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High For This

"I choose you,"

The next day I woke up and took two aspirins for my killer headache that I had and then I took a shower to rid myself off of the strong smell of alcohol, weed and Tony. When I got out I quickly got dressed into something comfortable and made my way downstairs since I planned on using this day to just think over what I really wanted to do, which was be with Tony but I wasn't sure whether I was doing the right thing.

I sighed and made my way over to my couch when suddenly there was knocking at my door, a groan escaped my lips and my feet turned to make my way over to the front door, when I opened it I saw Vic standing there with a smile on his face and he quickly pulled me into his arms, hugging me tight and lovingly but my stomach turned and I wanted to puke because 1) I felt so guilty and 2) I hadn't eaten anything since the night before and my stomach wasn't feeling it.

"Weren't you going to call?" Vic asked laughing and walked inside.
"I was... I just wanted some time to relax, sorry I left without a word," I said as I followed him over to the couch were we sat and looked at each other.
"How'd you get home anyways?"
"I somehow managed to walk and not fall flat on my face," We laughed in unison.
"You could have waited inside the car,"
"The music was too loud, I woke up this morning with a raging headache too," I sighed.
"Are you better now?" He asked with concern.
"A little," I smiled.
"Okay, well, have you had breakfast yet?" He asked.

I looked at him and shook my head, without a word he stood to his feet, grabbed my hand and pulled me off of the couch and before I knew it we were in his car on our way to get breakfast at a coffee shop nearby that looked very cozy and adorable. We got there and he held my hand on our way in, some people turned to look at us and two girls started getting the giggles, which only meant one thing, they either thought that Vic was attractive or they were fans. Vic and I ordered our coffee and two pieces of chocolate banana cake and then took a seat on one of the tables outside.

Minutes into our breakfast, the two girls came along and asked him for a photograph, turned to me and asked me if I could take a photo of them with Vic and after that they thanked me and walked off happily into town. I smiled a little and then went back to my breakfast which I finished before Vic and ended up waiting for him to eat up for about seven minutes. I would glance at him every now and than and try to think of a good time that I'd tell him that I didn't see us going anywhere anymore and that we should really break up this time and this feeling of anxiousness I had for seeing Tony was eating me up inside as well.

"You're a fast eater, sometimes it bugs me," Vic laughed.
"You're a slow eater, it always bugs me, Victor," I chuckled and put my feet up on the chair next to me.
"What do you want to do today?"
"Ugh, I- There's actually something we need to talk about," I said wanting to get it over and done with.
"What about?"
"You want to get serious again?" He smiled but I shook my head.
"I don't really want anything anymore,"
"What do you mean?"
"Vic, I don't think things are heading anywhere between us anymore,"
"What? Are you breaking up with me again?"
"N- Yes, I think we've just grown too far apart over that time and after what you did-"
"I said I was sorry, Marina!" He raised his voice, angrily.
"I know but I just don't feel like we can ever be the same again after that,"
"Marina, I love you, don't do this-"
"I love you too, but, not like I did before,"
"But, this morning-"
"You caught me off guard, I'm sorry,"

Vic began to shake his head and suddenly got up and left me at the coffee shop by myself, I didn't bother say anything or try to keep him back because I knew I had done the right thing since I didn't feel as much regret as I thought I would have, but I did feel horrible, I knew that he still cared a lot for me -it seemed- and the look in his eyes when he walked away wasn't a good one. I sat at the coffee shop for a little while longer just letting what I had just done sink in and once it finally had, I walked back in the direction of my place but instead took a longer route and found myself in front of Tony's house.

As I walked up to his front door I kept thinking on what I should say to him or if I shouldn't say anything and speak with actions but that would be too quick. I sighed and knocked on his door, in a matter of seconds he opened it and the most adorable smile spread across his face.

"Can I come in?" I scratched the back of my head awkwardly.
"Yeah, hey," He smiled again and let me walk in.

I stepped foot inside and he pushed me away gently to close the door. A smile played on my lips and I looked up at him shyly, slowly I walked closer to him until we were inches apart.

"I broke up with Vic,"
"I choose you, Tony," I tiptoed and kissed him sweetly.
"I'm glad," He smiled and kissed me back.
"But, whatever we have now, Tone, we need to keep it a secret for a while,"
"Don't worry about what everyone thinks, Marina,"
"Please, Tony? Just for a little while,"
"Fine, alright, but you'll be with me now, right?"
"Yes," I grinned and his hands found their way to my waist, pulling me into him and I draped my arms around his chest.

Our lips met again and began to move in sync. I really liked kissing him, I liked the way his tongue fought against mine and I really liked the way that he held me as he lead me to the living room where we parted and we took a seat on his comfy, beige leather couch in front of a medium sized TV that was black in color.

"Marina," Tony turned to me.
"Yeah?" I smiled.
"I think I was out of line last night..." He sighed.
"No, you were right... About everything and besides, I couldn't be with Vic while having stronger feelings for you, Tone,"
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, you're the one I want," I smiled and leaned on his shoulder.

Tony smiled and laced his fingers with mine, I looked down at his hand and admired his tattoos as my eyes traveled up his arm and up to his face while with my spare hand I clutched onto his other hand and started giggling a little.

"How did you start liking me?" Tony curiously asked.
"It started in Las Vegas," I told him, "When did you start liking me?"
"I think it was in Las Vegas as well..." Tony laughed, "It's funny, because we both did something we couldn't do and Las Vegas is called sin city, get it?"
"Yeah," I laughed.
"I told myself I wouldn't like you but we kept spending time together and it just happened,"
"Me too... When I still lived with my parents and I was quite young, I remember my mother always telling me 'you don't choose who you fall in love with' and I never believed her until suddenly I started liking you and I did love Vic but I realize now that I was never actually in love with him-"
"Maybe I'll be the lucky one?"
"We'll see," I grinned and he kissed me.
I spent the night at Tony's house, we didn't do anything since we both felt like it would be too sudden and we wanted to wait a little while to see where things went with us being together as a couple before we did anything, so we just laid in bed in each other's arms and slept. When we woke up he made me bacon and eggs for breakfast, I tried helping but he wouldn't let me so I sat at the table and glared at him which made him laugh and shake his head.

"You're m'lady now, let me do simple things for you," Tony laughed as he placed the plate in front of me and took a seat next to me.
"I like helping though," I pouted.
"Well, it wasn't too hard... If I ever make a three course meal than yes, you can help,"
"You'll never make a three course meal, Tony," I poked his arm angrily and laughed.
"I'm full of surprises," Tony smirked.
"Really? Hmm, okay, tell me something I don't know about you than,"
"Okay, well, did you know I can solve a rubix cube pretty fast?"
"Nope, but that's impressive, tell me more!"
"I sing a little bit-"
"Can you sing something for me?" I asked him.
"What song?"
"Miss Murder,"
"Okay, hold up, I need background music," Tony laughed and got out his iPod from his pocket.

I watched as Tony looked for the song and when he pressed play and started singing I felt like I was melting, his voice was so beautiful and intoxicating which made me smile like an idiot. Tony stopped and asked me why I was smiling like that and I just kissed his cheek then started eating with that smile still plastered on my face.

"Did I tell you one of the things I like the most about you?" Tony said.
"Um, nope?" I looked up at him with a smile.
"That," He pointed at my smile.
"It's adorable," I giggled.
"I like yours a lot, too,"
"Killer smiles make soul mates," Tony laughed.
"Totally," I joked.
"What else do you like about me?" Tony smirked.
"Your eyes, hair, tattoos- I like everything about you and the fact that you're a little mysterious," I told him with a smile again.
"Well, that's cool, I like everything about you too," He said sweetly but I began to laugh, "Why are you laughing?"
"This is so cheesy!" I exclaimed, giggling.
"You're right," He widened his eyes and made a face, we laughed in unison and I grabbed his hand.

I played with his fingers on top of the table and he chuckled a little, it was adorable as it always was and I couldn't help but giggle again. Tony suddenly pulled his hand away and I stared at him confused, he looked angry and it worried me but before I knew it he had grabbed me out of the chair, put me over his shoulder and then laid me down on the couch, he slowly climbed over me and attacked my lips with butterfly kisses. I began to giggle again and he decided to kiss my entire face, I tried to push him off because the giggles quickly became a fit of laughter and I could hardly breath but Tony didn't take no for an answer and then his lips went back to mine but his kisses weren't sweet anymore, they were intense and his tongue entered my mouth.

"Don't worry-" Kiss, "All I want to do is-" Kiss, "Kiss you,"

So that's what we did until we were both completely breathless and so we laid on the couch watching TV for the remainder of the morning until we left his house to get lunch at Taco Bell which was a bit messy since all my filling kept falling out of my soft taco and Tony couldn't stop laughing at me, but it was nice to spend some more time with him before I had to go back home since I couldn't spend all day with him because he had to go to practice with the guys and I couldn't be there, not after breaking up with Vic and then appearing by Tony's side... It just wouldn't feel right so I decided not to go.

Tony dropped me off at my house and kissed me goodbye, then he quickly disappeared down the road. I felt really happy but also I felt guilty and pathetic, not towards Tony but towards Vic and even though I didn't actually cheat on him, ever. Moving on to Tony so quickly made me feel like that, but I didn't want to be away from Tony so I wasn't going to.


So, tell me what you think so far guys! :)


I love this story it's seriously the cutest!:D