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I'v been up here so long i'm going crazy.

Would sombody make me go blind for the rest of my life.

"V-vi Vic Vic" I quickly awaken terrified, I had that dream again but this time the dragon said the whole word Vic hm where have I heard that name before? Vic Fuentes that's right man I haven't listened to there songs in years, since a few years after my dad and family left me. I'm very frightened my eyes are wide open but I cant see! "I, I-!" I struggled to push the three words out of my mouth "I...cant see!" I started to have a panic attack like crazy, when the nurse came in the room. she tried to calm me down but it was failing to work. "Sh!" the doctor came in and told me where I was and what was happening. After a few minutes I started to breath again I was holding someones hand I look up but nothing but pure darkness. "Am I...blind?" I said holding back hundreds of tears. "Yes you are blind." The man holding my hand said with an indescribable shy quiet voice. "what happened?" I ask hesitantly. The hand slowly let go of mine and all I could hear was fading foot steps drifting farther and farther away. "W-wait d-don't go!" I screamed fearfully. the foot steps were gone and I still have no clue who that man was but I didn't care. The doctor came back in saying I was going to need surgery.

I woke up after surgery confused and a little scared, I could see out of my left eye but everything was still dark in my right eye. The doctor noticed my awakening and rushed in, he told my how it all went and that the injury to my right eye was to sever to fix. He put me to sleep every eight hours after that for the past six days. The seventh day I woke up with the nurse next to me. "Where...?" I said with out a clue what was going on, after a few minutes I was totally awake and aware of everything that was going on around me. Then the doctor came in and told me I was ready to go home.

I woke up to the phone ringing I could barely see but I manage to get my self out of bed and down the stars. I walk into the kitchen reaching for the phone hanging on the hook. "Hello?" I softly whisper in the phone still so tired from a long day in hospital. "Vic Fuentes." The voice also whispered in the phone and hung up. I put the phone back on the hook walking through the living room and up stars. "I wonder if that was Vic, NO I couldn't have been, Vic has a higher pitched voice." I softly whisper quietly so my grandmother doesn't wake up. I walk into the bathroom and turn on the light while reaching for the towel sitting on the sink. I turn the shower on and wait a few seconds for the water to get hot, I toss the towel on the toilet seat and step in the bath tub. I reach for the soap and I start to sing stained glass eyes, and colorful tears. after I was out the last bit of conditioner i turn the water of and step out of the bath, I grab the towel of the toilet seat and wrap it around me. I open the bathroom door and turn the lights off and walk to my bedroom. I pick up a pear of shorts and a long sleeved shirt with the words Yolo on it. I pick up my Ipod and walk out of my bedrooms I walk past the door when I here a knock at the door i turn around and open the door I look down but all i see is an envelope I pick it up and walk to the kitchen. "who was that Vivian." my grandma tried her hardest to yell so I could here her all the way from the second floor. "No one grandma." I yelled with a little frustration. I open the envelope and read the letter that reads,
Dear, Vivian
We thought that you would enjoy this gift because the first day we met you, you were such a big fan and you were so excited to be there so here is one ticket to spend a day with us Piece the veil.
And the letter went on saying to pack my things and where it was at and stuff. I pull out one ticket. I was so excited I let out a little scream and started to jump up and down. I ran up stars to my grandmas room and hugged her and gave the ticket to her so she could read it. "Whats this Vivian?" she asked with very much curiosity. "Oh good for you honey." she hugged me back.
"So I can go!?" I asked but I already knew the answer. "Well of course you can go for a day, you need to get out of the house for once!" She said very excitedly maybe even more than me. "Thank you so much!" I screamed. I ran back in my room grabbing a purse and I put in my Ipod, a water bottle, my wallet, and the key to the house. I put my purse on my table in front of the old wooden chair. I grabbed a clean pair of pajamas and threw them on I got in to bed around 7:30 but went to sleep around eight so I could get up early and catch the bus.


Hello. Sorry but pierce the veil will be in the next chapter. Enjoy!


update please

DoOmKiTTy95 DoOmKiTTy95


Oh yay okay cool i'm sorry I need to update really bad ill start on it tonight I promise.

Yes I do it's really good :)

Laura Laura


Do you like my story?

Haven't updated in so long sorry so many things got in the way, but working on the new chapter today and hopefuly I'll get it done bye tonight.