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Don't Let Me Jump, Don't Let Me Fall

Chapter 2

I woke up the next morning with someone banging on my door. It was probably Vic. I got up then headed for the door. I opened the door and saw Vic standing there.

“You weren’t awake?” He asked.

“Does it look like I was?” I asked before turning around, walking into the kitchen and looked through what little food I had in the fridge.

“Where is your food and drinks?” Vic asked.

“I’ve been busy with my two jobs and I’m hardly ever home. Just don’t need food.” I said. Vic frowned. I think he knew I was lying.

“Well you have three days off so let’s get go for some food, my treat.” Vic said pulling me into a hug.

“Let me go change real quick.” I said before walking into my room. I actually had more than three days off now. More like

“Hey Vic, how’s the weather? Is it shorts weather or what?” I asked.

“It’s kind of shorts weather.” Vic shouted. I nodded even though I knew he couldn’t see me. I walked into the kitchen when I was finished. I saw Vic looking through some of the papers on the table.

“Excuse you.” I said walking over to him and yanking the papers away from him.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were getting these letters, Amery? Who are they from?” Vic asked.

“It doesn’t fucking matter, Fuentes. When did you become so fucking nosey?” I asked. He glared at me.

“I’m not nosey. I was curious. What is going on, Amery?” Vic said.

“Can we just forget it, Vic. Just for today, please.” I said. He sighed then pulled me into a hug.

“Of course, want to call up the others to see if they want to hang out?” Vic asked. I nodded. I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Derek then called up Mike. I talked with Mike for a bit until we were walking out the door and I told him I’d see him in thirty minutes. My phone beeped letting me know that I had a text.

Are you sure, Amery? I don’t want to intrude. xxDerDer
meet us at Taco Bell. xxAmery Dawn

“Hey, I hope it’s cool that Derek is coming along. He has the day off and just broke up with his girlfriend.” I said. Vic shrugged as I notice Mike standing by the bench outside of Taco Bell. I hugged Mike then heard my phone beep. I looked at it, smiling.

I’ll be there in twenty minutes. xxDerDer

“Who’s texting you? A boyfriend, perhaps?” Mike asked. I looked up and saw that Tony and Jaime both had showed up and they were all staring atme.

“No, Derek is going to tag along with us, I guess.” Vic said. Mike looked at me.

“Derek is the one that tattooed me.” I said before Mike mentioned Drake. Mike nodded.

“Have you showed Vic your other tattoo’s?” Mike asked. I shook my head then pulled my bottom lip out and showed Vic.

“Oh shit, Amery. When did you get that?” Jaime asked.

“A couple of days after you guys left for Collide With the Sky tour.” I said.

“That’s so bad ass. Is it after the band or Of Mice & Men’s song?” Tony asked.

“Of Mice & Men.” I said before pulling my shirt up so they can see the tattoo on the base of my neck.

“Don’t Let Me Jump, Don’t Let Me Fall. That’s our song.” Vic mumbled. I turned around after adjusting my shirt back and nodded.

“You’re so great, Amery.” Vic said pulling me into a hug. I shrugged after we pulled away. I looked behind Vic and saw Derek walking our way.

“DerDer, is that you, boo?” I asked running up to him and tackling him into a hug.

“Would you be embarrassed if it wasn’t your DerDer?” Derek asked.

“Yes, very much but I could never mistake my DerDer.” I laughed. I heard someone clear their throat and I turned around and saw the others standing there.

“Derek, these are the guys. Guys, this is Derek.” I said.

“I’m Jaime.”
“I’m Tony.”

“You already know those two because they came into the shop yesterday.” I said hooking my arm through Vic’s arm and we walked into Taco Bell. I sat next to Vic on one side and Derek on my other side.

“Amery, do you remember when that one girl came into the shop and was telling Frank that Mitch had touched her inappropriately?” Derek asked.

“Yes, that bitch was crazy. We had to call the police and everything.” I laughed as I remember how bad Mitch was flipping out.

“That should have been Drake. I’ve known he’s done a few things at the shop that are wrong.” Derek said. I nodded.

“He better not touch Amery or that whole slit his fucking throat and throw him in the ocean will happen.” Mike said. Vic nudged me. I sighed then reminded myself that I was going to kill Mike later.

“When I first started there, he asked me out and I told him no and he had hated me ever since.” I said putting it more kindly then what I heard it yesterday.

“Drake is one of those guys that fuck and shuck.” Derek said. I nodded.

“Amery is one of the few that wasn’t sucked into his ways. That’s why she’s my girl.” Derek said pulling me into a sideways hug. I smiled.

“You are my homeboy, DerDer.” I laughed.

“How was tour, Jaime?” I asked after a while of awkwardness. Jaime looked up from what he was eating.

“It was fucking amazing. Sleeping With Sirens are always amazing to tour with.” Jaime said. I laughed.

“I’m sure they are. How’s Copeland? Did you see lots of her?” I asked looking at Vic.

“Yeah, Kellin brought her out for the first couple of dates of the tour. She’s possible the quite adorable baby ever.” Vic said.

“Until I have a baby then Copeland will be forgotten because my baby will be the cutest.” Mike said.

“Shut up, Michael. If you have a baby then hell has frozen over. We don’t need another Mike Fuentes running around here.” I laughed. Mike kicked me under the table as I was sitting across from him.

“It’s true and you know it.” I said.

“I think I’d make a wonderful father someday. Maybe it just might happen today. Wanna go have a quickie in the bathroom, Amery?” Mike asked wiggling his eyebrows at me. I rolled my eyes.

“Shut up, Mike.” I said. Today was only just getting started.


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