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I Count Your Heartbeats Before You Sleep

Can We Create Something Beautiful

I woke up the next day to a ring.
"Hello?" I ask with a tired voice trying not to sound annoyed.
"Hey! Mel, it's Kimberly. Sorry if i woke you up, I was just thinking if you want to hang out?"
"Oh! hey nah it's okay, and yeah lets hang out, I want you to meet my best friend Tony." I say sitting up from my bed.
"Okay? later though it's still early." I finish off.
"Melodee it's eleven already." Kimberly laughed. I look at the clock from a distance and just saw blur, I stand up and walk near the clock and take a better look. She wasn't lying.
"Shoot! okay I'll call you when I'm ready. Get ready!" I reply after hanging up I jump into the shower.

Usually after I get out I change into my clothes but right now I was calling Tony to let him now if he wanted to meet Kimberly. I call Tony and he picks up after the 3 ring.
"what's up Melodee?" His voice was so perfect, but to bad he just thinks of me as his best friend. I know its not good to fall for your best friend but this guy is different, something about him always gets to me.
"Melodee? hello?" I snapped out of my thoughts, realizing I was still in the line.
" Sorry Tone! I was thinking. Sorry" I apologize once again.
" It's okay Mel what do you need? Are you okay?" He asked concerned.
"Yeah I'm fine i was just wondering if you'll like to hang out...I want you to meet someone special to me."
" Ooohh your boyfriend." He cooed and laughed.
"No, it's one of my old friends I found at Starbucks yesterday really." I reply with a slight laugh.
"Oh okay just tell me when your ready I'll come over."
"Okay bye Tony turtle!" I yelled into the phone which made him laugh.

After throwing on some clothes, I do my usual make-up. I curl my eye-lashes and put on some mascara to tone it up a bit.
I text Tony to let him know I'm ready. And few minutes later I text Kimberly letting her know we're coming soon. She replied minutes after: Great! pick me up at Starbucks to make it easier instead of searching for my place. okay see u soon (:
I reply and slip my phone into my back pocket.
Minutes later I hear the door bell. I grab my purse and run down stairs, I look for my keys before answering the door. Remembering where I left them last night I walk towards the cabinet and get them. I swung the door open to find a very shocked Tony. "Melodee.......You look very pretty." He stated.
"Tony stop your making me blush.. you look great too!" I blushed
"Lets' go pick up the home girl of yours." I laughed at his comment while I lock up my house and walk towards Tony's car.
"She said to wait for her here, don't be mad at me!" I reply enjoying Tony frustration, it's so cute when he gets mad or tired. "Whatever Mel.."
"Look here she comes!" I say which made Tony let out a sigh of relief.
I jump out of the car as Tony does the same and follows behind. When I reach Kimberly side I hug her.
"Tony this is Kimberly!" I say letting go of her. "Kimberly this is Tony the turtle." I add which made them both laugh, they shake hands.
"I've known this girl since sixth grade we got so close in eight grade but she left me!" I say and hug Tony getting under his arm. He rubs my back to comfort me, sending me chills down my spine.
"Mel I had to go and you know it!"
"I know I'm just playing around." We all laughed and got into Tony's car.

"So where to? should we introduce her to the guys?" Tony ask raising an eyebrow. We both turn to look at Kimberly. She glares at us in confusion but later nods " I want to meet your new friends Mel so yeah take me!" She explained excitedly
"Okay. Warning Mike may be high but he's still cool." We laugh as Tony drives down to Vic and Mike's place.

We all jump out of the car,and walk towards the front door of the house. I knock twice before someone pull the door open. Mama Fuentes. "Oh hello sweetie! Come in, come in!" We gladly walk in and greet Papa Fuentes who is sitting down on the couch with a guitar on his lap.
"Oh hello, we were just here teaching Jaime some guitar tricks I know, while we wait for Mike and Vic." He stated as Jaime peeks his head inside the living room hearing our voices with a strange look but then it fades away when he see's us he then walks towards us, and waves to us.
"We will see you later Mama and Papa Fuentes we're going to the garage and wait for Vic and Mike there." Jaime said walking to the back door and we followed behind. Whenever Vic and Mike wanted to hang around with their friends their room would always be small so they decided to make the garage a place where they can hang out or practice. The garage was pretty big, they had everything which made it seem like a small house.
"Jaime where's Mike and Vic?"Tony ask accepting the Coke he threw him. Jaime toss me one and later look at Kimberly she nodded and caught it with one hand.
"They went to get the new drums for Mike." Jaime replied glancing at Kimberly and then at me.
"Oh sorry Hime this is Kimberly an old friend of mines, she moved back here and I thought maybe you guys want to meet her after all she is going to the same school as us." Kimberly shakes Jaime hands and then glance at Mike who was coming in with his drum set in his hands. Tony and Jaime hurriedly walk towards Mike to help him. After settling it down Mike takes a sip from his water and looks over Tonys' shoulder.
"Mel who is this? well I know she is your old friend but what's her name?"
"Her name is Kimberly." Tony finish off.

Vic walks in a few minutes after," Hey guys what you-" He stop realizing it wasn't just us.
I look over at Kim who had her hand covering her mouth and looking at me.
"Vic this is-"
"Kimberly, My name is Kimberly." Kimberly finally spoke up.
"Oh nice to meet you Kimberly, I'm Vic." They look at each other and shake hands for a while.
" Vic let go of her already!" Mike said making us laugh.
"So you guys in a band?" She asks looking at the guys but mainly at Vic.
"Well we are barely starting..." Jaime reply's
"Why did you guys decide to start one?"
"Well our buds started one so we decided to start our own.." She nods
"On Monday you'll meet the rest of the guys..Kellin, Gabe, Jesse, Justin, and Jack have a band it's called Sleeping With Sirens they're awesome! you'll like them!" Jaime stated
"Hey don't forget about Austin's band!" Mike continued.
We laugh, I slip my phone out of my back pocket and text Kim.
'Kim I see you like Vic ;) He can't stop staring at you daaammn girl I see sparks between u two!;)'
I slip my phone back into my pocket and noticed Tony laughing at me.
"what?" I ask with a smirk.
"Nothing... nothing your so silly" He said pulling me into a side hug.
"well look at them, it's obvious they like each other." I say which caused the guys to turn and face us.
"Nice Mel you said it too loud!" I buried my face into Tony's neck to hide my burning face.
"Sorry Kim!" I apologize as I split my fingers a bit to be able to see Kimberly but no for her to see my whole face.
"Guys what do we do now?" Jaime whined.
"Let's go to the movies!" Vic suggests.
"Yes let's go there is a new movie and it sound pretty cool." Tony added.
"Alright but only if I can bring Elise too!"
"Yes Mike of course Elise can come she's awesome!" I say letting go of Tony but he quickly pulls me back in. Mike instantly pull his phone out of his jean pocket and dial Elise number.
"Hey babe! No wait yes! Well we're going to the movies. Want to come? No Elise. Yes of course I love you too, we will be there in ten minutes okay bye babe." Mike ended his phone call with slight laugh.
"Let's go." We dismissed our self from Mama and Papa Fuentes and headed to Elise house.

I sat in the back of the car with Kimberly and Vic. Tony and Jaime took the middle and Mike drove us.
"So...Kim how old are you?" Vic asked.
"Oh ermm seventeen and you?"
"I'm seventeen too, my birthday is almost here though." Vic chuckled. Kimberly laughs along with Vic, I decide to wink at Vic who later flip me off. I laugh as he pulls Kimberly into a side hug, she rest her head on his shoulder while he rest his on her head. It is cute how they like each other and act like a couple even if they hardly know each other.

We arrived at Elise place and Mike told us to wait in the car as he goes to get Elise. I wait until Mike isn't visible to see, and whisper in Kimberly's ear,
"Elise is a really awesome girl, she's fun and everything."
"Is she Mikes' girl friend?"
"Yeah she's really pretty!" I add.
"Turtle." I hear Kim call Tony, Tony slowly turns his head around.
"Hmm yeah?"
"Can I call you turtle?" Kim ask with a smirk.
"Sure. Everyone does." They both laugh at his comment.
Mike finally was walking our direction with Elise, they were holding hands, they swung them. He opened the door for her, as she was getting in Mike slapped her ass which made her jump and blush.
He made his way to the drivers seat, they both turn back putting their attention to us.
"Who is this? Vic's new girl?" We all laugh including Kimberly and Vic.
" No but they like each other and soon will be." Jaime joked.
"This is Kimberly,Elise she's an old friend of mines but moved back here and she's coming to our school." Vic suddenly jumped and look at Kim. He gave her a disbelief look, she nodded.

We arrived at the Theares, the boys offered to pay of course we had that little fight of who's paying but the guys won.
We picked out movie and walk inside, Mike and Elise sat in the back, Jaime, Tony, Vic, Kim and I sat in the not to close but not to far from the screen.

Half way through the movie Tony's phone rang he excused himself and walk out, I heard him yelling but I shuggred it off and continued watching the movie. Minutes later Tony walk towards us with a wide grin on his face, maybe it was from the phone call. He took a seat next to me and let out a happy sigh.
"What happened Tony?" I ask giggling as quiet as possible.
"Nothing Mel....nothing." He shuggred and pull me into a side hug. I really enjoy his company, I hope one day he realize how much I really care for him.


Omg this was so awesome please update soon! This is one of the best stories ever man!
Darling Darling
I would just like to point out that there was a typo that made me laugh my ass off! "...I grabbed his back hair..." OMFG THAT MADE MY DAY. XD
tony's plugs tony's plugs
Of course lol =)
Ashlynn202 Ashlynn202
this is the best story iv'e read so far <3333
Arcelia_Fuentes Arcelia_Fuentes
Aww! You're welcome! :D
tony's plugs tony's plugs