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I'v been up here so long i'm going crazy.

No more eyes to see the sun.

I had a dream last night of a dragon on a spaceship trying to tell me something as if it were telling me my name but it only said vi- I couldn't quit understand. I've had that dream for a while as if it meant something all well. my eyes widened I saw the bright daylight shining in both my eyes and I was able to function in a few seconds I sat up and started looking down to find my Ipod I picked it up and checked the time witch read 10:33 I slowly stood up and made my way to my wooden chair that my dad made me when I was five don't ask me where he went cause I don't know all i know is my sister my mom and my dad all went missing when I was six. "Vivian, come get your old grandma some juice!" I could her my grandmas faded voice through the thick heavy door. I jump up from my old wooden chair then switch into some jeans I first saw hanging out of my drawers, and then I grab a plane black t-shirt from my closet. I rushed down stairs to my grandma sitting on the couch watching reality t.v. "Oh, there you are the cat needs to be fed can you do that please?" She said with difficulty, grinning as she stared into my eyes for the last time.

I walk into the kitchen reaching for the caned cat food in the huge pantry. I walk towards our meowing cat in the corner of the room. Then I walk to the fridge pulling out eggs I set the eggs on the counter. I struggled to reached for the bread lying on top of the fridge I eventually grabbed it and slowly rested my heals back on the ground. I open the eggs and crack three in a pan and set it on the stove. I reached over for the bread and put it in the toaster I walked back to the eggs that are just about done so I switch the eggs to a plate that i made when I was five for my sister. "Vivian wheres my juice?" my grandma snapped so quietly it sounded like she was whispering. I pull the toast from the toaster and spread very little butter on it and put the toast back on the plate.

I walk back to the living room and handed the plate of eggs and toast to my Grandmother. "Oh thank you Vivian, but i would love a tall glass of juice to go with it." she said trying not to be to pushy but obviously was failing at that! "Okay Grandmother." I let out a long shrug. " I walk back in the kitchen as I open the fridge and grabbed the family size orange juice. but as i pulled it away from the fridge I dropped the juice and it spilled all over the floor I walk over the spilled juice and to the trash can to throw the empty juice away. I see the same juice at the top of the fridge I walk over and rise to the very tips of my toes and stretch as far as I can reach but I still couldn't grab it I reached the juice but my food slipped i was falling backwards and I let go of the juice and I ended up on the ground I open my eyes but all i could see in that split second the orange juice falling right in front of my eyes. And that's it I blacked out that is all I remembered till I woke up in the hospital at least I think I am awake.


Hello. This is my first fan fiction and I hope i'm doing it right. Pierce the veil will be in the next chapter this is just Vivian Rea Johnson's beging. Enjoy!


update please

DoOmKiTTy95 DoOmKiTTy95


Oh yay okay cool i'm sorry I need to update really bad ill start on it tonight I promise.

Yes I do it's really good :)

Laura Laura


Do you like my story?

Haven't updated in so long sorry so many things got in the way, but working on the new chapter today and hopefuly I'll get it done bye tonight.