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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

chapter 5

*Beths pov*

Me and Vic sat around for most of the day just talking and getting to know each other – meaning me getting to know him as I don’t like people knowing too much about me. He’s got a younger brother who is the same age as me which is cool, he’s at the same school as me which I’m starting in like 2 weeks, shit the bed I need school stuff. I’ll go with Freddie when he goes, actually thinking of Freddie where is he?

“Where’s Freddie, I’ve not seen either of the brats this morning?”

“He got bored about an hour ago and went out to play with Anna”

“oh right, just wondering, stranger in the house and missing children got me worried ya know” as I elbowed him in the ribs slightly looking at the clock I realized it was 2 in the afternoon and its Freddie’s birthday tomorrow, shit. Vic looked at me as I got up from the sofa and took the empty cups and cans into the kitchen before I started to wash them up.

“What you up to today then?” he asked casually leaning on the counter

“Actually, I’ve got to go to the skate shop in the mall, its Freddie’s birthday tomorrow and I know he would love a board of his own. Plus, I need to get out of the house” the last time I had left the house was Monday when I went out with Freddie, yesterday was spent un packing and realizing how many things I had forgotten and the useless things id remembered.

It was now Wednesday, I can remember its only about 10 minutes away by board as it took us about 20 by foot. “plus I saw a hot topic, i might go and have a root round there, see if I see anything I need. You stuck here all day with the brats, or are you off soon?” I asked him

“I’m here till about 6 ish. So I’ll probably still be here when you get back”

“Sweet, anyway I’m going to go and get ready” I told him before walking back off upstairs to grab a shower.

Before heading off to the bathroom, I picked up my phone and turned the shower on, picked a random song before putting it on shuffle and started trying to get my hair into a shower cap. My afro-Caribbean hair doesn’t like being washed every day, as it gets greasy and it takes about an hour of washing. After I successfully got my hair into the cap, I stripped and got in. the Luke-warm water covering my body, I grabbed my shower gel and started to wash myself down, running my hands across my fat stomach and my tree trunk like legs, accompanied with so many angry red lines from yesterday, crossing over the semi-healed ones from Sunday. I’ve not told anyone- not even Harriet about how bad I’ve been since I got here. I missed my friends so bad, they were my family, I loved them with all my heart. I can’t think what Dan would do or day. I still remember the first time he saw my legs and they weren’t even that bad, maybe 5-10 on the top of my legs and he went into a state of shock, I remember he didn’t eat for like 5 days after he found out ‘family problems’ and he always made sure to make sure I was okay and told me he loved me on a daily basis – not a girlfriend love, just best friend love. God I miss him, all of them I miss so badly. I realized I wasn’t even washing myself anymore, just standing under the water staring at the floor, I decided I should get out, rinsing off any leftover soap, I grabbed my towel and got out, gathering my clothes off the floor, my phone and brushing my teeth before I left, I wrapped my towel around myself before I left to go into my room to dry myself and found some clothes to wear.

I decided on a low cut black doctor who top which said ‘wibbly wobbly timey wimy stuff’ it’s one of my favorite quotes from the tenth doctor and makes me giggle because people never know what it’s from or what it says. I paired it with my favorite blue acid wash ripped skinny jeans and my black hi-top converse. My hair took quite abit of doing, brushing my fringe down to cover most of my right eye and brushing my bangs forward to reach next to my left eye, I straightened it all down and parted the main body of hair at the back so it came forward reaching just underneath my collarbones. My make-up took about 15 minutes as I don’t wear foundation. I put concealer under my tired eyes, some scars where I picked spots on my face so bad they scared and on my nose to make sure the powder sticks properly. Next I powdered my face making sure I wasn’t shiny anywhere, I ran my clear mascara through my eyebrows, getting rid of the powder in them and putting lip balm on- I hate dry lips, even if I have no one to kiss them I keep them in good nick- eyeliner came next, because I’m a lazy fuck, I quickly ran some across the lid, not bothering with flicks as i can’t be arsed, I blackened my waterlines and started my mascara: I have horrible short eyelashes, which means lots and lots of different mascaras for different things. Ones to curl, ones to thicken and ones to lengthen. The last coat was waterproof, to make them stand out even more, and when I’m boarding, my eyes tend to water, so to avoid having black streaks run down my face, I found waterproofing your lashes is a handy tip.

It was 3 before I left as I stood for another 15 minutes talking to Vic, who said I looked good. I can’t take a complement to save my life but I tried, things weren’t awkward for too long as Freddie came home and we all talked together. I realized the time, said my good byes and skated off down the street.

*mikes pov*

Today has been so boring at the shop, not even vaguely interesting people have come in today, either familiar faces I see whenever they either get paid or pocket money from their parents. So I’ve spent today, like I spend most days sitting at a desk waiting for people to come and pay, or occasionally wandering the shop, picking things up that people have dropped or knocked off. I don’t mind this as it gives me something to do. God, I’m so bored.

I heard the bell ring, signaling that someone had entered the ship, I looked up to see the same girl I saw a couple days back, this time without the younger tag-along. I just watched her move, noticing her better than I did the first. She was carrying quite an old board, looked battered and well-used, so scratched on the bottom you can’t even see the original design. Her hair was such a dark brown, you would think it were black, the only tell-tale being when the light shone on it, it showed brown, this matched her skin-tone, imp guessing mixed race and she was rather tall, maybe the same height as my little brother-which isn’t that big but he’s an adult male, she looked a little younger and female. Her eyes were just as dark as her hair, darting around looking for the deck she wanted, as she looked, her right hand fiddled with her lip, I don’t think she realized she even did this- her lips were a light shade of pink, very natural and looked so soft, like velvet. I think I got lost in my train of thought, as when I next looked up I was staring at those big glossy brown eyes face to face.

“erm, hey, could you reach a deck for me, it’s way its way too high for me” she asked me, playing with her lip again

“Sure thing, dollface” I watched as she put two and two together and it finally clicked

“Mike! Oh god hi, I didn’t think I’d see you again!” she giggled as we started walking to which deck she wanted.
“And the same to you” as I was half way up the ladder “dint usually see pretty girl in here” I turned round quickly to wink at her.

“Where are you looking calling me pretty?”

“Where wouldn’t I look, I’ve seen some nasty girls around, you’re a stunner Beth. Take the compliment” I slightly grumbled the last part, handing her deck and walking back to the till, but I did catch her mumbled reply

“I don’t do compliments”

Pretending I didn’t hear her I told her if she needed me I was at the till before taking out my phone and logging into Facebook. Scrolling through all the bullshit people put on this site really does pass time, and only a couple minutes later Beth was back holding her deck, wheels, bearings and screws, everything totaled up to $40.67, she gave me the money in silence, not looking directly at me, but I could tell she was watching my movements. I decided not to push away the only interesting person who came in the shop, by making convocation.

“So, who’s all this for?” I asked her, putting it all in a bag for her

“My cousin, the one I came in with the other day? It’s his birthday and I’ve not seen him in like 5 years. Plus, he won’t want my board now” she giggles taking the bag and holding up her own board. The old design looked like it was red and black, now with white lines going through the middle where she had done tricks.
“Sweet, can he ride or?”

“kinda, I’m teaching him slowly” she laughed, probably remembering him falling off or something. “Anyway, I’ve gotta love you and leave you to get home before six when the babysitter leaves, bye!” she shouted the end leaving the shop.

Watching her walk away, my eyes fell to her legs and bum, damn. I’m a sucker for a nice bum and that takes the cake. Anyone who’s had the privilege to see that in underwear is one lucky motherfucker. As she walked past the last window of the shop I lost sight of her, sitting back in my seat, kind of wishing I could hear her cute British accent again.


and hello mike! thanks for reading this is my first fanfic and it means alot to me that people give this story the time of day. it will get interesting soon.
so tell me what you think, good/bad either or just feedback makes me feel loved^.^ rate if you like and subscribe for a free unicorn (when i find them)

ps: my fingers hurt from so much typing, i really do love you do much i hurt my fingers doing this:)


I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

piercingirisash piercingirisash

I really like this. I'm like captivated by the story, it's so cool!

piercingirisash piercingirisash

please update this!

Please update

that was a very interesting flashback ! i did not see that coming xD wow ... must be awkward for them at times

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