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High For This

Finally, The Truth is Spoken

After that day when I forgave Vic, we were inseperable once again just like we had been before and I'd spend countless nights over at his house where we'd watch movies and just chill. He still hadn't spoken to me about his dad which I was waiting patiently for because I knew he needed to get it out of his chest, but I wasn't in any rush and wanted him to take his time, besides, I'd be by his side for a long time so maybe after another twenty years, he'd finally talk to me about it. I wasn't going anywhere, we both had all the time in the world for anything.

Today, though, I was back at my house alone because Vic went to visit some of his friends and I didn't want to be a burden so I let them have their guy time so that Vic could feel better too and forget a little about everything that had happened in a little over a month. While I was home, I decided to go out to do some grocery shopping because my fridge was quite empty.

I left the house and drove to the supermarket, when I parked the car I saw a familiar face getting out of their own car and took a deep breath. I hadn't spoken to Tony in about two weeks, he had tried calling me and sent me many texts but I wouldn't budge and no, it was not because I was angry at him because I wasn't, but because I wanted to know what I really felt and wanted to be one hundred and ten percent invested in Vic again and I couldn't do that if I was around Tony who had stolen a small amount of Vic's place in my heart from what I could tell.

I decided to just walk into the supermarket and not look at him but as I walked, he ran over to me and grabbed my arm, turning me around to face him and he looked a little sad which made my stomach turn. Tony stared me in the eyes and a low groan escaped his lips, I didn't know what he wanted but I knew that I wanted to get out of there because the beating of my heart had increased just by seeing him for the first time in a fortnight, so I tried to break free of his grasp but he didn't let me go and grabbed my other arm so it was harder for me to fight him off.

"Marina, I'm sorry about what I did to Vic," He apologized giving me a sad look.
"I'm not angry at you, Tony," I told him honestly.
"What? You're not?" Tony asked confused.
"Yeah, I'm not," At that point, Tony let go of me but I didn't run away.
"Than why have you been avoiding me for two weeks?"
"Did I do something wrong that I'm not aware of?"
"No, you've done nothing wrong it's just that... I- I'm back together with Vic and wanted to spend time with him," I said as I gazed into Tony's big brown eyes which now seemed darker than usual.
"You're back together with him?"
"I know what he did was wrong, and hurtful but we've been through so much, you know? I just think he deserves a second chance-" I tell him.
"He doesn't." Tony said, bluntly.
"That's not for you to decide..."
"You shouldn't be with him again after what he did, no matter if it was just a mistake, Marina,"
"Again, that's not for you to decide, Tony," I sighed.
"I'm just telling you... I don't want to see you hurt again,"
"Don't worry about me, Tony,"
"You're my friend, Marina, I will worry, okay?"

His words caught me by surprise and made my heart quiver, I didn't know if it was the 'I will worry' bit, or the 'you're my friend' bit. Tony gazed into my eyes and shook his head, he slowly reached out for my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine which made me widen my eyes and that all too familiar feeling to come back rushing to me like the first time that Vic had ever told me he loved me. I pulled away from his grasp quickly and without a second thought ran back to my car, I had forgotten all about my groceries and the fact that my actions could of made him curious but I pulled out of the parking space I was in and drove off, not home, but to a beach that was nearby.

I got out of my car and took off my shoes, I carried them in my hands as I walked on the sand and looked for a secluded place behind some rocks to the east side so that if Tony happened to pass, or anyone else for that matter, they wouldn't see me. I just wanted to be alone in a beautiful place and think which I hadn't done much off since I kept pushing all my thoughts back.

I climbed over some large rocks and found a little spot of sand behind them, no one was around and it was a sort of cave which made me feel secure and hidden. I sat on the patch of sand and stared out at the blue water that was a couple of meters away from me while placing my converse shoes next to me on the sand. I sighed and took a little time to look around at the beautiful surroundings but then I looked back out at the body of water stretched in front of me and began to get deep in thought.

'What is it about Tony? What do I really feel for him? Does he feel it too? Of course not, I'm his friend's girlfriend... But, he's my boyfriend's friend and I feel like I'm starting to like him so I guess that isn't impossible. Wait- I- I do like Tony. I really do like Tony, he makes me feel so happy and forget about all my troubles, not to mention he's incredibly handsome and whenever he smiles I die a little inside, but, so do I when Vic smiles at me. I love Vic, I know that, I really do, but- Tony, I like him and I don't know what to do...'

I groaned and took a deep breath.

'How did I even fall for Tony? Maybe it was because he showed me he cared and was genuinely worried about me and wanted to make me feel better when Vic was off fucking some whore- Yes, that's it, but it also started when he first wiped the bit of ice cream that was on my lip away and when he smiled, he became my closest friend in such a short time, I started liking Tony because of all those things and not only did his attractiveness get the best of me but his personality intrigued me...'

I knew know that I did in fact, have feelings for Tony but I couldn't just leave Vic and move on to Tony after everything because 1) I didn't know if Tony even had feelings for me, 2) I did love Vic no matter what and 3) How could I leave Vic for his best friend? I couldn't. It was bad enough that I had strong feelings towards Tony already but to leave him and go off with his best friend right in front of his eyes was something I couldn't do.

The sun started setting and I stayed seated on the sand watching the beautiful colors illuminate the sky until it got dark and I climbed out of my secluded little cave and began to walk down the shore towards my car when a sudden thought washed over me that left me standing dead in my tracks.

'You don't love Vic because if you did, you wouldn't be feeling anything for Tony.'

And, I knew that was right the instant the little voice in my head said it to me, I sighed and turned on my heel to look out at the dark ocean and then up at the few stars that sort of illuminate the sky, but not quite. "What do I do?" I groaned up at them, expecting an answer but instead I got nothing but a few blinks as if they were mocking me for being so indecisive and stupid. I looked back out at the water and felt a breeze that was too cold for my liking, I turned around again and made my way to my car, slipped on my shoes and went back home.
Image "Hey baby," Vic said through the phone.
"Hi, Vic," I said
"Mike's throwing another party tomorrow, coming?"
"He is? Oh, um, sure, I'll go," I gulped knowing that Tony would definitely be there but I did want to go have fun.
"Great, I'll pick you up tomorrow at seven," I could hear him grin on the other end of the line.
"Okay, sounds good, bye, I love you,"
"I love you too,"

Saturday finally came and I got dressed in a very --to me-- casual outfit as I waited for Vic to arrive to pick me up. I stood outside my door at seven and waited patiently for his car, once I saw it I walked towards it and got in, we kissed, said hello to one another and drove off to Mike's place.

When we got there, there were already many people inside and outside. Music was blasting through several speakers set in different places around the front lawn and on the inside of the house. Vic and I walked hand-in-hand inside and went to meet Mike at the drinks table, as soon as we got there Mike handed us our first drinks for the night, some alcohol that was very strong and I still don't know the name of it because Mike never told me even though I asked many times.

More people began to arrive and as the hours passed, Vic and I drank more and more. We danced together on the dance floor and then some of our friends joined in with us, we had a brilliant time but somehow when I went back to get another drink someone grabbed my hand and dragged me away, at first I thought it was Vic so I went willingly but once that person took me inside a spare room, locked the door and the lights turned on I realized that I was completely wrong.

Tony pushed me against the wall and leaned in until our faces were only inches apart, his warm breath hit my red lips and I shivered under his gaze causing a slight smirk to spread across his attractive face. I gulped and tried my best to look away but he gently grabbed my jaw and made me look up at him as he sighed.

"We need to talk," He told me.
"Wha- What about?" I stuttered.
"You feel something for me, don't you?" He asked me and I grew flustered.
"What? No, of course not, don't be stupid, Tony!" I exclaimed all too defensively.
"Why did you run away when I held your hand like that in the parking lot? Why are you blushing right now? Why is it that the morning after you broke up with Vic, you almost kissed me?"
"Tony, I- I don't know what you're talking about,"
"Don't lie to me, I know you feel something for me,"
"The only one lying here is you... If you can't see that I only love Vic than you're only lying to yourself,"
"Stop it, Marina!" Tony groaned, startling me.
"So I proved you wrong?" I smirked a little wryly.
"No! I meant stop lying to me! It's obvious there's something there and I need to know for sure!"
"Because I like you, dammit!" He growled and smacked his lips against mine.

I stood frozen as our lips connected, stiller than a statue. I could feel all these sparks starting to ignite inside me. All I remember thinking was that I couldn't believe that he liked me back and that I was so happy that he did but all my thoughts were wiped away thanks to him and the power the alcohol had on me. All that mattered at the time was Tony and I, and so, I kissed him back for a brief second and then we broke apart.

"I'm right, aren't I?" Tony asked, smiling a little. I didn't bother to say anything because I feared to let those words out of my mouth, so I nodded and kissed him again very gently to let him know for sure, suddenly though, there was knocking at our door and my mind came back to me. I stared at Tony and shook my head several times.

'No, this is so wrong, I can't do this!' The little voice in my head exclaimed for me.

"Tony I- I can't go behind Vic's back, I'm sorry but nothing can happen," I whispered.
"But you have feelings for me, Marina-"
"I do but they aren't enough... I can't be with you, I'm with Vic and that's how it'll always be," After those words escaped my lips, I didn't believe them. Something happened when Tony kissed me and it was that he took an even bigger spot from Vic.

The knocking continued and so I swung open the door to reveal a drunken pair who rushed inside and I had to move to the side so that I wouldn't get tumbled over. Immediately, they began to make out and Tony and I hurried out of the room, closing the door on our way out. Tony grabbed my hand once again and turned me around so I was facing him and with a brief scan of the hallway we were in, he leaned in and kissed me passionately, sending shivers all down my spine but my senses quickly came back and I pushed him away.

"Tony, don't do this,"
"You deserve better than him. You deserve someone who will never hurt you, and that's me!"
"He's your best friend!" I hiss at him.
"And what? Just because of that I can't have you?"
"Yes, exactly because of that!"

Tony froze and glared at me before asking me the question that I had only recently figured out the answer to.

"Do you really love him?"
"Marina!" He shouted, startling me again.
"No, I don't..." I said truthfully, looking down at the ground.
"So leave him, you don't owe him anything, tragedies happen, he'll be fine-"
"How would it look to everyone if we got together? Huh? Has that ever crossed your mind?"
"Why the fuck would I care? As long as I have you I don't care about anything, you know, a few weeks ago it wasn't just you who was hurt, but you made me happier without even knowing,"+
"You mean a lot to me and I knew from the start I shouldn't like you but I do and now you like me back, I want you to be mine, I hate seeing you with him, it fucking hurts,"

I was hurting Tony. I was actually hurting him and I knew he wasn't talking bullshit, he truly meant it and I saw it in his big brown, beautiful eyes. I didn't know what to do, I knew I didn't care for Vic as much as I had before but how could I leave him for his best friend? I'd crush two people at the same time with choosing either of them. I wanted to be with Tony, I knew I did, but I couldn't do it with Vic's knowledge. Vic and I weren't going anywhere for much longer and I knew that too, it was a matter of time before he caught on about my feelings and it was best to tell him as soon as possible but I was drunk and I couldn't tell him than.

"Tony, give me time to think,"
"How long?"
"Give me two days, I- I think I know what I really want," And with that, I turned on my heel and ran away from him and out of the party.

I stumbled to my house, I wasn't sure how I actually got there but I did and when I got to my room I collapsed on my bed with the thought that Tony was my choice.


I love this story it's seriously the cutest!:D