surprised brendon didn't kill the bastard. And yes I can't wait for the therapy session