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Wish You Were Here

Can't Take my Eyes off of You

Vic's POV

I bounced up and down in the dressing room as I got myself amped up for the show that we were about to start in a few minutes. As I heard our intro start to play I heard the crowd out in the venue start to roar with excitement. I pounded my fist against Jaime's, our bassist then Tony the guitarist and last but not least with my brother Mike,our drummer. We hurried out of the dressing room and made our way straight to side stage as we waited for our signal to go on. I fixed my guitar on my shoulder and put in my in ears as the adrenaline started to rush through me. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and I quickly took it out and turned around before I turned on the screen.
New Message from Elove09
I felt my heart nearly pop out of my chest as I read the notification on my screen of the email I had just received. I took a quick glance over my shoulder and I noticed Mike not standing in the group anymore which meant he was already on his drum riser. I looked back at my phone and stared at the now dark screen as I longed to open up the email.
"Vic come on!" I heard Jaime say behind me and I quickly shoved my phone in my pocket and walked back to where they stood. I would have to wait till the show was over so I could see what was waiting for me in my inbox. I felt a tap on my shoulder from Matt, my guitar tech as my signal and I made my way to the center of the stage where I was greeted my hundreds of screaming fans.

"What's up San Diegooo?!"
As soon our set is over and the lights dim down we make our way off stage and head straight to the dressing room. I grab one of the hand towels and dry off my face before I drink nearly half of one of the water bottles handed to me. I pull out my phone from my pocket and look around me before I turn on the screen. I stare at the notification still on my screen and am so tempted to drag my finger across the screen and finally read it. I feel a hand on my shoulder, nearly making me jump and drop me phone as I slowly come back to reality.

"You ok?" Mike says as he grabs his extra shirt from the couch and changes into it.
"Are you going to change? Fans are already outside waiting on us." I give him a quick nod before I grab my crew neck and change into it. I look around the room and notice the guys all ready to go. I walk out of the dressing room and make my way to the back door of the venue. I move out of the crew's way as they start to load up our equipment and walk straight to the screaming fans as they wait by the small barricade. We all split up in our own sections as we start to take pictures and give our fans our autographs.
"I love you Vic!"
"I love you too!
"This was my first concert! It was awesome!"
"Aw thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it."

I continue to talk to fans and take pictures as I make my way through the crowd. I notice the venue security start to rush us and I hurry to get to as many fans as I could. I reach the last group of fans and I notice Jaime as he slowly starts to approach me as he makes his way through the fans. When he gets to me I feel him tap his elbow against my arm and I turn to look at him as he signals towards Mike where he was busy talking to some girl.

"How much do you want to bet that he's interested in her?" Jaime says and we both stop to look at him. I shake my head and draw my attention back to the fans in front of us. I wasn't surprised that Mike was talking to some girl the way he was, being newly single and all.

"Alright guys the band has to go now!"

The security guard announces and I get in a couple more pictures and autographs until we are rushed to the bus. I wave and say goodbye to the remainder of the fans and make my way to the bus before the security looses his patience with us. I get into the bus after Tony and greet our crew as I pass them on the way to my bunk. I open the curtain and grab my laptop from the mattress and head straight to the back lounge without saying a word. As soon as I reach the back I close the door behind me and sit on the sofa before opening up my laptop. I tap my fingers on the sides of the computer as my desktop appears and I wait for my inbox to load up. I scroll through the first few and spot the message from earlier and just as I go to open it the door in front of me opens up. I look up from my laptop screen and spot Mike with two girls at his side, the one from earlier and another that I had not seen.

"I brought you something." He brings one of the girls forward and signals for her to come to me. "This is Lucy."
I get up from my seat and give Mike a stern look since he knew I didn't like when he did that. Lucy stands still and looks back and forth from Mike and I as confusion washes over her. I turn to her and smile at her before looking back at Mike. She was cute, a petite girl with thick blonde ringletts that framed around her face and down her shoulders. She had a pair of doe blue eyes and a couple of tattoos scattered on her arms but like the other girls that Mike brought me, I wasn't interested.

"Girls can you give my brother and I a minute, I need to talk to him." Lucy nods reluctantly and hurries off to her friend. "It was nice meeting you." I say before I hear the door click shut.
"Now what's wrong with her Vic?" Mike says in disbelief.
"Mike I'm tired of you doing this, I told you I'm not interested."
"Yeah, yeah you want to settle down, I get it! But how do you expect to meet someone if you keep turning everyone away."
"The intention of those girls are not to settle down Mike and you know that."
"What's so wrong about having a little bit of fun."
"You have all the fun you want without me. I'm not looking for a hook up, I'm tired of that. I'm thirty years old for crying out loud!"
"Lucy looked nice, maybe you two don't have to hook up-"
"No Mike. Do I need to remind you what happened with Sara and Brianna? I don't want to go through all that again. I thought out of all people you would understand."
"I do, I'm just trying to cheer you up a little and help you out."
"I know you're trying but please all I ask is no more girls. You do whatever you want but don't count me in that."
"Ok, I'm sorry." He came up to me and patted my back before walking back to the door. "Are you going to stay back here?"
"Yeah I was just about to do something before you came in." He looks over at the laptop skeptically and raises an eyebrow as he draws his attention back to me. "Uh, alright then. I'll leave you to it." He opens the door and I spot the two girls once again waiting to see what was going to happen next. I wave at them and close the door once more before getting back to my laptop. I move the cursor around and scan the screen until I find the message again and finally open it up to read it. I look at the door expecting someone to come in any minute and interrupt once more but when no one comes I draw my attention back to the screen in front of me.
Hello once again! I'm messaging you minutes before I board my plane so I hope this loads properly and works when you recieve it.

I click on the attachment on the email and wait for it to download. As soon as it downloads a video pops up and I pause it before it could start and grab my headphones from one of the compartments besides me. I connect the headphones to the laptop and put them on just as I press play on the black screen. I feel my nerves get the best of me as I patiently wait for what's was coming next. I start to see movement as the camera moves and is placed in front of a face that I grew to know.


The girl on the screen waves and grins at the camera and I couldn't help but admire what I was seeing. She was beautiful and I was glad to finally put her voice and face together after talking these past couple of months.

'I'm a little nervous doing this, not going to lie but I wanted to give it a shot since we were never able to properly Skype.'

I see her blush a little as she shifts her weight where she stood in what looked like the airport bathroom.

'I just wanted to tell you that I got your package in the mail, just in time too and look-'

She moves the camera and lifts up her hoodie up a bit to reveal her shirt, my shirt to be exact that I had sent her along with other things.

'I wanted to wear it today as I get on this plane to kinda calm me down on this trip. I'm so scared since I've never been on a plane before but I know it will be a good trip so I'm trying to remain calm. Thank you so much for your letter by the way, I couldn't stop smiling after I read it. I think my everyone here probably thought something was wrong with me but I brought it with me so I can read it again later.'

I see the door to the bathroom open and someone pop their head in just as she turns around to face them. They converse for a minute before the person leaves and she draws her attention back at the camera.

'Looks like I have to go! I wish things were differently and I was flying over there instead but who knows maybe that time will come some time soon. Oh and before I forget, you should be having something coming your in the next couple of days. Ok, I really got to go this time. I'll talk to you later!

She blows a kiss to the camera and waves before the screen turns black again. I continue to stare at the screen after awhile as I play back the message in my head over and keep the picture of her in focus. I feel my cheeks start to hurt after while and catch myself still smiling at the screen. I exit the video and my emails and look for my webcam. I press the record button and look straight ahead as I start to smile again.
"Hi Emilia..."


omg i LOVE this
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Wut?! O.o
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This is so good! Update soon?